Chill, Dance | INDICA Prepares to Release His New EP ‘RETROMODERN’

Posted by on February 22, 2019

Hailing from Los Angeles, recording/visual artist INDICA has set the wheels in motion leading up to the release of his new EP, “RETROMODERN‘, on March 29th.  Having already released the lead single, “INTOXICATED“, last month, the swagged out Californian has just dropped his latest offering, “TIME MACHINE“.

While much of his material to date has been a bit more Hip Hop leaning, the new project, produced by Andrew Luce, brings a smooth Electronic vibe that looks to blur the lines between past textures and future flows.  On, “TIME MACHINE“, rich layers of synths, grooving basslines and steady drums keep the tune driving while INDICA sways on top with his ice cold auto-tune flow.

Having racked up millions of streams to date, there is no doubt that INDICA is on to something.  Beyond the music, INDICA is also well known for his stand out visuals and eye catching aesthetic.  An artist in the truest sense of the word, INDICA is making sure to leave his mark for a long time to come.

Electronic, Pop | “I’m Alright” With the New Brasstracks & RLUMR Collab

Posted by on February 3, 2019

Been into Brasstracks brass fueled music for a hot minute now, especially their remixes and covers, but the original stuff is what really gets me moving. While this one has been out for a little while it doesn’t not make it fire. Connecting with RLUMR, BrasstrackS unleashed “I’m Alright” a month or so back and it has a major bounce to it. Alternative R&b single is a niche music scene but it’s defintly only gonna get bigger with acts like RLUMR, Daniel Caesar, and Gallant getting the exposure they deserve.

Chill, Electronic | Justin Caruso Releases Tribute Cover Of Mac Millers’ “Best Day Ever”

Posted by on January 22, 2019

Justin Caruso released a tribute cover to Mac Millers’ track “Best Day Ever” on Macs birthday this past Saturday, and it is quit beautiful. The tribute is an amazing piece of electronic art, and something we haven’t seen from Justin in awhile. He takes snippets of the iconic instrumental, and uses them to build the song into a chill/electronic track that will have you teary-eyed. Rosie Darling, a vocal powerhouse, supplies angelic vocals to the track giving it a nostalgic feel. This one is all about the feels, so be sure to check it out and feel for yourself!
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Electronic | Mandala Affect’s “Accepting The Unknown” Is A Multi-Genre Hyrbid Worth Hearing

Posted by on January 18, 2019

Mandala Affect delivers vibes that call into question one’s perception of reality with “Accepting The Unknown.” The artist displays his versatility, combining genres such as progressive dance, experimental bass, and psychedelic sounds to formulate the overall feel of the release. As a key component, the liquefied basslines aid in the driving force of the rhythm, solidifying the danceable qualities of the track.

Luke Mandala’s passion for underground electronic music was ignited in 1998, prompting him to initiate his career at the age of fourteen. Over the years, the artist has steadily built on the foundation of his brand, eventually launching his own emblem, Activated Recordings, in 2008. With numerous festival performances and releases under his belt over the past decade, Luke has become renowned in the conscious community.

Electronic | Information Society Kick Off 2019 With ‘World Enough’

Posted by on January 11, 2019

From 80s synth-pop innovators Information Society, comes “World Enough”, a brand-new track featuring the classic lineup up of Kurt Larson, Paul Robb & James Cassidy.

Since, “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)”, hit the charts in 1988, Information Society have been talked about as one of the leading bands at the forefront of the Synthpop movement.  First gaining notoriety in New York during the 1980’s, they went on to sign with Tommy Boy Records with whom they have just released their new single, “World Enough”.

30 years after their debut album first hit the charts, Information Society delivers the new tune, with driving synth lines, crisp synth-bass riffs and a beat that reminisces the 80’s.  Sounding as bold and authentic as ever,  “World Enough”, talks about the pain of an ending relationship and the thought that it could be saved if only there was more time: “…Since the time, When you were mine, And that’s the way I’d stay…If I had world enough and time, I know that I could make you mine, If you would just give me a sign, I know that I could change your mind…” This feeling is bared flawlessly through the music by it’s driving hooks and the overall ‘upbeat melancholy’ of the track. Having not lost the sound that made them famous, they explore new territories by mixing a gloomy feeling with upbeat music, generating a feeling of introspection and reflection.

This song was first written during the time of the “Hack” (1990) sessions and has been sitting in the bands archives since then. They waited for the right time to release the song and thankfully they chose to release it now. There are some parallels with the ‘Hack’ period but the song emanates the maturity that can only be obtained through years of recording, composing and being unafraid to do the music they want. One huge difference is that this song does not use any notable samples, which has been a feature of them since “W.O.Y.M…” and featured heavily on “Hack”. Instead they have strengthened their stylistic synth-pop elements to create this song.

With this release, they are stating that it is never too late to consolidate a style and stick to what one truly believes, while highlighting how universal these emotions in the music are and how they can permeate through the decades.

Alternative, Chill, Electronic | Sapphire Adizes Unleashes First Original, “Birth”

Posted by on January 2, 2019

On the process and meaning behind ‘Birth’, Sapphire Adizes stated: “Somewhere in hours and hours of voice memos and video files, in stacks of scratched DVDs and VHSes piled in my brother’s closet, is the story of my life. Without any discussion or planning, my brother and I set about recording all twenty-four years of my life. He is eighteen years older than me, so he caught moments too early for me even to remember. He showed me a story of my youth that I wouldn’t otherwise have known: I am sliding down snow on my belly; I am playing accordion beside my father; I am minutes old, in my mother’s arms; I am seven, playing the piano; I am seventeen, playing the piano; my father is saying to me, “When I die, I will not die, I will always be with you, son, in your mind, just remember that,” and I am listening. The sound of my life is so much bigger than an orchestra. If I could use any sort of sound to make music, why would I limit myself to the sound of a diminished chord or a saxophone or a piano? Why not seek out the most powerful sound? What about the sound of my being born? Why write a song about my father welcoming me into the world when I can play a recording of my father welcoming me into the world? When I can score his voice like a scene in a documentary? When I can score the soundscape of my whole life using every sound available to me, why do anything else? I saw in the sum of those recordings a documentary about my life, and I scored it. I wrote songs to the scores, and then each song became like a scene from a movie, scenes I organized into a film that you hear. That film, or this album, is called The Wild Boar. This song, the first scene, is called “Birth”. Listen to the single above, & more info on the project can be found via Sapphire Adizes website, THEWILDBOAR.XYZ.

Electronic, House | Justin Caruso Remixed Oliver Heldens’ “Fire In My Soul,” And It’s A Dance Smash

Posted by on December 24, 2018

Justin Caruso has been on fire lately, and just recently blessed us with a new remix. This one, a remix for Oliver Heldens’ “Fire In My Soul” will get you dancing in no time. A fresh update from the original, Justin’s spin gives it a true dance feeling, and a track to play at all of your holiday festivities.

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