Dubstep | JEANIE Drops Bass-Heavy ‘Disturbing Data’ EP

Posted by on June 23, 2023

DJ, producer, and GRL GANG founder JEANIE unleashed a massive new EP on Disciple Round Table today, June 23, entitled Disturbing Data. Featuring four tracks, the heavy-hitting EP is out now on all platforms.

Disturbing Data showcases JEANIE’s unparalleled artistry and commitment to pushing sonic boundaries. On full display in the EPs opener, “S.U.B” showcases JEANIE’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to create a visceral experience for her audience. Disturbing Data additionally sees JEANIE join forces with fellow bass music heavyweight Felmax on “Signal Breaker,” and rising-talent SQISHI on “Metalware.” From the EPs thunderous bass to intricate sound design, listeners will undoubtedly be immersed in the relentless energy that JEANIE brings to her productions.

This summer, JEANIE will play major festivals from Tomorrowland to Bass Canyon to Lost Lands.

Dubstep | ELEVATD Drops Jaw-Dropping 4-Track ‘The Plague Tapes, Vol. 1’ EP

Posted by on January 26, 2022

Hailing from Chicago, ELEVATD knows how to tackle all sorts of forms of production, but it is the spectrum of dubstep, riddim, and other genres of bass music that is their specialty. The Plague Tapes, Vol. 1 articulates this sentiment precisely, sharing 4 songs that all flow within a broad common spectrum, but each having a special sense of individuality that makes them memorable and club/festival ready.

Sirens blaring and in the company of a haunting theme as an introduction, “Rise From The Dead,” shocks the system and prepares one for the ride they are in store for. “Sweet Dreams,” comes through boasting a bit more theatrics, going down the vein of releases like “PUNISHMENT” and “DECIMATION VIP.” “Keep It Poppin,” gets a groove going, nudging the audience to throw down and get that head bobbin.’ This third track is where the inkling is pronounced that this EP is more than random singles put together, but a story unfolding. “Critical Error,” closes the chronical with knock-out sample choice and a quality that you just went through the motions of something strangely special.

ELEVATD knows what they are doing in the studio and the shows that follow them are an additional extension that they are on to something killer, not to be taken for granted.

This EP was birthed from the extreme and sometimes pent-up emotion of the pandemic and the society that caused it, unleashed as a sonic expression of how we felt. We think it could possibly be used to fuel the energy to confront the person who killed your brother or sister, so that your violence has some style to it.

Dubstep | LICK teams up with Calivania for new single “IN THE DARK”

Posted by on April 16, 2021

Shows are getting announced and LICK is back to releasing music so I couldn’t be happier. His latest concoction sees him team up with mysterious duo Calivania for an atmospheric dubstep banger. “IN THE DARK” feels like it was meant for a festival stage, and with LICK playling E Zoo, Bonnaroo, HARD Summer, and more this year there will be ample opportunity to see it live. Check it out below!


Dubstep, Electro | BADVOID Drops ‘Enter The Void’ EP through Buygore

Posted by on March 11, 2021

Out now from Buygore Records, comes BADVOID’s booming new 3-track-EP that will amp up your mood without a doubt. The Australian producer and DJ has gotten support from Marshmello, Zeds Dead, Whipped Cream, Slushii, Vampa, What So Not, Ekali, Peking Duck and more all for good reason: he creates massive original sounding music that perfectly blends element of dubstep, trap, and electro. This one is well worth the listen, so tune in to the new EP by BADVOID above now!

Albums, Dubstep | JayKode & SubDocta Celebrate Xmas Early With “Red Alert”

Posted by on December 19, 2019

JayKode and SubDocta, these are two names you should know if you’re into bass music. Recently the two dropped their jaw-dropping collaboration called “Red Alert” on Kannibalen Records. JayKode has always been a stand out producer when it comes to sound design and musicality which works well with the more wonky style of SubDocta. “Red Alert” is just what you need to end the year with, so make sure to add it to your party playlists for this Winter break!

Dubstep | YDG Gets Spooky With “Creep Show”

Posted by on November 20, 2019

I smell a Kannibalen Christmas compilation coming soon… I can’t say for certain, but I can feel it and I think the Montreal label is kicking off the holiday season officially with YDG’s “Creep Show.” YDG has had numerous big collaborations in the past, but it’s always nice to see him flex his dark and heavy sound on his own. “Creep Show” takes some influence from 80’s horror with a demonic synth laden intro that develops into a gargantuan onslaught of gritty growls. “Creep Show” is enter at your own risk, but I say enter all the way.

Bass, Dubstep | Sam Lamar Gets Mystical With The Divination EP

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Last time we saw Sam Lamar with Kannibalen Records he dropped his Major Arcana EP. Well, today he continues that magical endeavor with another EP, The Divination, on the Montreal label. This time around we get two bass singles, focusing in on the dubstep genre, but don’t expect the usual when it comes to Sam. He’s established a unique style and this EP sees the next step of his evolution. Not only does Sam Lamar have a signature style, but within each track he is able to take us on a ride through different sounds for a fresh experience. This is what bass music should be.