Bass, Trap | LUUDE Drops VIP Edit of Booming Trap Banger, “Sooo”

Posted by on December 9, 2016

Off rip LUUDE’s new song “Sooo (VIP)” caught me off guard, but in the best way possible with it’s incredibly menacing soundscape. As it continues to evolve, it grew on me more thanks to the well placed vocal samples that are used as percussive instrumentation and once that sub kicks it this song goes to the next level in my book. While the production is very unorthodox, to me, their is still a feel-good pop flair to it at times and that’s what really resonated with me. LUUDE is a creative, forward-thinking producer who deserves more recognition and I’m calling it now in 2017 he’ll pop off because of quality music like “Sooo (VIP).” So check it out now above!

Chill, Hip-Hop | Radical Something – Pure

Posted by on January 30, 2014

It’s been a hot second since we have heard anything from the Cali-based group, Radical Something, but thankfully they are back with a brand new song and video, “Pure”. The song is a refreshing switch up from the usual upbeat, poppy-sounds of summer that we usually get from the band. “Pure” is just that, a simple, melodic and slow ballad to the beauty of life and music. As we are stuck in the barren winter months it is important to take a step back and enjoy.

Rad-So, although not having to bear the sub-zero temperatures that us over on the east-coast do, are still making these cold months a tad more enjoyable. So, sit-back and take in “Pure”.

Freestyle, Hip-Hop | 24 Freestyle – Logic ft. QuESt, Castro, & Jon Bellion (Prod. By 6ix)

Posted by on January 27, 2014

24 freestyle VMG

Those of you who watched the Grammy’s last night likely have an opinion, one way or the other, on the Best Rap Album of 2013 award.  I have endless amounts of respect for both K.Dot and Mack & RL.  Both deserved multiple Grammy’s for their performance in 2013 and the fact that Kendrick came out with a donut is disappointing for hip-hop.  You may ask how this is relevant to the new track VMG dropped today- valid question.  Music has evolved over the years.  There are more sub-genre’s in 2014 than ever before.  Artists are experimenting with different sounds, fusing different genre’s, and new sub-genre’s are being born.  The artists representing Visionary are a prime example of this.

Although these artists often experiment to create new sounds, you can’t help but love a raw, bar dropping freestyle cypher.  Last week Logic celebrated his 24th birthday with a few friends.  Those friends just so happened to be label mates Jon Bellion, QuESt, ©. Castro, & producer 6ix.  The celebrating just so happened to take place in the studio.  Do you think the rest of the game is scared yet?

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Free Download: 24 Freestyle – Logic ft. QuESt, Castro, & Jon Bellion (Prod. By 6ix)

While we’re talking about Team VMG, take a few minutes to enjoy the additional goods below…



Bass, Hip-Hop, Techno | Brodinski & Beat King – 5 Years

Posted by on November 25, 2013


“These mollies are gonna kill you in five years. But it ain’t five years right now, so mix this shit with codeine, and jump.”

This patently absurd and not totally surprising lyric is what happens when you, ahem, mix a Parisian tech house don (and noted leather shorts enthusiast) with a looming presence on the Texas club scene. Brodinski’s borderline anthropologic fascination with Southern rap culture is no secret, and in “5 Years” we see it out in full force. The formula here is simple: Beat King lays the perversely catchy verse, Brodinski delivers a menacing wallop of sub bass, and the rest, as they say, is dance floor history. Free download so scoop it up.

Free Download: Brodinski & Beat King – 5 Years

Deep House | B-Ju – Ass Club (Worthy Remix)

Posted by on November 22, 2013


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Fresh off the release of his EP Flashin’, Worthy is a back with a booty bouncing remix of B-Ju’s “Ass Club.” In case you’re still getting familiar with tech-house, this is a sub-genre properly titled future booty house, aka a booty shaker that’s far beyond its years. In addition to the release, Worthy dropped a tech-house mix that you can enjoy here. Let this track be the starter to your night, soon enough it’ll be time to get those shot glasses out and get the pre-game started while you’re getting ready. Shake that ass! This is a must listen and a must download!

Beatport: B-Ju – “Ass Club” (Worthy Remix)

Trap | Mr. Carmack – Roller (Lindsay Lowend Remix)

Posted by on June 30, 2013

Mr. Carmack - Roller (Lindsay Lowend Remix)It’s not everyday you hear a deep Trap song like this. Mr. Carmack had a cool original, but Lindsay Lowend takes the win with this.  You have to play this loud with a good sub because the bass really moves through you on this remix. That paired with the minimal style blend of Trap and Hip-Hop gives you another Summer essential.

Lindsay Lowend

Indie, Progressive House | Smallpools – Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Posted by on June 28, 2013


The Chainsmokers are back with another remix. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that big a fan of their previous remix but I really enjoy this one. It seems they have carved out their own sub genre of progressive house mixed with indie and they do it well. For their latest project they took to remixing Smallpools’ “Dreaming” and they’ve done so in their typical fashion. This may be one of my favorites of theirs.