Na Palm – Away For You [Music Video]

Posted by on January 16, 2013

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We’ve heard about the new cutting edge visuals Na Palm had in the works for several weeks and it just so happens today is the day you can toss on your stolen 3D movie glasses and sink into his newest release, “Away For You”.  As previously mentioned, this is the first original single released by Nay in over a year.  With the release, Nay took the time to write an open letter to his friends, family, and fans illustrating his future goals and past hardships which you can read below.

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Before you watch this video (first music vid in over 18 months!!) and if you are a genuine open-minded music fan or just a person that has been following casually for the past 3 years, I ask you take the time to read this. Every single person that has been supportive has kept me going in this rollercoaster of both the setbacks/pitfalls and the highs/joys of this cut-throat industry. This video marks the start of a new chapter for me and my movement. Im coming into 2013 with a new sound, new lane, new hunger, and most importantly new attitude toward life and this music opportunity in general. Ive been so blessed to have a core of people around me that have believed in me from the start. 2009, I was working for State Farm striving to one day have my own agency, and had a great career ahead of me…but it ate away at me at night to not try to go full-on with the music and give it a try. So many people urged me to.

In an all-in poker style bet, I threw everything away and went for it. Tattoos now spread across my hands and knuckles that say “half full” and also a wing to guide me on my writing hand. I have them for the exact reason/purpose/reminder of never letting me quit; bc I can no longer work anywhere in the corporate world w/ ink on my hands. Every day I look in the mirror and down on my hands writing late at night, I think to myself how much I got riding on this. Its literally in my veins. I breathe this. I want this. So many people wrote me off as a “party rapper”, said I didnt stand a chance, overlooked me at bookings, and still are waiting on my fall. I dont do this for them. They motivate me, but I do this for the all the inboxes that kids send me saying I keep them going too, just as they do to me. I do this not because I rooted for the underdog growing up. I do this because I havent even scraped the surface and cannot wait to share what I have in store for so many ears that havent heard me yet. This track isnt a smash single. The video isnt Avatar. Its just a new page….a page from kid thats trynna make a name as an indie in a land of giants and go against the norm. I hope lengthy, but heartfelt letter this can inspire even one kid to chase his/her goal and never turn back. This letter would then be a success.

I jumped in this game as a lil party animal whitey rapper among a predominantly hip hop and urban-renowned cityscape; just trynna hop on bar tables and go-go boxes anywhere I could get a mic in my hand and be heard. Now Im leaping into the land of electronic music that has only a handful of fairly successful nationally-acclaimed MCs/rappers that have taken the lane; and a lot of times, they arent widely accepted. Gotta fight the grain and take risks if ya wanna standout and be different, though. Stay true to what you wanna do. Why be the same mold as expected? I owe huge thank you’s to the core of people that have been a direct influence in keepng me going through the all the muck on the way. Some major setbacks/events in the past year and a half definitely had me thinking things were dwindling away and time was ticked things might fade away. Thanks to my brother for spear-heading this all from the basements i used to rap in and getting the brand established. Roo for believing in me and allowing me me a chance to go after this full-time, Andres for putting up with the bs and doing the dirty work to keep us moving, Nael for pushing me me all those seshes and getting my confidence and knowledge in the studio present. To Anthony, thanks for taking on this new challenge without even a contract in place or asking for a penny yet….worked beside me for several months now on just a handshake and 100% belief in what the future holds. Adam, thanks for the patience and grind doing your best to lasso in shows the past 6 months during my move back to Chi. And last but def not least, my rock, my best friend, the kindred spirit that keeps my hopes afloat. Erika, love you madly…literally like when im going insane too ; )

Thanks for steering me straight. Love you all, and equally so the fans who have ridden with me since the beginning, and most importantly the ears that will fall upon future music coming this year and the rest of my career. 2013 is setting the table” time and fighting for respect in a foreign land to many MC’s. 2014 is the year that this lonnnnnnnng message will make sense to all, even the casual follower that may have taken the time to read this.

Ive been on couch to couch along the way, Ive been without a dollar to my name, Ive been at lowest of low from depression, Ive partied too much in the past to escape the stress…yet when I thought there was nowhere to turn, I kept letting the music guide me. That feeling in my gut. I have such a long, long road ahead of me, but Im ready. Ive been thru some downs that I never wanna see again. Im trynna be one of the greats in my lane, one of those entertainers/performers they talk about for generations to come. Along the way, the songs will only get better, the beats get badder, the stages become bigger, and the light shows even more magical. Ive never experienced that big stage with the magical lights and roars of 10,000 screaming for me yet, and that’s why Im still here. Im a dreamer. Im a fighter. Lend me your ears, and come talk a walk with me.



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