Hip-Hop | Rapper Tireek Shares New Two-Pack “BYE BYE / BALBOA”

Posted by on July 1, 2022

Brooklyn, New York rapper Tireek flaunts a dynamic flow with vulnerable and honest lyrics, examining relationships, personal struggles and inspiring those going through hard times. The rising rapper has been making noise on the underground hip-hop scene over the last few years and has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone as an independent artist, and he looks set to add further to this tally with new release “BYE BYE / BALBOA”. 

The two-pack is led by main single “BALBOA”, a laidback track that captures Tireek’s smooth cadence and notable lyrical abilities. The track is accompanied by an equally impressive music video directed by Adrian Dennis. “BYE BYE” also impresses with its infectious hook about saying goodbye to the past and looking ahead to the future, and it’s clear from both tracks that Tireek is a special talent and someone to watch out for.

 Speaking further on the new release, Tireek says, “I wrote and recorded these tracks after a long period of writer’s block. No matter how hard I tried, the words just wouldn’t come to me. So, I took a step back from music and started living life, and through gaining new experiences, I was able to write ‘BYE BYE’ and ‘BALBOA’, which I recorded right at home. I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I can conquer anything in front of me. Both of these singles are me saying goodbye to the past and welcoming/focusing on a bright future.”

Hip-Hop | Larry Coleman 2020 Teams Up with Joon Jukx on “The Real Me”

Posted by on June 25, 2022

Las Vegas based rapper Larry Coleman 2020 dropped his new unapologetic collab “The Real Me” with Joon Jukx recently and it’s a great introduction to the independent artist’s music if you have not yet heard his flows. The underground up-and-comer is definitely someone to keep your eyes on, so check out his new single above now and read more about the release below.

The Real Me is about my experience as a top-tier independent artist in today’s Hip-Hop Industry. In an era where everyone is trying to ‘be someone’ I made a song about being myself.” – Larry Coleman 2020

Hip-Hop | Just Trey Drops New Single “Love To Give”

Posted by on May 4, 2022

Just Trey is the moniker of multi-talented songwriter, artist and producer Trey Jennings. The rising Seattle based artist makes a silky combination of hip-hop and R&B, which is highlighted on one of his latest releases, “Love To Give”. Just Trey definitely has a knack for creating melodically flowing hooks and beats, and an even stronger hand in songwriting. Stream the new track above now and read a quote from Just Trey on the song below!

Love To Give is written to describe the feelings of following your dreams and being ambitious while also having to commit your time to others. It is hard to balance being ambitious and working overtime to realize your dreams while also having to cater to the needs of the people you love.


Hip-Hop | sympL Releases Another Single From Upcoming Album Via ‘No Water’

Posted by on April 22, 2022

sympL has been around the block when it comes to various aspects in the music industry. From booking to touring to making music, he understands the logistics and uses this knowledge integrally when it comes to building momentum around his music career. The next iteration in the sympL journey is “No Water,” a down to earth, true to self music video not for the faint of heart. Showing sympL in his natural habitat, he promotes a streamlined message, placing him in city-dwelling locations while he does just this.

“No Water,” is apart of a bigger thing that sympL is working on. It follows up “Lie To Me,” and proceeds It’s My World And You’re Just Listening To It. The man has been busy in the studio as it shows.

On top of this, he’s kicking off the TourForLife series, where he will be making stops all around the country. The man is no stranger to touring, from Van’s Warped Tour to being booked alongside Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna, he’s had enriching life experience which have led to the path he’s at today.

With a hustle that’s respectful and a determination to never give up, sympL brings the party with him wherever he goes.

Hip-Hop, Trap | Logan Garrett Connects with Rich Boy on “Got It All”

Posted by on April 2, 2022

Logan Garrett is a upcoming DJ & Producer based in Nashville. After recently playing SXSW and a handful of other shows he is now back to releasing music on a regular basis. Last month, he dropped “Pitted” with a feature from Roscoe Dash, a fun and aggressive dubstep record. Earlier this month, Garrett released “Got It All” featuring Rich Boy and now has released a visual to go along with their collaboration. The comedic music video revolves around an experience with a unique chocolate bar that takes them on a wild journey in a park. This one is tons of fun, tap in above now!

Electronic, Hip-Hop | grey prince Drops Hip-Hop Electronic Infusion In ‘cory in ya house’

Posted by on March 18, 2022

“cory in ya house,” pieces together a satirical side with a strong hip-hop-meets-electronic music base. The combination is nothing short of infectious, solo DJ/producer grey prince bringing about an intriguing balance between all the elements at hand. This first track symbolizes a saga of sounds that are soon to come, grey prince lining up lots of tunes throughout the year which all will feel like they are from the same base. The release highlights the admiration that grey prince has for his childhood friend Cory, so much so that grey prince made a track in honor of him. Personal and relaxing in many ways, grey prince is nailing a sweet spot sonically that will keep folks coming back for more.

He’s currently residing in San Francisco and is bringing so many unique talents together within the same project. He produces, raps, and has a clear hunger to grow his music project, which will be hitting new levels in 2022.

“Inspired by the Jet Set Radio OST’s colorful synths and funky basslines, ‘Cory in Ya House’ merges together breakbeat and hip hop influence into a new, distinct sound. The inception of the hook was to namedrop my childhood best friend, Cory.”
– grey prince

Hip-Hop | PM Lowe Drops “ALL ON ME”

Posted by on March 3, 2022

Rising star PM Lowe is a multi-talented artist who is skillful as both an emcee, vocalist and producer. He kicks of 2022 strong via the new track “All On Me”, a song that was heavily influenced by Kanye West’s classic hit “All Of The Lights” due to it’s feel-good and hype production and overall confident vocal delivery. Tune in above now and read a quote from PM Lowe on his latest drop below.

“‘All On Me’ is a track of reflection, fun and self assurance. I have Mika Ceylon, who is an absolutely amazing artist from Australia, tackle the hook of the song. The instrumental is heavy hitting and triumphant. It makes you feel powerful, while having fun in the process.” – PM Lowe