Drum & Bass | Rootkit ft. Anna Yvette – Against The Sun

Posted by on October 5, 2014

Rootkit ft. Anna Yvette - Against The Sun

Normally drumstep, or drum n bass, aren’t really my cup of tea, besides a few guys like Sub Focus and Kove, but Rootkit has captured my ears and my heart with this latest tune. Anna Yvette, who has mastered working with promising up and coming dance acts, adds an emotive top line to the tune as calm builds lead into frenetic drops. Not your typical drum n bass tune, the track focuses more on the melody and uses the bass line to help guide the track to its early conclusion. Grab the track at your favorite portal below.

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Events | Support Announced for North American Leg of Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour

Posted by on January 26, 2013


Time has flown by since Swedish House Mafia announced up and final world tour. They have already rocked Europe, South East Asia, are now in South Africa and in a few short days take over Australia, the site where “Don’t You Worry Child” was born. In a little under 2 weeks they will be making their landfall in Mexico and with them they are bringing along some great talent as support for each of the shows. They will be joined by the likes of Otto Knows, Armand Van Helden, AN21 & Max Vangeli, Pete Tong & more. Get ready for their final send off, because it is going to be wild. They have also announced another auction for the Black Tie Rave on February 28th, which raised 447,000 dollars the first time around. The auctioning will begin on February 1st at 10am EST More details on exact support info after the jump.


Drum & Bass, Dubstep | Sub Focus – Out The Blue (Oscillator Z Remix)

Posted by on September 15, 2012

Sub Focus’s Out The Blue had to be my favorite single from him this year because of the outstanding vocals on the track as well as the overall construction, so whenever I saw this remix up on Soundcloud I knew Oscillator Z had some big shoes to fill. He did an impressive job on this remix to say the least. He was able to keep the vocals intact and appealing with the melody spiced up to his liking, which gave it nice electro sounding quality to it. The drumstep drop worked so well with this track keeping the BPM between dubstep and drum and bass with his distorted synths.



Drum & Bass, Dubstep | Excision – X Rated Remixes

Posted by on September 3, 2012

The mother-load for all Dubstep fans has arrived in the form of Excision’s X Rated Remix album.  I am still awestruck at the amazing talent recruited for this colossal album. This is truly going to be a tough act to follow for most artist. I don’t even know where to begin talking about this album. Excision did a great job of making sure most heavy electronic genres were covered such as Moombahcore, Electro, Drumstep, Drum & Bass, and of course Dubstep.

Some honorable mentions to begin talking about the album; we have Space Laces Remix, Xilent, Loadstar, Eptic, and Dirtyphonics that left me MIND BLOWN. Those are just the artist who’s remixes stood out the most, but all the remixes were fantastic. Mach and I have been eagerly waiting for Space Laces to unleash some new material and if this remix gives us a glimpse of what is to come, the wait for more is going to be unbearable. HOLY SH** doesn’t even sum up my reaction when I first heard this absurd remix. I can’t wait for the day to hear this track at a show with its one of a kind futuristic synths and sounds. Xilent always destroys all remixes which he graces with his name. Not receiving much hype as far as I know on this remix left me wondering what he had stormed up this time and yet again we got an exhilarating masterpiece. Showing some similarities to his Out The Blue remix for Sub Focus through the synths this one still demolished it for me no doubt. Eptic was sure to roll through with his Never Say Die styled, upbeat remix of 8 Bit Hero. This style has become a hit through the label and for many upcoming artist as well. Dirtyphonic’s as well as Loadstar both crushed their remixes as well to say the least. To sum up things EVERY REMIX IS PHENOMENAL! Do not sleep on this album at all and purchase it from Beatport HERE.


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Dubstep | Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May – Falling Down [Remixes]

Posted by on May 15, 2012

Sub Focus proving over and over again as to why he is one of the best in the business with his latest remix EP that he couldn’t help but be a part of. Contributing to this EP as if his original wasn’t near perfection, he comes back with an even more stellar VIP mix to one of his latest Dubstep anthems, Falling Down. Skrillex has been smashing stages with this latest VIP leaving the fans wondering whos it was, well now everyone can have it for themselves. Also featured on the EP we have the heavy hitting xKore bringing his grimey synths, but changing it up with a more lively drop that pops with the melody. We don’t usually see this style of melody from him which caught me off guard. Last we have Nick Thayer’s remix, which was a disappointing one. I knew he would take a shot at a Moombahton style remix, but it didn’t turn out for the best. The sounds lacked flow and the original track was lost in the remix which was a big let down for me. You can grab these remixes on Beatport HERE.




Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro-House | Sub Focus (feat. Alice Gold) – Out The Blue (Remixes)

Posted by on April 30, 2012

The full remix package for Sub Focus’s incredibly catchy DnB banger “Out The Blue” dropped today, bringing us three markedly different (but independently awesome) takes on the track. My favorite of the bunch is definitely Xilent’s positively liquid dubstep reboot, which dials down the frenetic DnB pace, chops Alice Gold’s vocals, and layers in some seriously heavy wobbles. Laidback Luke, as always, brings the high level of production and hard electro-house flavor he is known for (if that pounding four-on-the-floor break after the drop doesn’t get your head knocking, nothing will). The dark horse here is XXXY, who offers up a throwbacky house interpretation undergirded by a La Bouche-esque drumkit…which in all honesty I’m totally digging. It kind of sounds like something that would be playing at Vidal Sassoon in 1995 and is generally making me want to revisit this glorious nostalgia trip. Check out all three below and snag the original mix if you missed it the first time around.

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Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Fri…Saturday

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Drum & Bass is a little late, but for a good reason. The post I had lined up was all liquid Drum & Bass, and in my opinion this post should have some variety to it. Out the blue, not Sub Focus but Netsky dropped a sick new track preview (see what I did there). It is everything you would hope Netsky would release. ‘Come Alive’ is set to drop May 21st, which includes remixes from Culture Shock, Rockwell, and Submerse. Another preview, but not as official is from Protohype. Not named yet, the track is as awesomely heavy as something Noisia would be famous for. That is literally all the information that exists on this soon to be giant track.

For the first downloadable track, I thought to use something epic, but not epic as in what you would expect. See, this gorgeous liquid Drum & Bass track is almost 9 minutes long. Can you handle it?