D!RTY AUD!O – Diamond Swagga

Posted by on May 28, 2012

These past few days have felt like a musical Christmas. It has just been monster release, after monster release, after monster release. We are still trying to cut through all this music, but it has been hard with so many good tracks to distract you through the process. Being a big fan of both of these artist and avid supporters of them, D!RTY AUD!O is slowly making himself more known to the EDM scene. Getting a big release through Heavy Artillery records accompanied by a remix from Phrenik as well, what more could you want from an EP? This original Moombahton track brings a new “Swagga” to the genre if I may say. This popping laser sounding synth that D!RTY AUD!O likes to incorporate, makes it difficult not to enjoy this track. Not to mention, Phrenik bringing a heavy hitting dubstep remix that is sure to punch a hole through your face (metiphorically speaking). The best part is both artist change up their seconds drops making the tracks even more interesting to listen to. Grab both of these tracks on Beatport HERE

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