Deep House | HARBER, Michael Calfan, & NISHA Sign ‘Feelings After Dark’ To Musical Freedom

Posted by on May 14, 2021

Three talents hit the studio in “Feelings After Dark,” which has promptly been signed by Musical Freedom. The label is Tiësto founded and operated, making the trajectory of the track seriously hype and near-guarantees it’s going places. It’s no wonder it got picked up by such a big label, just one listen lands a positive impression from the get-go. Nisha’s vocal work leads as the synths and percussion follows. Sonically, the experience is confidence-inducing and empowering, the passing beats leading to a drop that triggers an instant urge to dance that’s hard to shake off. Once the track begins to close, it’s not easy to forget the earworm energy. “Feelings After Dark,” leaves your wanting more.

HARBER is no stranger to generating seriously hot tracks, his combined streams showcases songs that collectively break the 1,000,000 stream mark. On top of this, his past single “More Than You,” spent 9-weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at #21.

Michael Calfan has hit undeniably high moments since Bobby Sinclar discovered him back in 2008. 100,000,000 streams, festival performances around the world, and rubbing shoulders with some of the top-talents in all of electronic music begins to describe the narrative of the legacy Michael Calfan has been trailing behind him.

“Feelings After Dark,” is available on all major streaming platforms.

House | ‘A Night In Tulum’ A House Experience By Funk D And Waldo Simply Not To Be Missed

Posted by on May 11, 2021

Funk D and Waldo are clearly a force to be reckoned with, as their latest house venture, “A Night In Tulum,” clearly shows off. Signed to successful Mexico based label XDM Records, the energy on this one was inevitably too good to pass on where it’s no surprises this track got picked up by a proper imprint. Trippy synthwork and class-act rhythmic percussion come together all in one outstanding experience to form a club-energy that takes the cake.

Although the captivation and overall creation would not be possible without the combination of Waldo and Funk D working together, Funk D, in particular, has a unique story to tell.

Funk D is also Mexico based and has acclaimed many achievements only a few can say are there’s. From performing alongside, (and taking pictures with,) the one and only Hardwell, to performing in over a dozen countries around the world, the multi-million streamed artist has a well-rounded balance of moments that make him a catch. Reaping the fruits of his labor, few can do like Funk D can.

Support for his music has come from some of the best in the music biz, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike just to name a few. Sharing a discography that goes back as far as 2012, Funk D has put blood, sweat, and tears into this project with no sign of slowing down.

Bass, House | longstoryshort Drops Melancholy Bass-House Single On JustUs Titled ‘I Can Feel’

Posted by on April 29, 2021

If you are looking for a song that delivers some serious feels in a flash, look no further that longstoryshort. Shrouded in mystery and delivering production work that is as well-branded as it is powerfully distinctful. “I Can Feel,” fires up the soul with sharp percussion sample choice and emotionally impassioned vocals that are completely gripping. The combination here hits you out of the blue and puts you in a mood.

If this work stands out to you, you aren’t the only one. NGHTMRE, Slander, Jauz, Alison Wonderland, and more have all given support the artist, who currently doesn’t have a face to the name, (by choice.)

A fan of film scores, longstoryshort incorporates what inspires him in this category into the dance fold he puts out, helping add substance and originality to his music that sticks.

If this is your cup of tea, dive into his discography on Spotify where he has more where that came from – it will be a move you won’t forget.


House | Winning Team Return With Festival Anthem “Fire”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Hailing from upnorth Finland, Winning Team was formed back in 2013 by 4 best friends who dreamt of changing dance music together, and 8 years after they are undoubtedly closer than ever to their goal. With releases on labels such as Revealed Recordings, Loca Recordings, Playbox Music, Ensis Records and Quartzo Records, Winning Team have amassed millions of collective streams on streaming platforms, a direct result of their genre-bending and energetic sound, that is capturing the attention of an ever-growing audience.

Now, marking their third original release this year, Winning Team are coming to Intensity Recordings to share “Fire,” arguably the strongest out of their latest singles. Driven by smooth keys and an infectious energy, “Fire” starts off with inspirational vocal lines as the instrumental gets more and more intense towards the drop. The climax ultimately explodes into madness, driven by huge basslines and distorted synths, making up for an undisputed festival anthem.

Hip-Hop, House | EXHALETHEMIST Releases Two New Dark Gems With “All Alone” & “Flows”

Posted by on March 29, 2021

Athens-based music producer EXHALETHEMIST has just shared his first two singles of the year, titled “All Alone” and “Flows”. Both tracks revolve around dark basslines and electronic synths which blend with the artist’s hypnotic vocal style perfectly. 

“All Alone” is a laid-back, neo-soul influenced track seeing EXHALETHEMIST rap about past relationships, and how they affected him in a year where the entire world was locked inside due to the pandemic. “Flows” on the other hand, displays the artist’s creative vision in a house-oriented instrumental, seeing him rap about how proud he is of his achievements with music and personal wealth, going past the sadness and focusing on new things.

House | black a.m. Pays Tribute To Late House Legend Frankie Knuckles In ‘T.S.O.F.H’

Posted by on March 27, 2021

Frankie Knuckles is a legend among legends in the global phenomenon of dance music, house music especially. With house having roots in the UK and Europe, much of the genre’s story in the USA can be contributed to this pioneer and his dedication to the genre in the city of Chicago. The ripple effect the movement he started states-based decades earlier permeates cross-culturally and world-wide today – from just this man’s efforts alone.

In March 2021, black a.m. pays homage to the late musician with a captivating single that nails the tribute theme embraced here with sophistication and original quality. Within “T.S.O.F.H. (The Story of Frankie’s House),” a squeaky clean house production platforms an unique audio sample from a Frankie Knuckles interview. Of course, this isn’t the first time audio samples capturing dialog from movies/documentaries/interviews have been blended into dance songs. With that said, “T.S.O.F.H.,” warms the soul and easily stands out given the unique cultural implementation built into it.

At the core, black a.m.’s new single highlights an interview Knuckles did where he shares his viewpoint about how house received it’s name and dabbles in an origin story related to the genre. The mix of the inviting cadence of Frankie Knuckles’ voice layered with a complete 128 beat, that he had a role of platforming, stirs emotions in the heart hard to explain.

black a.m. continues to hit many high-points in his prosperous career, “T.S.O.F.H. (The Story of Frankie’s House),” being the next extension.

Deep House | NICOLAS Makes EP Debut With Self Released ‘Forget To Feel’

Posted by on March 23, 2021

“DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT,” and “TEST DRIVE,” being personal highlights that have won over this writer and many others, now there is more to love with, FORGET TO FEEL EP, and the extra music that came out with it. The starting single, “FORGET TO FEEL,” gets the end-listener used to the expectations that come with the journey. Dotted, syncopated synth-notes covers the entire EP as the chill-nature of the 7-track can put you in an eased position. The two new works and the rest of the EP, for that matter, move the motions forward with the essences showcased on previous singles. “OBSESSION,” is a bit more mysterious-leaning, while “SILENCE,” has a sort of personal ‘ending’ feel to it.

FORGET TO FEEL’ is my first EP, the first body of work that I ever put out. I’ve been in the process of writing it for more than a year now, it’s inspired by my whole journey as a human being as well as the world of constant change that we live in. I see it as a collection of memories, of moments that I felt like I needed to share with the world. Hopefully listeners will relate to it and perhaps it can even become the soundtrack for a moment of your life.

Born into Gen Z, male, musically skilled, but not too much known about him beyond that, NICOLAS maintains a large amount of mystery about who he is, leaving the only natural category left to focus on when checking him out – the music.