Indie, Pop | Irene Skylakaki unveils her hauntingly ethereal new folk single, “Sutherland Avenue”

Posted by on November 2, 2020

Irene Skylakaki is an Green-based singer/songwriter, who started her career in London, and is starting to make a name for herself. Skylakaki’s new single ‘Sutherland Avenue’ is an extension of her creativity and expertise as a singer-songwriter; the words read as vague yet strangely specific and the song sounds subjective but equally relatable. The bubbling, warm track is an emotional and raw single that is worth checking out. Listen now above!

Alternative, Indie | Chaz Cardigan’s Holograma EP Is 8 Track’s of Beautiful Music

Posted by on November 2, 2020

Throughout Chaz Cardigan’s Holograma EP, the Nashville artist showcases the eclectic musicality he first began honing as a kid in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A classically trained pianist who taught himself to play guitar, bass, and drums, he got his start gigging in punk bands at the age of 11, covered classic songs in Louisville bars during his high-school years and later produced in a Nashville hip-hop collective. The 8-track release is well worth checking out and spans various genres, blending pop, electronic and indie rock into one cohesive space. Listen to Chaz’ Holograma EP above now!

Alternative, Indie, Pop | Paddi’s debut LP ‘P.S. I Love You’ Is Something Special

Posted by on October 27, 2020

Filled with a warm and inviting atmosphere, Southern California based up-and-comer Paddi’s new collection of music makes for a fresh and exciting introduction to his next musical chapter. The 12-track-project ‘P.S. I Love You’ is an impressive body of work that is well worth checking out. Blending his sweet and supple voice with a heady blend of laid-back guitar hooks and pulsing beats gives this release a bold and sensual feel throughout. Read a quote from Paddi below and stream the LP above now!

“‘P.S. I Love You’ takes the listener on a journey through my relationship with my significant other. There are fun loving, uplifting moments, and very deep, emotional and bitter sweet stories. The Album conveys to the listener’s all the feelings I felt during my relationship along with the well thought out and very real story. This is an album that captivates listeners, while also containing catchy lyrics, strong beats, and a unique style of production. This is my very first Album that I have written, sung, and produced. I put my whole heart and my personal experience into this art piece and I’m very excited for my friends, family and people of the world who have or have yet to experience love, heartbreak and passion the way P.S. I Love You embodies those feelings.”


Alternative, Indie | UK songwriter Lissy Taylor releases new EP, Wildflowers

Posted by on October 22, 2020

Up-and-coming  British singer-songwriter Lissy has just released a new project. tHE guitar-led smokey style dominates her story-telling as we join this instinctive creative on a journey of self-discovery. Her continuously dark-yet-dreamy atmosphere mirrors the connection between the past, present and future, to which Lissy Taylor looks to with new-found hope. The four-track-EP is a soothing blend of indie pop and alt-rock. This Wildflowers EP is a promising piece of music from the rising artist that is well worth checking out. Tune in above now!

Electronic, Indie | Mel Ody Taps Dominic Donner For Indie-Flavoured Tune “One To Blame”

Posted by on October 22, 2020

Having stayed really consistent this year, while showcasing his unique knack for combining electronic with orchestral elements in his music, producer Mel Ody is stepping out of his comfort zone once again, teaming up with charismatic German vocalist Dominic Donner for “One To Blame.”

An irresistible, indie-flavoured tune with hints of electronic and pop, “One To Blame” is out via tastemaker label CloudKid. Driven by a minimal guitar riff and punchy yet organic percussion, Mel Ody’s instrumental leaves the perfect space for Dominic Donner’s captivating voice to shine, a result that is as intricate as it is infectious. 

“‘One To Blame’ was a real challenge for me, but I’m always looking to get out of my comfort zone as a producer,” revealed Mel Ody. “When I was making the instrumental, I was hearing this kind of indie-pop song in my head that had this orchestral-electronic flair to it, and I love how it turned out. Dominic Donner’s vocal tone and lyrical content took it to the next level, I couldn’t have found a better person than him so I’m really happy we connected so well and brought this tune to life.” 

Indie, Pop | aiwake & Saen – Faded Patterns

Posted by on October 20, 2020

A lush escapade into soft serenity, aiwake and Saen join forces on “Faded Patterns.” The first single from their collaborative #99000a EP, “Faded Patterns” is out now via Level Music.

Effortlessly timeless, “Faded Patterns” grips listeners into a compelling vocal dreamstate. Deeply personal lyrical croonings elegantly glide atop a pop-infused production, laced with somber synth work and a poignant kick. Within this maudlin soundscape, aiwake and Saen create a touching composition. An ode to fleeting emotions and impetuous longing, “Faded Patterns” is a moment’s gaze into the honest soul.

Stream “Faded Patterns” on Soundcloud below.

Indie, Pop | Maripo$a Wants You To “Call Me Back”

Posted by on October 18, 2020

LA-based up and comer Maripo$a is back with a new bubbly single and music video via “Call Me Back”. The track looks to take the bold and exciting alt-pop direction of artists like Charli XCX and Clairo to glittering new heights. The bright production style is the perfect backboard Maripo$a’s angelic vox. Watch the video above now!