Albums | Golf Clap Drops House Heater “Lose It” on hau5trap

Posted by on June 10, 2021

Making a massive debut on deadmau5’s hau5trap imprint, Golf Clap shines in his brand new “Lose It.” Out now worldwide, the four-on-the-floor fire is chock-full of larger than life snares and booming synths. Constantly reinventing the wheel, Golf Clap melds timeless house beats with nuanced basslines to create an effortless track best suited for moving and grooving into the early hours of the morning.

“The idea behind ‘Lose It’ was to create something simple yet effective and hopefully make it timeless in the process. Most music these days seems overly complicated and I wanted to really drive the point with a super solid baseline and kind of let that speak for itself.”Golf Clap

Albums, House | Barron S Shares A Powerful Message With Fresh Single “Bo$$ Bitch”

Posted by on June 3, 2021

Aiming to inspire women to step into their power, speak their truth, and live their lives authentically, buzzing DJ Barron S has just released her brand new single “Bo$$ Bitch.” The highly anticipated tech house gem followed Barron S’ “The Bo$$ Bitch Project,” which saw the DJ feature a different female identifying leader on her Instagram each day for 30 days, ranging from ScarlettBoBo Canada’s Drag Race Superstar to Caroline Frolic, the only Female Sportsnet Broadcaster, and many more. 

“I wanted to write a song about being a ‘BO$$ BITCH’ because the word ‘bitch’ has been used against women so many times,” explains Barron S. “In the past we’ve really used this word as a way to knock strong & powerful women down. So when I went into the studio I was inspired to write this song as a way of reclaiming the word.”

“A lot of women that we’ve been throwing that word at are actually demonstrating qualities that if seen in a male we’d attribute them to him being a BOSS or a leader.”

Barron S has seen massive accomplishments throughout her career within the music industry, most notably touring alongside pop superstar Rihanna on her “Anti World Tour“ and being the 1st Female DJ in the NHL. With this powerful new single out now, and definitely a lot more in the works, we’re super excited to be following Barron S and see where she heads next. 

Albums, Pop | Alex Martura Teams Up With Defnee To Share Exciting New Track “Ghost”

Posted by on May 28, 2021

Growing up surrounded by music, Alex Martura has built a diverse skill set that is now allowing him to stand out of the crowd with his infectious and radio-ready music. The producer and DJ started spending a lot of time with his neighbor at the age of 3, who taught him how to play the piano. Alex Martura then went on to play alongside many different bands before discovering his love for music production. 

Now, Alex Martura has teamed up with emerging vocalist Defnee to share exciting new single “Ghost.” A true showcase of his genre-bending and infectious style, “Ghost” is arguably one of Alex Martura’s best records to date. Smooth piano chords and minimal percussion accompany Defnee’s heavenly vocals in the verses, before stunning choruses explode with the help of shiny synths and bright melodies. 


Albums | London based Artist Royal Drops “Precious”

Posted by on May 22, 2021

Returning with yet another ruminating rap banger, Royal proves that his limitless talent shows no signs of
slowing down in ‘Precious’. Adopting a lo-fi hip-hop beat that allows his signature husky delivery to shine, he weaves between singing and rapping with ease, with an equally impressive knack for both. As the emotion of the lyrics surge, the melody marries to it, with funk-filled electric riffs and heady percussion making a noteworthy impact before the song ceases. The accompanying visuals, created by 49 To Midnight Films, features Royal contemplating his relationship’s fate, as he sinks in bath water to avoid the burgeoning dilemma ahead of him. Intended to reflect on the “intensity of 21st Century relationships”, he further elaborates on his inspirations, explaining that the chorus line “You’re too Precious to be here, that’s what daddy told you…” – Highlights how a relationship can become tainted because of the pessimistic gaze of others. This is something I am all too familiar with and wanted to put it in a track”. The London artist found his love for music as the son of a preacher, where the power of gospel music led him to discover the wonders of hip-hop and punk, three genres that are evident in his discography today. After an appearance performing his debut single on BBC One’s The Apprentice raised intrigue, he has flourished on the scene, from touring with East London maestro Hak Baker and releasing two fiery singles ‘Gutter’ and ‘Happy’. Radiating with soul and style, Royal is an artist who has all he needs to succeed, and 2021 is sure to take him there.

Albums | Lillian Hepler Releases “I Only Love You When I’m Sad”

Posted by on May 20, 2021

TikTok sensation Lillian Hepler has always had a love of music. The Utah-born artist grew up listening to artists like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and later became influenced by Adele and Taylor Swift. Beginning her music career at age 13, Hepler would post cover videos on YouTube. This eventually led to her writing original songs by age 15. In her Spotify bio, Hepler states “Music has always been my way of expressing myself, it’s my outlet, safe place, and where I feel most at home.” Hepler’s new song “I Only Love You When I’m Sad” is a dark pop track with a major r&b and hip-hop influence from a production stand point. Tune in above now!

Albums | Nashville Pop Artist Kory Shore Grapples with Self-Doubt in Relatable New Single “Enough”

Posted by on May 17, 2021

Quick off the heels of his heartfelt single “IDKAT”, Nashville pop artist Kory Shore continues to deliver humanized hits with the release of his new track “Enough”. “Enough” captures a relatable side of Kory that grapples with self-criticism and doubt. Bred out of the confines of quarantine, Kory wrestled with stresses of everything crashing down on him at once. Relentlessly hard on himself, he fought time and time again to reach everyone’s expectations which almost always felt far out of reach. Shouldering the weight of the world, Kory dove into his music and wrote a song that many fans are bound to empathize with. Mental health suffered on a mass scale last year and the songs that came out of it display a raw, honest truth that will be revisited and remembered for decades to come.

“I think I’m not enough, no, I’m falling behind. All my friends are doing it right – Feels like I’m wasting my time…Like I’ll never make it” ~ Enough

At the time, Kory’s relationship was in a good place. The girl we got to know in his collaboration with Hip Hop artist danny G is here to stay in “Enough”; in fact, Kory opens up in the song about how she was his only true refuge from racing thoughts. Valuing the relaxation time that came with spending nights with his girlfriend, he was able to sense the contrast from his chaotic days and thus, took to his pen and paper to write and produce a track to remember. Speaking of pens and pads, Kory’s creativity doesn’t disappoint – leaving Easter eggs in the cover art for “Enough”, you can see the doodlings from past brainstorms and his first ever vinyl record “Unorthodox Jukebox” by Bruno Mars. The Kygo meets Jonas brothers vibe of “Enough” introduces a dual dimension to the track with its moody lyrics yet high energy production. What can easily be coined a ‘vulnerable summer anthem’, Kory introduces a new energy to match the season while staying true to the strength of his authentic storytelling that we know and love.

Albums | Chaz Cardigan & The Gifted Connect For “Feels Like I Know You”

Posted by on May 14, 2021

Nashville singer/songwriter Chaz Cardigan connects with L.A. based duo The Gifted for a feel-good new collaborative single called “Feels Like I Know You” that goes over a relatable topic that only some people are lucky enough to fully understand. The indie pop anthem proves once again that Chaz is a rising star in the alternative pop space and excites me for what’s next for his project. Read a quote from him on the meaning of “Feels Like I Know You” below and check out the track above now!

“Social media really nurtures this desire we all have to be seen, and to find intimacy with strangers.  You see someone’s life in pieces every day on your feed, and your brain puts them all together, like, ‘yes, I know them, we’re close!  Just yesterday they went for a drive to their parents’ place.’  We’re all guilty of becoming friends with people who have no clue we exist.  “Feels Like I Know You” is about that disconnect between following someone at a distance everyday, and the easy, honest jump in logic to considering them a friend — or more.  The weird consequence of everyone being a brand is that everyone, famous or not, we’ve all got these parasocial bonds with total strangers now; I really wanted to follow that idea to its extremity. Everybody’s a stranger, so no one’s a stranger; “1’s and 0’s, it’s just as real as skin”.” – Chaz Cardigan