Sub Focus — Falling Down [Sevs Top Remixes]

Posted by on March 15, 2012

Sub Focus is undeniably one of my favorite producers and I have yet to get tired of this track. I enjoy this track so much that today I decided to throw my top remixes of this track into a remix pack with a little something for everyone. Although I wish this first remix was up for download, it unfortunately is not at this time but if it is in the near future I will let you guys know. It’s an amazing Drum and Bass remix by Elliot M. The intro he created for this remix gets me every time and I’m pretty sure if Sub Focus heard this one, he would be dropping it in his sets.
Sub Focus – Falling Down feat. Kenzie May (Elliott M bootleg) by Elliott m

Rostik’s dubstep interpretation of this track is fire. He takes Sub Focus’s wobbly drop and makes it his own with an ascending synth and some cool sounds.
Falling Down – Sub Focus (Rostik Remix) (Free download, click buy for link) by Rostik

This one was uploaded today and it is a banger! It is a Delta Heavy style Moombahcore remix/mashup that is laser synth central. The slowed down Moombah BPM help builds the track up perfectly for this style drop.
Sub Focus – Falling Down (Blastaguyz VS Autolaser Remix) by BLASTAGUYZ!



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