Albums | Slow Magic Teams Up with Woven In Hiatus for ‘Somewhere’ on Moving Castle

Posted by on July 6, 2020

Following on the heels of the anonymous producer’s most recent single “Home,” Slow Magic looks to the horizon to begin his Closer 2 U journey with lead single “Somewhere” featuring Woven In Hiatus, produced with Shallou“Somewhere” is out now via Moving Castle.

“Back when we were going on tour together, Joe (Shallou) sent me a work in progress of what this song started as. I thought it was a super great track and wanted to add my own touch. After the tour ended, we met up in LA and finished the song together. I’m super happy with how it turned out, especially the ending section, which makes me want to go run as fast as I can down a road and forget everything.” – Slow Magic

A blissful reentry into the mind of Slow Magic, “Somewhere” serves as a bustling testament to the producer’s strengths. Kicking off with buoyant staccato synth work, Slow Magic quickly unfurls into his illustrious effervescent sound. Woven In Hiatus’s coos crescendo into the mix as the pair carry on in sweet serenity. A track born on tour with Shallou, “Somewhere” is a hypnotizing treat riddled with deep repose.

Bass, Chill | Moving Castle Leader Robokid Returns With “Fishing Lessons”

Posted by on June 23, 2018

For starters this music video is amazing (WATCH HERE), but a little wacky. Moving Castle alumni member Robokid hasn’t dropped any new music in a hot minute, so I was hyped to see this new drop. Not only did “Fishing Lessons” come with a new audio track but there is a hilarious video to go along with it. Sticking to his standard form, L.A. producer/vocalist/musician Robokid creates some ambient future pop that will make you nod your head. Enjoy!

Chill | SAKIMA Creates New Chill Sound “All Your Secrets” That’s Hard Not To Love

Posted by on November 10, 2016

If you love Moving castle, you will love what SAKIMA has thrown together. “All Your Secrets” takes forward thinking, chill-meets-r&b music, and smashes it together with some vocals that completely satisfies. Let’s just say SAKIMA in now on my radar. The flow and smoothness on this one is truly undeniable.

One element that impresses me is that SAKIMA has, in fact, worked with AOBeats, a Moving Castle founding member and a rising start within the niche (and beyond,) before releasing this single. Point being, this dude has undiscovered talent waiting to be harnessed and noticed.

The label, Manifesto, is a perfect fit for the sound, carrying signature musical elements within that I could easily see dance music lovers latching onto. Manifeso, SAKIMA, and “All Your Secrets” clearly pair together well. Click on the Sc link above for more info.


Electronic, Indie | Dugong Jr. & Tashka team up with Moving Castle on this Dreamy Release

Posted by on January 22, 2016

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Moving Castle’s very own Dugong Jr has just dropped a chill release sure to help get you through the rest of your school or work day. “Secrets (feat. Tashka)” is a calming and melodic track accented with feathery synths and floating vocals. This Melbourne-based beatmaker has become one of the industry’s most versatile artists and, after this release, he has definitely made it onto our list of acts to watch out for.

Future House | Alizzz Releases “Your Love” Remixes

Posted by on December 15, 2015

After Alizzz released his latest single “Your Love” with Moving Castle, I knew that they would have an awesome remix package in mind. I did not expect to see Hoodboi on it though! Not to mention Manila Killa and Robokid as well. All of these producers managed to take the original and really display their own raw talent and sound flawlessly. Check out all the 3 below and grab a free download as well!

Alternative, Electronic, Future Trap, Indie | Moving Castle And Alizzz Team Up To Bring Us ‘Your Love’

Posted by on November 12, 2015

Alizzz Your Love Art

We are absolutely obsessed with Alizzz. After finishing up his Australian tour and remixing Hoodboi’s “Shallow,” the Spanish producer is dropping his EP ‘Your Love’ with our boys over at Moving Castle.
funk shimmering synths. futuristic beat, subtly sexy element of funk

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Bass, Compilation | Moving Castle Vol. 004

Posted by on March 20, 2015

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Collectives are all the rage right now. Moving Castle has stood out among the rest as this group of Internet kids seem to have some serious creativity in the tank. Founding member AOBeats, Manila Killa, and Robokid started this project as a way to push each other to become better producers and they have now pulled in over 15 artists to build what Moving Castle is today. Their latest compilation, Volume 004, really steps up their love for bass-ridden genres and playful accents with the collective bringing in a couple newcomers to feature their tracks. One newcomer, Chet Porter, really shined with his track “Aluko River” that seems to take on a fantastical nature and really transport listeners into a dream-like world. Moving Castle Volume 004 is up for free download as usual so grab your copy now!

Free Download: Moving Castle Vol. 004