Pop, RnB | H3rizon Are Back With Biggest Single & Music Video To Date, Sharing “SERIOUS”

Posted by on August 30, 2021

Based in Australia, girl power-trio H3rizon are only getting started, yet have an undisputed potential to make it big within the industry. Comprised of talented artists Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Taylah Albert (Taya) and Gabrielle Montalbo (Gabby), of Filipino and Mauritian Heritage, H3rizon have already built an audience of more than 1.7 million followers on TikTok, and have now returned to share their biggest single to date, R&B-infused gem “SERIOUS.” 

Out in partnership with blockplay, a newly-launched digital NFT label, “SERIOUS” is a truly stunning effort, that perfectly showcases H3rizon’s star power as a collective force. Bringing along elements from oldschool R&B and infusing them with bright synths and stunning vocal performances, the tune is an instant hit, perfectly brought to life with its bright and lighthearted music video. 

“Every time we post a video or write a song, I imagine the moment it’s being viewed or listened to.. Mental health is an issue close to my heart, so we hope our art takes that person to another place, somewhere far away from the mundane, far away from any pandemic, from un-paid bills, from life struggles.. even if it’s just for a minute!” reveals group member Taya. 

Alternative, Pop, RnB | Toronto’s newest voice, LOR unveils her stunning, dark-pop debut single, “Used To”

Posted by on August 1, 2021

Toronto based newcomer LOR fuses dark-pop production with bold yet vulnerable lyricism and smooth RnB influences to create a unique and current sound that’s both personally authentic and widely relatable. This is the first time hearing her music but after one listen through of “Used To” it is clear that she is here to stay. The talent is undeniable and excites me for her future. Check out “Used To” by LOR above now and keep a tab on the rising singer/songwriter!

Hip-Hop, RnB | DNIE Teams Up With Arkane Skye To Share Debut Single “Hourglass”

Posted by on April 16, 2021

Teaming up with singer and songwriter Arkane Skye, promising new talent DNIE has just released his debut single with “Hourglass,” combining alternative rock and hip-hop in a stunning way. DNIE grew up in a small town, and would quickly fall in love with music throughout his teenage years, as he saw it as a perfect escape from the world and anything that was bothersome. Realizing that the only way to express himself and his feelings was through music, DNIE decided to take the leap and start to produce, something that led to the birth “Hourglass,” and many more genre-bending singles to come.

“Hourglass” is me coming to terms with the past being something that I will keep in my heart forever, while having the future in my hands,” says DNIE. “A song with Rock, Alternative Rock, and Hip-Hop influences in the production as well as in the vocal performance, “Hourglass” is a blast from the past with a modern twist to it. The story-driven vocals and lyrics, written by myself and Arkane Skye, really portray how I was feeling for the longest time, emotions that many people can relate to. “Hourglass” is a song about time flashing in front of our eyes, and all of the memories that we have created slowly becoming more distant as we move on. As much as that can take a toll on many of us and make us wish we could turn back time to much easier and simpler times, we realize that it isn’t possible, and that life has to move on.”

“There are always going to be ups and downs in life, which was of course the case for me growing up, but the good memories definitely outweigh the bad. I feel like the more time passes, I don’t feel that same level of happiness anymore, as I face problems in life that have triggered depression and anxiety. I didn’t want this song to be just about the sadness I’ve experienced, but to also act as a reminder that there are better days ahead. There are people who enter your life and make you forget about your struggles, helping you create new memories and focus on moving forward. No matter how much it might hurt at times, you start enjoying life and looking forward to the future.”


RnB | Liv Drops Second Ever Single “Selfish”

Posted by on February 20, 2021

A groove-laden slice of R&B, up and coming New York native Liv is opening her heart on the lush new single, Selfish, and it’s a great introduction to her music. Her smooth top line are cushioned by plucky riffs and steady percussion, the cool melody allowing the bossy, no-nonsense lyricism to shine through. This is well worth checking out, tap in above now and keep your eyes on Liv!

Pop, RnB | R&B/Pop Sensation Bree New Moon Stuns in Her Dynamic Debut Single “Young & Reckless”

Posted by on November 20, 2020

Celebrating the nostalgic moments of her youth, R&B/Pop artist Bree New Moon has released her highly anticipated single “Young & Reckless”. Paired with high quality visuals, the song embraces a more carefree time in her life as she transitions to the daunting responsibilities of young adulthood. What was originally supposed to involve party scenes and group gatherings was reenvisioned for a more covid-friendly piece. In the official music video, Bree reminisces the wild nights of her youth by extending a unique invitation to viewers to join her on a journey from sundown to sun-up. “I wanted to do something that people could easily connect with since we were going through such an intense period of isolation, so I thought ‘What better way than to invite people into the video itself?” says Bree.

The video begins with a text from Bree encouraging a late night escape from the intense isolation we’ve all been feeling this year. The video, shot through a lens to mimic a human eye view, follows the events that lead Bree to dancing on rooftops, swinging on playgrounds and running up the bleachers. The night grows dark again as we witness a stunning shot of Bree performing on her late father’s college football field, transporting the viewer to what feels like a stadium full of fans…another thing we’re missing in 2020. The video ends with drinks on the beach before greeting the sunrise, circling back to the beginning as we return home before being caught for sneaking out.

A true force to be reckoned with, Bree New Moon’s interests span beyond her musical talents. Invested in environmental causes, the accessibility to a better education, as well as social and economic equality, Bree also plans to use her voice and her platform to continue to raise awareness to the issues she holds close to her heart. “Young & Reckless” is one of many dynamic tracks to come as Bree New Moon firmly cements her status as an artist to watch.

RnB | Rising R&B artist Stephn drops his jazz-infused new single “More” (ft. DNDSECTION)

Posted by on October 2, 2020

If you’re a fan of R&B from the likes of Sampha, Frank Ocean, or Toro Y Moi, we’d like to introduce you to a rising artist that should be on your radar, immediately: singer-songwriter, Stephn.

Based in New York, but raised between DC and Nigeria, Stephn draws inspiration from the world around him, including his keen eye for visual arts. If you were to check out his Instagram or any of the many ultra-cool visuals he’s dropped in recent times, you’d quickly realize this is an artist who takes a lot of care and thought curating a full sensory experience for fans. Stephn was in fact a fashion stylist before turning to music, and it shows. His art direction is something to admire in itself. 

In regards to the music, Stephn boldly lays deeply personal lyrics on the table. Themes of vulnerability and intimacy feature throughout his body of work, and latest single, “More” is no different. Discussing the meaning behind the track, Stephn explains: 

“More” taps into a different level of emotion. It is exactly that feeling of tasting something and not being able to have enough and turning that feeling into an emotion toward someone and craving that intimacy and attention. I had to really dig deep into myself to relive my past emotional journey in order to properly arrange this song.”

The track was produced during the peak of quarantine, when like many of us, Stephn needed an outlet – so he turned his usual – music and art. Converting his bedroom into a makeshift recording studio, Stephn enlisted a roster of powerhouse New York creatives, including his producer Polly and co-writer Ron Jordan. The team collectively produced a body of work that Stepn is slated to reduce one by one in the near future. As for “More”, tapping into his love of jazz, horns were added via instrumentalist MK Zulu, as well as a verse came vocalist DNDSECTION, hand selected for his unique flow and dynamic.

Chill, RnB | Juliet July’s Palm Trees in the Mist EP is a Striking Hybrid Approach to R&B

Posted by on July 14, 2020

Hailing from Amsterdam, up-and-coming Dutch singer/songwriter Juliet July debuts her highly anticipated and introspectively gorgeous EP Palm trees in the mist. The 6 track release blends element of older and modern Alternative R&B vibes. Her innate ability to create such an exquisite fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and jazz is showcased beautifully throughout the impressive debut release. Along with the release of her new EP, Juliet July also released an accompanying visual for the stand out single “GONE” which you can watch now below under a quote from her. Check out the full EP above now!

“Palm trees represent happiness, joy, warmth, The Mist represents more heavy, sad and dark emotions. ‘Palm trees in the mist’ combined, creates a symbolism for me to keep seeing the ‘Silver Livings’ in whatever situation life throws at us.” – Juliet July