Featured | I.O.U. Talks About Their Debut Album, their past mixtapes, & much more!

Posted by on March 20, 2014

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Fresh off the release of their debut album “The Soul & The Intellect” and one day away from their first show performing all of their hit songs off the album, at Saints & Sinners in NYC, FNT had a chance to link up with the up and coming New Jersey duo I.O.U. We asked the a guys a few questions on the album, on what a soul and an intellect do for fun, their past mixtapes, working with Harry Fraud and much more! Click on the jump to read what Buck and Izee had to say, and stream the entire album on the Spotify embedded player below. To get more information on their NYC show tomorrow night, click here.


Hip-Hop | Wale — Poor Decisions (feat. Lupe Fiasco & Rick Ross)

Posted by on June 3, 2013


Wale’s upcoming third album, The Gifted, is gearing up to be one of his most consistent projects to date. While his debut was uneven and burdened by too many crossover attempts, his second was too MMG-influenced and aggressive. The first three leaks we’ve received from this new album, though, have all had that soulful style of Wale’s, which was the signature of his successful early mixtapes. This is the first of two new singles Wale dropped today in preparation for his album’s June 25th release, featuring a smooth Jake One beat and a couple quality guest verses courtesy of Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross. Gotta love Lupe’s “olly olly oxen free” reference and the way he flips the chorus at the end, and Rozay’s verse isn’t half bad, either. June is shaping up to be a wonderful month for hip-hop.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/95237682″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Pop, Videos | Chris Brown x Rihanna, Eric Turner

Posted by on February 17, 2012

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If you’ve been reading the tabloids the past few days you may have seen the rumors floating around that Chris Brown and Rihanna have/will reunite.  RiRi celebrated her 24th birthday with a celeb packed private party at her Hollywood mansion over the weekend and after some complications getting legal permission to enter, Breezy made his way in to share a slice of Rihanna’s cake.  In addition, Missing Info has confirmed Chris Brown has recorded both a rap verse and a singing verse for the official remix to Rihanna’s single “Birthday Cake” off Talk That Talk.  The song is only 1:18 minutes long right now and almost seems like Rihanna has had this planned for longer than we think.  Monday, Rihanna’s birthday, has potential to ignite a storm of criticism towards Rihanna from the same people who despise CB after he beat Rihanna back in ’09.  At the end of the day, all personal BS aside, if this remix really does happen, it’s going to be a crazy song.

Had to share that, now for the video.  I knew this track was going to be a major hit right when it dropped.  I can’t say Breezy’s Grammy performance gave this track justice (vocally), but his acrobatic footwork was in full effect.  This video has a similar plot to “Yeah x3” where CB blocked off the street and ensued an electric dance festival.

Purchase on iTunes: Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music

Below is another track I’ve had in my library for several weeks now.  I overlooked it because I only had a radio rip, but I grabbed the CDQ yesterday, found the video, and had to share it.  Eric Turner, a pop singer/songwriter native to Boston linked up with Lupe and UK spitter Tinie Tempah for a catchy new radio jam.

Purchase on iTunes: Eric Turner – Angels & Stars ft. Lupe Fiasco & Tinie Tempah

Video after the break!



Hip-Hop, Rap | Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist III

Posted by on December 11, 2011

Sampling Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx track “Nightfall” (which appeared on the soundtrack of Drive) Lupe Fiasco unleashes American Terrorist III. Not to complain, but where’s American Terrorist II?

Download: Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist III

Hip-Hop | Lupe Fiasco – Friend of the People

Posted by on November 28, 2011

Mixtape out this week from Lupe Fiasco, it was supposed to have been released in 2009 but got held up. Here are two solid songs, get the full mixtape here.
Feel good rap.
DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – The End Of The World!

Dope beat starts at 1:03.
DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Double Burger W_ Cheese

Hip-Hop, Pop | Hip-Hop: Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, Mann, Aziz, Chiddy

Posted by on September 20, 2011

Lead singer & songwriter for Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump, recently hit the booth with Lupe Fiasco to create what has potential to be Chi town’s new anthem.  Both putting on for their city, this video represents the windy city well and gives every Chicago-an(?) something to be proud of.  Chicago is not the only thing Lupe is publicly passionate about.  The politically controversial MC recently joined a Wall Street protest prior to shared his beliefs on the current economic condition and New World Order [read up on that here].

Download: Patrick Stump ft. Lupe Fiasco – This City

In lieu of reaching 900,000 follower’s on Twitter, @MacMiller dropped a new track titled “Willie Dynamite” in part of his ‘Road 2 A Million Followers’.  Young Macintosh keeps his pimp hand strong, dedicating this track to the 1974 flick famous pimp, Willie Dynamite.  Produced by Big Jerm, Mac keep’s it it true to his style with catchy yet insightful lyrics and even drops an autotuned bar for the K.I.D.S. Blue Slide Park coming November 8th!

Download: Mac Miller – Willie Dynamite (Prod. by Big Jerm)

Casey Veggies, who will be accompanying Mac on tour, also dropped his debut album, Sleeping In Class, today on iTunes.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but I’ll update you all with the best cuts once I have a chance to do so.  For now, here’s the highly anticipated track off the project, featuring none other than the young Mac himself.

Download: Casey Veggies ft. Mac Miller – Can I Live

My favorite 5 1/2′ west coast cat daddy, Mann, dropped a nice new laid back bubbler track.  It’s been hit or miss with Mann, but the #BirthdayGang chief keeps it shaded up on this nice and easy beat, leaving us with a new track to chill to.

Download: Mann – Shaded Up Chillin

Since the recent release of his junior mixtape, Daydreams of A Spaceshot, my boy Aziz has dropped a few bonus tracks that didn’t make the tape.  This is not the typical sound we’ve grown accustomed to from Zig Zag, but I.L.O Productions flips the Yukon Blonde track for a smooth, slightly poppy track.  Sounds a bit like something we’d hear from Wiz, but I’m feeling this joint from Aziz.

Download: Aziz – Wind Blows (Prod. by I.L.O. productions)

I feel guilty posting this in a hip-hop update, but it didn’t deserve it’s own post, so here it is anyways.  VV Brown scooped Chiddy (of Chiddy Bang) for a verse off her newest pop hit, “Children (Keep On Singing)”.   Settle down, it’s not really the ice cream truck…

Download: VV Brown ft. Chiddy – Children (Keep On Singing)

Hip-Hop | XV – Hoop Dreams, Lupe Fiasco – Carrera Lu

Posted by on September 15, 2011

Holy NBA wordplay.  The Squarian King just keeps pouring them out. I’m starting to lose count, what is this like 5 tracks in 10 days? If you’re a basketball fan, you’re going to love this new cut from XV.  Personally I’m a huge fan of sports inspired hip-hop songs and this is one of the best I’ve heard.  Wale & J. Cole are two of my favorites for making athletic references, but XV holds his own on this one produced for anyone who ever had dreams of being a pro baller.  A tight beat, a short Biggie sample, and ridiculously clever basketball wordplay sums up this track. Follow our boy on Twitter.

Download: XV – Hoop Dreams (Prod. by B. Dolla) (Very Freshhh)

Here’s an older bonus track from Lupe’s debut album, Food & Liquor, as Monday will mark the 5th year anniversary of the release.  I apologize for the sub par quality, I’ll work on getting you guys a CDQ.

Download: Lupe Fiasco – Carrera Lu


While we’re on the topic of sports inspired hip-hop tracks, here’s one i’ve been high on lately that some of you may have missed.  Wale released this track, “Varsity Blues” on his recent mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory, and just like the ’99 football flick, revolves around football.

Download: Wale – Varsity Blues (Freshhh)