Hip-Hop | Lil Kapow Hits 50M Streams On Rap Single ‘BLACKOUT’

Posted by on November 7, 2021

To the point, in your face, and without holding back, “BLACKOUT,” goes off. Lil Kapow goes hard and doesn’t care who knows. “BLACKOUT,” was released back in 2019 but has seen a resurgence this month, getting picked back up on TikTok and garnering him around 100,000 streams per day. Just over a minute long, the single pushes an instant drive in the listener to repeat the song, needing a second round of the music to digest the fast-paced banger which just delivered a vicious slap.

Lil Kapow has been given the nod of approval by the king himself, Drake, who followed the young budding aritst on Instagram. Though Lil Kapow has plenty of releases which have gone on to high-sucuss, “BLACKOUT,” has been his biggest yet, nailing a whopping 60,000,000 plays across streaming platforms.

His style is dark, his themes are one’s of giving no fucks, and his sound is distinctive, being able to be picked out of a lineup without question.

Alternative, Hip-Hop | Spark Houston Teases New EP via “Red”

Posted by on October 5, 2021

Toronto, Canada based hybrid artist Spark Houston returns with a new single “Red” off of his forthcoming debut EP. The song showcases his often troublesome relationship with confrontation, competition and ambition. The unique sound he brings to the table on this one blends elements of indie rock and hip-hop, kind of like Gorillaz did in the 2000’s era, but with a different vibe all together. Check out a quote on the release below and stream “Red” above now!

Red is my competition, my drive, my energy and my bravado. In polychrome as a whole project (split amongst three EPS – Red, Blue, and Green) Red is the manic high before the crash of the depressing blue. Red is me rapping as well as anyone alive, knowing entirely that there is no human force that can stop me. Red is high octane. Red is lewd” 

In the hook when the line “Red mine, red mine, red yours” is said, it’s an invitation for all of us, both myself and the listeners, to soak in the atmosphere of my intensity. The pitch shifted voice is used as a motif on red, hinting that, although it feels good to be in a place of righteous anger, that perhaps there is a darker element, a morose, a sadness, to that kind of energy. All of that, however, will be more adequately explained on the next EP, Blue.

Hip-Hop | PSiMiTAR’s “Better Believe It” is a Bop

Posted by on October 2, 2021

PSiMiTAR get soulful and hybrid on their latest drop, “Better Believe It”. The group is made up of producer / rapper Steesh aka Baron Von Alias, and vocalist & DJ, LKP, they’ve been putting out their unique take on UK hip-hop soul under this alias since 2020. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the bubbling act and the more I listen to “Better Believe It” the more stoked I am to hear more music by this duo. Tune in above now!


Hip-Hop | Calez releases new track “Spiritual Heaven”

Posted by on October 1, 2021

Produced by Miguel Oliveira, 24-year-old music artist Calez releases a new track. ‘Spiritual Heaven’, when speaking about the track, Holly states, “ it is about entering the Fall season and having too much fun in the Summer Time. Letting go is just as important as holding on. That’s what we can learn about Summer from Fall. Everything is a cycle, and the better you know how to do your cypher, the better you know the transition. Calez’s deep lyrics and confident artistic skills set aside a different mood every time for listeners.

Hip-Hop | NEWARK Drop New Single, “Let It Go”

Posted by on September 27, 2021

NEWARK are an explosive upcoming hip-hop duo based out of the Netherlands. The multi-faceted artists Wessel Slager and Zep Barnasconi together create soundscapes that differentiate from the everyday. Their name stands for ‘alternative languid hip-hop music’, and this is certainly what this creative pair bring to the table. The new single “Let It Go” is a hybrid and energetic release that I can safely assume was therapeutic for the group to drop. Tune in to their new track above now!

Rap | “Who Am I” See’s an Introspective New Tune via JJ Doze

Posted by on September 26, 2021

New York based rapper JJ Doze is clearly stating he means business in latest deep cut, “Who Am I”. The energetic number with a hard-hitting message is expressive and speaks upon themes the world needs to hear. This one is well worth the listen and was a great introduction to the rising emcee. Check out a thorough quote on the release below and watch the visual above now!

“In the song ‘Who Am I’, I talk about my ability to fail on knowing my purpose as I try to find the answers I’m seeking for. However, that would be the problem. As I fail to realize that there aren’t any answers, I kept ignoring the fact that there are choices. A choice to be patient with myself. A choice to understand myself. A choice to accept myself. But, that was difficult to do as I kept trying to help everyone around me that I completely forgot about myself. So, whenever I would feel frustrated, angry, drained, &/or other feelings, I wouldn’t necessarily know what to do… so that’s when I try to brush it off, which diminishes my path to understand myself, & to know who I am & how I react to certain things during a certain situation. In the song, I bring up other situations that also block that path I deeply want to find. This song means a lot to me. It’s a song that can get you feeling hyped (mainly from the chorus) while also leaving you thinking deeply if you listen closely to the lyrics. It surely expresses my vulnerability, & that is exciting to me but also nerve-wracking”

Hip-Hop | Drex Carter Releases Futuristic “IDK” Music Video

Posted by on September 26, 2021

Orlando rapper Drex Carter released a spectacularly trippy visual for his single “idk”. The sad boy rap song is accompanied by a futuristic music video that is one of the more well edited videos I’ve seen in a while. Drex is a member of rising collective seeyousoon who recently announced that they’re joining 99 Neighbors on tour this fall.