Indie, Pop | COTTA Returns With Stunning Alt-Pop Anthem “Ghostin’”

Posted by on October 27, 2021

Three impactful singles deep into her music career, Cassidy Mackie aka COTTA is already showing signs of a mature artist who is preparing herself for a lengthy career within the industry. Based in Australia, the talented singer and songwriter has been described as “the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers,” having developed a tender sound that is as intricate as it is radio-ready. Detailing love, loss and the up and downs of life as she experiences it, COTTA is set to move lots of people with her personal and vulnerable lyricism, and her very first releases make up for great examples of her talent. 

Her uplifting debut single “Better” was released back in February of this year and was swiftly added to Triple J Unearthed’s radio rotation. Then came “Didn’t Call,” which was born from the trials of a long-distance relationship and produced by Oldland in Melbourne. It’s a nostalgic yet infectious cut filled with subtle percussion, smooth electric piano chords and light synth lines. Upon release it was debuted on Triple J’s show Home and Hosed, receiving great acclaim from host Declan Byrne, who commended COTTA’s ‘soulful and smart’ effort on the song.

Now, COTTA has just shared her third release, taking a jab at an ex-lover who deliberately led her on before she finally found out about their true feelings and decided to move on. It is a truly impactful story from the perspective of someone who is one the receiving end of being ghosted, driven by vocal lines that are perfectly complimented by the grandiose instrumental. Strong piano chords and hard-hitting drum work juxtapose subtle synths and effects, while COTTA’s passionate singing helps transcend the story and make it come to life. 

“The idea of ‘ghosting’ someone is ‘the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication,” explains COTTA. “’Ghostin’’ pays tribute to a particular time in my life, where I was strung along by someone with no intention of a follow-through, but who knew exactly what they were doing at the time, before they bailed. This song taps into the gut-wrenching, unexplainable frustration when you’re on the receiving end of being ghosted – even if it’s drawn out and maybe not immediate – and serves as an f-you anthem to the ones that never deserved your time anyway.”

Alternative, Indie | GREYSKIES Drops Debut Album, ‘The Mind is Like the Moon’

Posted by on October 20, 2021

GREYSKIES smoothly blends together elements of alternative-rock paired with a dark-pop underbelly and it sounds great. The rising Iceland native is motivated to write meaningful songs with highly potent lyricism that transcends beyond the norm. He has finally unleashed his debut album, the 10-track-project, ‘The Mind is Like the Moon’ and it is a culmination of vulnerability and euphoria, channeled through epic, stadium-sized alt-rock songs, exposing his everyday feelings of living and residing in a country of mostly darkness. Check it out above now and keep this up-and-comer on your radars!

Indie | The Wormholes Share Stunning New 10-Track Project ‘Light in the Dark’

Posted by on October 9, 2021

Making their highly-anticipated return after their massive debut ‘Cosmic Propaganda’ back in 2018, The Wormholes have just shared their sophomore project ‘Light in the Dark,’ and the result couldn’t be more impressive. Spanning over 10 immersive tracks, ‘Light in the Dark’ displays the duo’s immaculate vision and skills in the studio, taking listeners on a journey through stories that explore dichotomies in life, from the hard and the soft to the steady and the chaotic. 

The Wormholes is the brainchild of musicians Ben Verner and Chris Walters, who have been active under their moniker since 2015. They wrote and recorded the entire ‘Light in the Dark’ project, which was also mixed by Chris Walters. With such a versatile and well-thought-out sophomore album out into the world, The Wormholes are definitely one of the most promising acts to watch in 2021 and beyond. 



Posted by on September 29, 2021

Decca Records’ new signing is an individual that confesses a deep affinity with music. Harry Edwards, who has grown into an impressively adventurous creative, states that music has been an integral part of his identity from childhood. His calming and emotional new single and video for “I Hope You Can Hear” can be watched above now!

Alternative, Indie, Pop | Seven Purple Tigers Reflect on Loneliness, Relationships, and Healthy Breakups “Ignorance is Blitz”

Posted by on September 12, 2021

“Ignorance is Blitz” is a total Indie rock jam that is well worth checking out! The band’s founders Austin Horn (singer/rhythm guitar) and Phil Dyszy (lead guitar/backing vocals) are an unlikely pair. From the US and Germany respectively, the trans-Atlantic duo bonded over their love of music in the vibrant basement bars and clubs of the Old Town of Kraków, Poland. It was there that the pair began crafting what would become Seven Purple Tiger’s signature sound that came to fruition after 5 years of writing together and performing live alongside bandmates Sebastian Heieck (bass) and Felix Schwer (drums). Along with the stellar new single comes a rad visual that you can watch now above. Keep this band on your radar, they’re bound for greatness!

Alternative, Indie | The Ampersands Genre-bend via New Single, “The Pigeon”

Posted by on August 5, 2021

Rarely does a name as abstract as ‘The Ampersands’ so accurately describe an act but upon exposure to duo Aaron McQuade & Jim Pace’s work, it just clicks. Every revelation of the band unearths five more layers beneath – whether a track that cycles between genres like verses or the incredible stage antics of the live shows, with The Ampersands audiences are always left with niggling hook: “and one more thing…” This guiding philosophy is on full display on the single ‘The Pigeon’. In the vein of the titular animal, the song takes flight through the worlds of Indie Pop/Rock, Alt. Contemporary Disco, sections layered to the nines, and moments of reflection carried by simple piano alongside vocals duelling with a gentle bass. An erratic structure follows in the dreams of the song’s hero caught restless between a desire and inability to move on. Between the song’s introspective and melancholic lyrics, optimistic and fun melody, and ever shifting composition, The Pigeon is a song that will keep listeners coming back eager to discover that last little thing they may have missed. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the upcoming duo but I am thoroughly impressed and intrigued to hear more by them (hopefully) soon enough. Check their new single out above now!

Alternative, Indie | Joe Fox & The Frantics Keep it “Cool”

Posted by on August 3, 2021

Describing the meaning behind “Cool”, Joe Fox & The Frantics explain: “Cool is a summer anthem. All about strutting your stuff and doing your thing as we all re enter the world this summer.” I couldn’t agree more: this one has a total Summertime vibe to it and I can’t get enough of it. I’m already on my third listen! The emerging Los Angeles based indie rock band is only on the come up but the trio is starting to turn some heads across L.A. and nationally thanks to how easily they ombine their alternate loves for indie, rock and alternative music and create a sound that travels beyond the norms of the typical indie band you would hear in today’s world. Check out “Cool” above now!