Electronic | Jenaux takes Mr. Rogers’s “I’ll Take You” to new heights

Posted by on January 25, 2016

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Jenaux is back with a fresh remix of Mr. Rogers’s “I’ll Take You”, showing us more and more why we love this new “big room funk” style. After releasing hugely successful remixes of Elephante and Tritonal, Jenaux combines beautifully haunting vocals with his signature sound to create something that will set dance floors on fire all around the world! This masterpiece and other “I’ll Take You” remixes are available now via Big Beat Records, so be sure to grab your copy now!

Electronic | Brighten your day with Jordan F’s “Set Me Free”

Posted by on January 13, 2016

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Australian producer Jordan F just dropped another single from his sophomore album, “Timelines”. “Set Me Free”, featuring the vocals of Midnight Pool Party member Morilla, is an upbeat synth funk track that will definitely make you move as soon as you press play. The 80’s inspired producer perfectly blends retro synths with a classic bass-line to create a sound that is perfect for dance floors as well as laid back listening. Check out the track, and be sure to grab Jordan F’s sophomore album, “Timelines”

Alternative, Chill, Indie | Outasight Premiere’s Latest Single ‘Boogie’ On FNT

Posted by on October 8, 2015

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There is nothing better than good music. The type of music that just grabs your soul and makes you want to share it with the world. The type of music we will still be listening to in 40 years. Richard Andrew, a Yonkers, NY native, better known by his stage name Outasight is making exactly that type of music.

Boogie is the most recent single off his forthcoming album’Big Trouble‘ which is his first project since parting ways with WMG and going independent. Despite the lack of funding and resources of being independent, Outasight has created a much more vibrant sound full of amazing instrumentation. With his previous singles from the new album having more of a funk feel to it, Boogie comes in heavy with rock influence but still has those good vibes that previous singles ‘Big Trouble‘ and ‘The Wild Life‘ have made us accustomed to.

Support good independent music and Pre-Order ‘Big Trouble’ –> smarturl.it/OUBigTrouble


Nu Disco | Throttle brings the funk with latest remix

Posted by on May 9, 2015

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Throttle drips with talent which he puts to use with his newest remix of Conrad Sewell’s “Hold Me Up”. This tune gives the vibe of a lit-up dance floor with a bunch people wearing bell bottoms and a creepy guy in the corner with a massive afro… my kind of party. In all seriousness this song is fire and is sure to get the party moving in the right direction. Always love hearing Throttle’s unique production style. Give it a listen and get your freak on.

Deep House | Beauriche & Creamers – Disco Ish

Posted by on March 30, 2015


Fresh off the success of his latest, ‘Hope’, Beauriche is back with the talented Creamers to release ‘Disco Ish’. If you have any sense in music you’ll know on first play that this is in the running for being one of the hottest underground tracks of this summer. This has beach summer vibes written all over. Like the name illustrates, expect disco funk but with a twisted future vibe. I’m going to stop talking now and let the music speak for itself. Enjoy!

House, Indie | Solidisco & Fireflowerz – Unreal (LEFTI Remix)

Posted by on March 11, 2015

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Whose ready for some 90’s disco funk? It excites me that producers like LEFTI exist – producers who find inspiration in classic sounds and blanket them effortlessly with contemporary influences. No doubt the original masterminds behind this piece, Solidisco, are no strangers to this stream of imagination. Debuting the LEFTI project with this remix just elevated our expectations of the producer in the future – but from what I’m hearing the kid is just getting started.

House | Argonaut & Wasp – Future Protocol

Posted by on February 24, 2015

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A friend of mine put me on to Argonaut & Wasp’s debut 4 track EP “Future Protocol” and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised, this is jazz meets future house, or whatever you want to call it, and it sounds smooth like silk! True to its name, “Future Protocol” is the future, with vibes reminding me a bit of Chromeo or Jamiroquai with the funk. If you’re feeling adventurous, and feel like going on a musical journey tonight, press play, Argonaut & Wasp’s got you covered! This is a must listen and a must download!

iTunes: Argonaut & Wasp – Future Protocol