Indie, Pop | Ci Majr is back with her latest scintillating, indie-pop anthem, “Guillotine”

Posted by on March 8, 2021

Atlanta up and comer Ci Majr returns on the scene with her unmissable new single, “Guillotine”, taken off her forthcoming EP Side Effects, set for release next month on April 16th. The indie pop jam once again highlights her songwriting abilities. Listen to the single above now and read a quote from Ci major on the new track above now!

“I actually woke up in the middle of the night one day in May 2020 with one word on my mind: “guillotine”. It’s a little dark but as soon as I woke up I was thinking how it could be such a cool concept for a song! I spent the next week or so fleshing out the lyrics and creating the demo production. The original version was actually a lot more moody and mellow than this really bright and more upbeat version that was created with my friend, Féz, over in the UK. He absolutely crushed the production and honestly transformed it into a hit!” – Ci Majr

Alternative, Indie, Pop | Tony Benn Releases new single “If We Make It Through The Winter”

Posted by on February 3, 2021

It’s cold and getting colder these days in the midst of Winter, but hopefully Tony Benn’s latest release can help warm you up a bit. The upcoming Irish singer/songwriter delivers a compelling new single that will resonate strongly with every listener. The dynamic alt-folk record is rich in its instrumentation, filled with moody guitar and piano accompaniments. Check out a quote on the release below and stream the song above now.

No matter how badly this never-ending lockdown tests our resolve, no matter how the cupboard is bare and our pockets are empty, we can and will see summer. Soon come, my friends.” – Tony Benn

Indie, Pop | Jake Zimma Shares Funky New Single “Be Easy”

Posted by on January 29, 2021

Drawing inspiration from 60’s blues and rock, 70’s-80’s funk, and 90’s-2000’s hip-hop and Cali Roots Reggae, Jake Zimma is crafting his own blend of indie music, and is well on his way to the top. The talented singer, songwriter and guitarist has seen his music resonate with a big audience throughout the past couple of years, with his releases “Oh, San Francisco” and “On Like 40” amassing almost 2 million combined streams on Spotify. 

Now, Jake Zimma is back with his first song of 2021, motivational gem “Be Easy.” Produced alongside Zenaware and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Reuben Cohen in Los Angeles, “Be Easy” is arguably one of Jake Zimmer’s best tunes to date. Filled with acoustic guitar melodies and groovy percussion, “Be Easy” finds Jake Zimma wanting to inspire himself and his fanbase. As he explains: 

“This is a song about struggle. About the deep desire for life to just “be easy” for a day. In a time where so many people are struggling I created this song to help motivate myself and hopefully others. My main goal was to switch it up and hopefully get the people dancing.” 


Indie | M!NT teams up with Sasha Nitze on ambient new single “Contours”

Posted by on January 15, 2021

Brooklyn based creative and producer M!NT has released his latest single, the guitar-ladden, ultra-ambient track “Contours”. Collaborating with Sasha Nitze on guitar, the single is sure to put listeners into a trance with dynamic range and melodic structure. It’s the perfect lo-fi vibe for chilling out to. 

Opening with elegant guitar strums and the backing of an atmospheric production style, M!NT and Sasha create a cinematic soundscape that’s sure to put listeners into a trance. The single is the follow up with M!NT’s well received, end of Summer collab with Nas Leber, aptly titled “90 Degrees”, and marks the first official label release for Sasha Nitze with progressive European imprint, Amuse Records. 

In the accompanying visual, Harlem-based visual effects producer Thanoz takes futuristic elements of NYC to recreate a cyberpunk-esque world out of everyday locations. The visual illustrates M!NT’s constant battle with perfectionism as he strives to create a work of art.

Indie | “The Times” By Harry Marshall A Refreshing End Of The Indie-Rock Artist Perspective

Posted by on December 10, 2020

“The Times,” an inspiring and alluring experience from the one and only Harry Marshall, is an awaited single from his ever-growing fanbase.

With the audio out today and a full-fledge video set to release on December 11th, Marshall’s teenage at-a-whim performances have undoubtedly blossomed over many years into a career now taking him places never before dreamed.

His latest work, “The Times’s,” is hard not to give into. Waning, echo-enchanted backdrops lowers ambitions of those who listen to the rock-infused song. An open-minded state is now primed, putting you into a more clear mood to hear what the vocal story of Marshall conveys.

There’s much to unpack and replay value is certainly there with this one. His sound inspired by many gritty and raw atmosphere’s, but laced with soul on the topline – a fascinating and enriching spectrum to expand on is apart of the Harry Marshall attraction.

With many signs pointing toward more content, more music, and more to look forward to for the solo artist, don’t miss what’s the hear and now below.

Indie | Tyzo Bloom Releases 6 Track “Random Thoughts” EP

Posted by on November 19, 2020

After months of waiting, Tyzo Bloom’s sophomore EP is out now. “Random Thoughts” is 6 tracks of genre bending music that’s easy to listen to. All feature indie and electronic feels to them, but each song is different. I’m personally loving “BLAME” and “I’m Not Okay” ft. meija, but have a listen and enjoy the whole EP below.

Chill, Indie | Florida’s Pagu Showcases Open-Ended Indie-Pop Style In “Tell Me”

Posted by on November 4, 2020

Single “Tell Me” brings together many popular music elements and arranges it in smooth way, the edge built-in giving it a certain ‘pop’ that grabs and holds the ear.

A trait of the Florida Panhandle displayed is his seeming skill to sort-of juggle all the right elements creatively and funnel it down into something distinct and his style, “Tell Me” being one of many singles that feels rendered through a frame such as this.

With genres such as indie-pop/electronic being inspirations, equipped with a sense of modern online culture, and a unique balance music/tech/graphic design skill at his side – Pagu doesn’t leave anything off the table when it comes to what may play into his music and releases.

“‘Tell Me” is about finding purpose and meaning in life. My friends and I are personally sick and tired of being forced to be distracted and stuck in ‘going through the motions’ mode. The song was made in this mindset and sort of rebels against those ideas.”

– Pagu (Jonah Tatum)

Social and streaming channels shows Pagu is hitting some high marks, future success thresholds of his career are more than likely nearer than what appears.

“Tell Me” can be heard in full above.