Albums | Future bass purveyor Maddy O’Neal recruits vocalist MOONZz for inaugural collaboration “Change Of Pace”

Posted by on August 17, 2022

Evolution is at the core of Maddy O’Neal’s creative process. She’s cultivated a brand of future bass that incorporates intricate synth design, glistening electro-soul melodies and funky, pulsating basslines. And yet the dynamic artist is always looking for new sounds and styles to explore – a sonic curiosity that spotlights her unique innovation within the male-dominated bass scene.

Following a breakneck tour schedule that’s seen O’Neal vaunt her hybrid DJ-drum pad live performance at 90+ shows annually for the last five years, the Denver-based beatsmith will continue to showcase this musical fervor on her sophomore album Ricochet which drops Tuesday, September 20.

Her first full-length LP since 2016 and the follow-up to four celebrated EPs, Ricochet will be an immersive, personal experience, pulling listeners into a buoyant journey through a shifting arsenal of styles and soundscapes. The album’s production process features O’Neal playing drum pads, keyboard, and synthesizers, in addition to collaborating with various vocalists and instrumentalists. The result is a bold body of work that peers into the musical auteur’s internal artistic and personal dichotomies. 

In May, O’Neal dropped the album’s first single “Never Fades,” a sparkling, euphoric future bass banger. Then in July, she released “Follow Me,” a trap and reggae-inspired track featuring producer/trumpeter Balkan Bump.

Now, O’Neal unveils “Change Of Pace,” a bouncy, exuberant song that further expands the artist’s sonic palette while still retaining her typical creative panache. Featuring LA-bred vocalist MOONZz (the singer-songwriter project of Molly Williams who featured on Big Gigantic’s “Future’s All I See,” CloZee’s “Hold On,” DROELOE’s “Statues,” and SLUMBERJACK and Daktyl’s “Crucified”), “Change Of Pace” represents a fluid chemistry between vocals and instrumental, surrounding MOONZz’ melodic, celestial performance with ascendant chord progressions, glitchy synths, and a booming, bass-infused beat.

“Change Of Pace” is the first collaboration between the two artists, and their writing process proved to be a natural creative partnership invigorated by shared taste and history (both are CU Boulder alumni).

The single features a genre-melding, trunk-rattling instrumental, combining trap and bass music elements to create a kaleidoscopic, dance-fueled experience. O’Neal’s production is the perfect foil for MOONZz’ vocals, which glide throughout the track and anchor the electronic core with layers of heavenly, triumphant melodies.

“Change Of Pace” is a resounding single leading into O’Neal’s album release, and anticipates an LP that will bring fans a bevy of colorful, genre-crossing experiments. Hot on the heels of her Lollapalooza debut, the bass maestro will showcase Ricochet across the country this year, performing at festivals such as Hulaween, Secret Dreams, Same Same But Different, and Lost Lands. O’Neal’s live performances consist of original compositions, drum pads and an interwoven storyline, ranging from down low grimey bangers to shimmery mid-tempo vocal bass tracks and head nod disco.

Albums | Collo and Dee Wolf Connect on “Burnt”

Posted by on August 17, 2022

Melbourne, Australian based artist Collo’s latest offering “Burnt” is a hard hitting alt-rock single that features Italian vocalist Dee Wolf for a potent connection of sounds. Collo’s musical journey started early on when he was given an acoustic guitar as a Christmas present when he was only 8 years old, and it’s all history from there on out. Influenced by rock icons like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, he has big shoes to fill but the grittiness of “Burnt” is a step in the right direction. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the Aussie talent but I left wanting more and plan to tune in to more of his music moving forward. Listen to their single above now and read a quote from Collo on the track below now!

“This is a song about a girl who has got into a relationship with a guy who she already had a failed relationship with previously. Unfortunately this time around it also turned out badly for her. She was “Burnt” by this guy a second time – but she is determined to fight back and move forward from this difficult experience.” – Collo

Albums | Arliston Share New Single “Mothering”

Posted by on August 15, 2022

After a brief hiatus, London-based band Arliston is back with a calming new single “Mothering” last week and it was the perfect track to help slow down my busy Monday afternoon. “Mothering” is the first release from Arliston’s forthcoming EP, Even In the Shade, which will be released before the end of this year. With Intricate production and pervasive musicianship, the EP is an exciting prospect for Arliston fans awaiting their next installment of soul-warming digital pop. Tune in above now and keep a tab on Arliston’s socials for updates surrounding the new EP coming soon!


Albums | Ghosts of Our Former Selves Share New EP Golden

Posted by on August 15, 2022

Ghosts of Our Former Selves are a London based trio made up by singer Theo Brehony, guitarist Sanderson Rocha and producer Fred Ala. Lyrically, the band are lazor-written writers addressing everything from a relationship where time is running out, fathers, living like it’s your last day, internet dating, Trump, Brexit, Glastonbury and the visions in your head. Their new 4-track-EP features 1 original record (the title track “Golden”) 1 cover of Paul Simon’s track (“Mother and Child Reunion”), an acoustic version of “Golden” song and a remix of the same tune by GOOFS and Chicky. A mixture of various sounds and sub-genres, there’s a great vibe on this project that resonates throughout. Check it out above now!

Albums | Annissa Murad Releases Carefree Single, “Ice Cream Mess”

Posted by on August 14, 2022

Rising teen pop singer/songwriter Annissa Murad blends together elements of pop, rock and indie sounds. Her new single “Ice Cream Mess” is a summer influenced, feel-good song that seeks to put aside negativity and enjoy living your best life by letting go of everything bringing you down. While she is only 15 years old, she has an incredible voice and a strong knack for songwriting at a such a young age. Showcasing a bold Avril Lavigne influenced aesthetic combined with Taylor Swift-like tender storytelling, she is definitely a rising singer to keep your eyes on. Check out “Ice Cream Mess” above now!

Albums | Emma Rae Releases Pop Rock single ‘Kids These Days’

Posted by on August 14, 2022

Emma Rae is an upcoming Stamford, CT-based pop vocalist and songwriter. Her upbringing in a house with a jazz trombonist father and vocalist/guitarist mother has heavily influenced her writing and musical ear. Her new single “Kids These Days” has a different sounding vibe to it compared to prior releases, leaning more into the pop punk and rock space but still being grounded in the pop space. Read a quote on the new track below now and check it out above. Enjoy!

“Kids These Days is about the frustration I feel when I think about the kind of world the kids of today are growing up in. I teach music to kids on the side and hearing some of the stuff they think about and go through on a daily basis feels so far removed from how I grew up. Social media plays a massive part in this, they all seem to grow up so much faster than I did. The awkward stage seems to be completely bypassed and the level of maturity needed is much higher than it once was. Its a nostalgic feeling while also feeling anxious, frustrated, and kinda angry. I won’t deny there’s a small jab at GenZ culture in there as well but it’s all in good fun.”

Albums | Listen to Namywa’s emotional & cinematic track, “Sober”

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Hailing from Birmingham, UK soulful singer/songwriter Namywa returns with her new single “Sober” and it’s fantastic. The song has cinematic production and an overall powerful soundscape to the track that reminded me a lot of the late and great Amy Winehouse, who is one of Namywa’s major influences alongside Diana Gorden, Yebba, Paloma Faith, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott. The old school vibe on this one is special!