Chill, Electronic | Ben Dragon Shares Funky New Single & Music Video For “Booty Iz Bananaz”

Posted by on April 6, 2020

Following up the success of his earlier 2020 release, simply titled “BANANAZ,” Ben Dragon is back with a mixture of so many elements that the single is very much it’s own vibe in “Booty Iz Bananaz.”

Funky, tech inspired releases that pays ode to previous decades of American music culture with grooves within the music and bits of hip hop thrown in, this single has all the right elements of a sure-fire winner.

With fascinating video editing elements and eye-catching costumes, the video accompanying the single is just as much as a treat. Check out his Spotify here.

Electronic | Matroda’s Sophomore Single of 2020 “Pictures” Is A House Charmer

Posted by on March 20, 2020

Fit for the clubs or your gym playlist, the versatility and digestibility of what “Pictures,” and much of the Matroda discography offer, is underrated on a mainstream level. With that said, the dance music community knows him well, as he’s toured the world, topped charts, and received love from some of the best in the game (Diplo, Calvin Harris, and others.) “Pictures” captures a nice bit of what the hype is all about, Matroda blending deep and inspiring emotion within a melancholy tech house structure. The end render is something we will be hearing in the dance public consciousness this year more than likely.

Matroda has the stamina, brand, and productivity to last for the long run. With a vibe that’s all his own and much to offer, don’t sleep on this guy.

Electronic | Point Blank Music School Breaks Down Avicii’s “SOS”

Posted by on March 20, 2020

With a distinct sentimental twist, Point Blank Music School has added video from Avicii’s life alongside a guide’s live session, together forming a ‘deconstruction” of one of his later tracks “SOS.” Diving in deep and using a DAW, the video nails all the details of how you could re-create the word on a production level at home.

With assets to download along with the video and the easy of access of the video itself, it’s no wonder the clip continues to grow in views long term.

Point Blank Music School is one of the defining brands in the production education market, offering courses brick-and-mortar and online which helps hundreds of artists. Learn more about courses here.


Electronic | John Lynx Showcases Quality Electronic Sound In “Because Of You”

Posted by on March 14, 2020

The power of John Lynx shines through on his latest single – which happens to be the first of 2020 – “Because of You” is turning heads quickly as the DJ/producer continues his attention grabbing stream of content that has him omnipresent.

Featuring Angel Taylor as a collaborator, this single certainly features the best part of both acts.

With empowering lyrics clearly woven in this is one single that will keep on giving.

Albums, Dance, Electronic, House, Summer House | MKJ, No ExpressioN, and Spinner Sunny, combine forces to release “Crashing Down” via Soave Records

Posted by on March 6, 2020

At this point in his career, MKJ has established himself as a seasoned producer and Dj. He has garnered more support independently with his music than most artists could dream of in a lifetime. His song “Time” was a hit in China after becoming a viral sensation online on music platforms such as Tik Tok and Netease Cloud. MKJ is now collaborating with more artists than ever before. The platform that he’s grown for himself in China has made him more noticed amongst artists and label in the dance music community. It’s not surprising to see fresh music being released on a regular basis from him and the artists that he chooses to work with.

“Crashing Down” is the latest offering from MKJ which he has concocted together with Portuguese producer No ExpressioN and Spinner Sunny from Mumbai. The song released through dutch record label Soave Records has futuristic elements while still embracing some deep house derivatives. I’m loving the down-pitched lyrics and songwriting in combination with the unique and catchy instrumental. Not only is this a fresh fit for 2020, the song has a great structure which really compliments the vocal. MKJ’s music has always been full of melodic influences and he’s reputable for his high quality production. It’s terrific to see him joining forces with other interesting artists! With more singles and remixes on his schedule, keep your eyes and ears open regarding MKJ new music these next few months!

You can get “Crashing Down” on your preferred platform by clicking this link.

“Crashing Down” is OUT NOW on Spotify and all other platforms!

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Electronic | Young Franco & Pell Link on “Juice”

Posted by on March 1, 2020

You should be keeping your eye on Young Franco. This Australian talent is making big waves in North America currently. His single “About This Thing” was selected for a North American prime time commercial campaign by Starbucks, he had a very well received headline tour, and is playing more and more festivals. His new single “Juice” ft. New Orleans based hip hop artist Pell will continue his rise to fame. Check it out below and see what the hype is about.

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD and Drowsy Team Up for ‘Bedtime’

Posted by on January 17, 2020

After teaming up with Tommy Boy during the second half of 2019 for a string of well-received singles, Worchester based producer/multi-instrumentalist CHYLD is ready to kick off 2020 with his latest jam, titled, “Bedtime”. 

Featuring Las Vegas based vocalist Drowsy, the duo crafts a moody and emotional tune that feels perfect for the mid-winter months.  Opening up with some muted guitar and somber vocals, the track quickly opens up with the introduction of vibrant, pumping synths – an aspect of the tune that is quickly becoming part of CHYLD’s signature sound.  Throughout the track, vocals from both CHYLD and Drowsy interplay with each other, creating a smooth and hypnotic duet that is sure to hit you in the feels.  With a whole lot more in the pipeline, CHYLD is preparing for a stand out year in 2020.