Electronic | Limbic Void Drops Catchy Original “Arrival Of A Ghost”

Posted by on June 26, 2020

The Alternate Life, the latest EP from up and comer Limbic Void, has been followed up by another new single, teased from the artist himself.

“Arrival Of A Ghost” captures a fascinating space between old school soft rock, pop, and modern sound effects acting as glue to the core written experience.

The single is well crafted, denying the listener a chance to lose interest in what is a well-themed aspect following up era-defining EP.

Dive into the single above and decide for yourself if what Limbic Void delivers is for you.

Electronic | Drishti Beats Downtempo Electronic Influenced Single “Give It All” A Natural Fit For Yoga-Music Group

Posted by on June 26, 2020

There are a few acts who have combined therapy value, athleticism, live performance, and and ambitious electronic music career, like the group ask known as Drishti Beats.

Live music performance, instrumentation, and a directive from a teaching leader accompanies it’s just a part of the joy that the group delivers at their live shows.

“Give It All” not only fully fits what is a familiar feel from the group, but actually releases in conjuction and honor of International Yoga Day which was on June 21st. Adding more fuel to the relevancy fire here.

With a blend of downtempo elements and electronic overarching, “Give It All” is a must hear on multiple counts.

Electronic | KIIRA “After Hours” Strikes Unique Balance Between Modern Genres

Posted by on May 30, 2020

With a growing selection of music continuing to mount under the solo singer as the years pass, “After Hours” strikes a fascinating balance of making an all-her-own sound shine while incorporating production elements from many modern popular genres, including dance, pop, and indie.

Interconnecting these elements in way that fits her, KIIRA continues to make her mark, more recently with “After Hours” taking the focus of the now.

With an overall growing alias and hundreds of thousands of plays to her name, KIIRA is becoming a clear ‘not to miss’ artist in 2020.


Electronic | Richello Keeps The Original’s Coming In Dance-Pop Single “Mykonos Bop”

Posted by on May 30, 2020

Richello can’t keep his creativity at bay in 2020 as he continues his original release streak with none other than Sony Norway, an established label know for curating well-written gems over the years.

“Mykonos Bop” comes with a sun-kissed feel and broader adventurous theme. With Matt Beyer and JOP having worked on the single alongside Richello, a true mesh of creative talent came together form an enchanting and elusive experience.

“We’ve never been to Mykonos, but now that we have a song about the place, we actually need to get there asap! In the meantime, we hope that “Mykonos Bop” can give you the summer vibes you need!”


Check out the single in full above.

Bass, Chill, Electronic | Juuku Lays Vocals Down for First Time via “Seasons”

Posted by on May 29, 2020

“Seasons” is a special single for anonymous producer Juuku, it’s the first time he put his own vocals on a track. The stand cinematic and emotional production style is there and as strong as ever, but this one feels different in the best way possible thanks to the Juuku’s voice. Hoping to hear more vocal’s on future Juuku tracks, because this one sounds great. Not overbearing but just enough, just enough to fit smoothly into the mix. Check it out above now!

Electronic | SNSES – ‘Cycles’ ft. Karra

Posted by on May 15, 2020

On letting go, SNSES chronicles a story of empowerment and moving on in his “Cycles” featuring Karra. The uplifting indie electronic tune is out today, Friday, May 15.

A track once sitting as a sweet demo birthed itself into the music world after just one studio session. Chalked up to synergy and skill, “Cycles” is the beautiful brainchild of SNSES, the California based creative making twinkly, inspiring sound. An ode to breaking past toxic phases of life, “Cycles” aims to encourage listeners to rise up against ultimately unhealthy relationships. Featuring a mirage of dance music and breezy pop elements, “Cycles” featuring Karra is SNSES at his best.

Electronic | JOY Releases Anticipated Debut Electronic Album ‘Soft Whisper’

Posted by on May 5, 2020

Having been teasing singles all the way since last October, there being anticipation around JOY’s debut album Soft Whisper would be an understatement.

Opulent sonic vibes, a certain level of mystery, and a characterization through the music itself just begins to describe what JOY brings to the table through these pieces. “Closer To Divine” being a underrated highlight within.

Filling the void of experimental, original music for people to latch onto, Ken Hankins, AKA JOY, puts all of his passion into his project. With techno, IDM, chillout, and downtempo all on the workbench for productions, the longevity of the signature sound of his is endless.

Check out the album in full above.