D. Tucker- Somewhat Good Is Okay Vol. 2 (FNT Exclusive)

Posted by on March 1, 2012

FreshNewTracks.com is proud to exclusively bring you D.Tucker’s sophomore project, “Somewhat Good Is Okay Vol.2”. This 23-year-old alternative hip-hop sensation, founder of the YachtLife (Young. Ambitious. Creative. High-standard. Talented. Lifestyle.) set sail in the Bahamas and made his way to Miami where he currently resides. Earlier this week, I asked D.Tucker about his first project, what his goals where, and what philosophy his music was guided by. He replied:

When I recorded my first mixtape I was at the end stage of switching my career from a professional photographer into a full time alternative rap / hip-hop artist. I was excited to be utterly focus on, SGIOV2, painting my stories of love and ambitions for YachtLife. As an artist I want to continue to push my creativity to make better work and ultimately make me the best me that I could be. My new fans will eventually learn that I take my craft serious and I work my ass off to better myself for a number of reasons other than kicking it on the beach with in my Sperrys, with Stellas and models. I want to inspire people, make them feel good and let them know that they can do anything that they want to when they put their mind to it with some good work ethics. To say it again in simple terms, I want the people to know that life become a non-stop vacation when you make your passion your profession.

Indeed, this budding artist is doing just that- relentlessly chasing his dreams with an unwavering vision. If D. Tucker continues to drop projects a strong as this mixtape, I predict he’ll be on a Yacht somewhere off the coast of San Tropez in no time. I’ve included my favorite tracks below as well as a download link to the entire project. Hit “read on” for the tracklist.



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