Albums | Blu DeTiger is bringing the funk back

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Blu DeTiger is a name you’re about to be familiar with. Her funky style of music has garnered her the attention of Rolling Stone and The Knocks. Now she’s offered her talents to her good friend Madge in the form of a remix of Madge’s hit “Fight or Flight Club.” A groovy bassline and dope synth work highlights the composition. Check it out below and jump on the hype train.

Electronic | Austin’s Resonant Frequency Drops “Honey Dippin” Single

Posted by on November 30, 2016

When Jack Gallagher of Open Management sends you a track, you listen. Austin’s (That’s Texas for you city slickers) Resonant Frequency drops their highly anticipated “Honey Dippin'” single from their forthcoming “Electro Funk” EP. Getting back to their funk roots, Resonant Frequency makes their debut with a catchy tune that you’ll have on repeat for weeks to come. Get familiar with the brand new single and chapter from the duo above.

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Electronic, Indie | Argonaut&Wasp unveil single from debut EP

Posted by on September 20, 2016

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‘Loser Like You’ is the latest single from Brooklyn indie-dance crew argonaut&wasp, and it’s also just the first taste of their upcoming debut EP, ‘Ha! Fiction’. Argonaut&wasp have crafted their own unique indie-dance blend with elements of disco, dance and a whole lot of funk. This song represents the struggle between the underdog and the bully, and it shows through the course of the track. From the artists themselves: “This song was written late at night, in a state of utter confusion, our minds were cluttered with frustration – an internal bully and an internal underdog, how can we express this feeling of internal conflict but to have these two characters, these two iconic figures come to life through a narrative.” Featuring funky guitars, groovy basslines, and pulsating drums – ‘Loser Like You’ is a must listen. Check it out now and be sure to support the artists!


Mixtapes | Arona Mane just released his new mixtape “2096:Retro/Future”

Posted by on June 7, 2016

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Sydney producer Arona Mane just dropped “2096:Retro/Future”, a collection of 10 collaborations, bootlegs and remixes. The mixtape combines elements of funk, soul and hip-hop, creating a unique blend of future-funk electronica. From the artist: “I wanted to present an actual body of work very early on, in an effort to introduce my sound in a bigger way…I’ve always fallen in love with artists because of their albums as a whole – I want to deliver that feeling with my music.” Check out “2096:Retro/Future” now and be sure to support Arona Mane!

Future Funk | Australian Producer Arona Mane Brings that Future Retro

Posted by on June 1, 2016

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Pitched Jackson 5 vocals, deep retro synths, and a funky deep house drop is what you can expect from up and coming Australian producer Arona Mane’s new track, “Never Can Say Goodbye.”
This track, which starts off with an overwhelmingly reminiscent vibe, does not take long to pick up the energy and lay down a funk. To add on to the unique value of the track, Arona transitions the second drop into a more melodic deep house groove while maintaining a consistent motif throughout.
Based out of Australia, Arona Mane’s future looks bright, following in the creatively unique footsteps of the many great electronic producers spawned from the land down under. Sit back, relax, and get ready to vibe!

Electronic | Jenaux’s first original in over a year is a masterpiece

Posted by on May 2, 2016

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Often times we find musicians creating music to fit a certain trend, or to make something that is “popular”. Many times, an artist doesn’t realize this and loses themselves along the way. However, other times this realization pushes an artist to set trends instead of chasing them – and this is exactly what Jenaux has done. With the release of “Get It On”, his first original in over a year, Jenaux tells us to “try and push yourself creatively till you can’t go any further. Battle your mind with positivity. Seize your inner artistry.” This track is absolute fire, creating a perfect balance between funk, electro, and even a bit of soul. Check it out now, and be sure to support Jenaux!

House | Enjoy Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage House Party Mix

Posted by on February 17, 2016

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Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage tour is shaping up to be an exciting and unique endeavor that’s just another step on his path to realizing his full potential as an artist. The tour is inspired by house parties that Justin threw himself over the past few months, and an old funk classic of the same name that encapsulates what it’s all about. With the inaugural Fantastic Voyage setting sail next week and final preparations in motion, Justin gives us a taste of what to expect with his latest mix that chock-full of everything from disco to techno, all of which are tested and proven house party jams. Enjoy, buy tickets/see the full list of tour dates on his website, and read on after the jump for Justin Jay’s own run down of the tour concept.