Progressive House | Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand remix)

Posted by on May 19, 2014

Today is the day that Fedde Le Grand’s remix for “Love Never Felt So Good”, the lead single off MJ’s recently released album is out and it is, perhaps surprisingly, pretty good. The chorus is the only part of the vocals retained and has been paired with an anthemic piano, strings and drop. The Youtube comments are not overly positive towards this remix, with their main criticism being, at least from what I can gather, that it sucks. The Soundcloud comments are more positive however, so it seems like you’ll either love this song or hate it. Thinking it is just okay is also a possibility. Whatever your opinion may be of this track, an official progressive house remix of Michael Jackson is clearly an attempt to make him popular with the younger generation and that can only be a good thing right? Probably.

Beatport: Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand remix)

Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | Huey Mack – Come and Get It (Remix)

Posted by on August 6, 2013

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”x6agIluWGCU”/]

In his latest attempt to lay the mack on 21-year old pop goddess, Huey remix’s Selena Gomez’s radio burner, “Come and Get It”.  Huey seizes the opportunity to take a few stabs at Biebs – “Got Selena whippin’ in my beamer, damn shit changed, f*cked her on spring break and made her a believer, dang, hi Selena, I promise TMZ will never see the footage, but you can hit me cause I’ll always do what Bieber couldn’t.” Go get ’em, Huey.

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Contests, Exclusive, Featured, Mix | FNT Presents: Stereoshocks’ Electric Nightlife Episode 50 Ft. Cedric Gervais & V-Moda Headphones Giveaway

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Electric Nightlife Upcoming Artists Final50 and its multiples are always a significant milestone. Whether you are a middle-aged person wondering where the time has gone and looking to get blasted in an attempt to connect with your youth, or showing the longevity of a event or institution, 50 is always something to celebrate. So on this day and the next few, have some cold ones as Steroshock’s Electric Nightlife has reached 50 episodes with Cedric Gervais giving the lowdown on his new track “Things Can Only Get Better” and the real story behind his track “Molly”. In addition to hosting the show, we have a giveaway for a pair of V-Moda earbuds. So you can upgrade from your Skullcandy, Apple or whatever garbage you are listening on now and get something quality. Coming up in the next two weeks, he has Adrian Lux and Roger Sanchez on the show, so be sure to tune in for those. Tracklist after the jump.

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FYI, Videos | Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail Release Date + Preview

Posted by on June 16, 2013

Attention iPhone users, come this Independence Day, you guys might be a little salty. According to Samsung, they will be giving the brand spanking new album from Sean Carter (Jay-Z) himself to the owners of the Galaxy smartphone for free. You read that correctly. I’m not sure which one is bigger news, the egregious marketing attempt by Samsung, or the album itself. Anywho, it definitely has my cosign…and I’m an iPhone user! Check back soon cause I’m sure some of the singles will be releasing soon. Big things from Hov and the Roc comin soon.

Electro, Electronic | The Knocks (ft. St Lucia) – Modern Hearts [Dave Edwards Remix]

Posted by on June 12, 2013

daveedwards modern hearts

Although this song unfortunately missed the deadline for our epic summer playlist, it is absolutely deserving of some recognition! Known for his epic remixes, Dave Edwards takes to The Knocks and St. Lucia’s most recent single in a successful attempt to keep up his reputation.

Dave experimented with numerous different chord progressions and sounds in this track and managed to avoid any sort of monotony in the production. Add vocals in to the mix and you’ve really got yourself a hit. The remix has already gotten some pretty significant recognition and so if you enjoy it enough, be sure to heart it up on Hype Machine!

Grab the free download and stay in tune for more Dave Edwards music, hopefully, very soon!

Progressive House | Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Roar

Posted by on June 5, 2013

Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Roar

The much anticipated sequel to Pixar’s huge hit movie “Monster’s Inc”, “Monster’s University” has decided to throw its hat into the edm ring. With BT scoring Toy Story, this is not new for Pixar, but this is new for the Swedish stars as they attempt to bridge their sound with the movie. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso have left behind their Swedish House Mafia past with Steve Angello quite quickly and formed a strong bond in the months since then, starting a residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza called “Departures” and creating this track.

“Roar” is different from what we have heard in the past from these two, with a grittier bass line and a cinematic appeal, taking bits and pieces from what I presume is the movie score and incorporating them seamlessly into their track. This is a rather unlikely marriage of partners, but from the sounds of it, I am enthused they did it. The Style of Eye remix goes for a grungier approach, while the the Yogi remix adds a trapped out flavor to it. The original reigns supreme in my book. The movie, set to release June 21st, should be interesting to see not only if it lives up to quality of the first, but also how this tracks fits into the storyline.

iTunes: Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Roar

Indie, Progressive House | Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Posted by on May 20, 2013


So you know how when you were 15 and instead of playing football outside with the rest of the guys in gym class you went and chilled with an okay looking girl that obviously likes you at the lake behind the school. You and the biotch were lying in the grass looking at clouds and generally being kind of gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) when you looked down and it dawned on you that the shorts you had been wearing casually for the past two months perfectly shows the outline of your penis. Nervously, you get up and attempt to leave. The girl was like “wtf u doin” and ran over to you whilst you were walking away.

She then kissed you for like half a second and you became erect and your friends saw and they still tease you about it today.

That happened to me.

Looking back on that day gives me the same response as the one I got from listening to this song.

“Not bad”.

Free Download: Say Lou Lou – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)