House | Phraktal’s “Chime” Recreates Classic 90’s House Hit

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Limbo Records is a name that many are familiar with, but maybe not Generation Z music fans just getting into electronic music. The label was legendary is the 90’s when house was in it’s prime. “Chime,” a recreation of Orbital’s hit single from the same era, marks a return of Limbo Records, which now fully operating in the modern music world. “Chime” truly flexes its’ progressive edge, using hypnotic synth rhythms and fluid instrumentation to take the listener on a mind-bending journey that’s all it’s own.

Phraktal are an Ireland based group. Their debut album Why 1 is One and 2 is Two took them touring globally and received critical acclaim. Their second album Nightwalk will come in two parts and will be released in 2019. Phraktal has more surprises coming soon so follow him on socials if you like what he is about.

Bass, House | AYOO Flips Groove Delight’s “G4nj4” Into A Heavy House Hitter

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Looping in jungle elements, classic and tech house, massive build ups, and hard-hitting 128BPM drops, AYOO knows what it takes to make an infectious remix stick. The many moods that AYOO is able to stitch together is impressive. Alongside this, the brother duo give ‘space’ for things like dub vocals to play their part in the track as well as showcase particularly strong blended sounds and transitions. AYOO nails a vibe that’s all their own here and clearly show solid professionalism through both look and sound.

AYOO are following up performances at Spring Awakening and openings for acts like Birthdayy Partyy in Chicago. The duo have acclaimed tens of thousands of plays across their streaming channels and capture a truly multi-genre sound that typically utilize heavy bass and house elements. Their rise and current direction makes them a duo to keep an eye on.

House | Kittrix Impresses With House-Juiced EP “Mindreader”

Posted by on June 18, 2019

Kittrix takes a path few choose within the dance music community. She shows herself off and evolves her persona over time. She seems to broadly practice the idea that it’s OK to put yourself out there even if you make mistakes. This is a important pillar for new artists as being perceived relatable and different with the fans you reach is a major plus in the music scene. The brand experience of Kittrix if quite equally paired with the fascinating music side of the soloist. Her new EP, Mindreader, showcases a variety of moods displayed through a house-music frame. The EP is more foundational than many would think. Kittrix’s developed, mature sound is juxtaposed by a small handful of works features on her streaming profile.

The college graduate who is currently based in LA made her debut on a global stage in Rome this past December. Her location and contributions to music has resulted her performing EDC Las Vegas multiple times, gaining artist support, and more. With demand high and the experience fresh, Kittrix is certainly on the rise.


House | Autograf’s first EP in 3 years was worth the wait

Posted by on June 10, 2019

I’ve been following Autograf for years. They first came on my radar when Metaphysical dropped. It’s been a long road for them since then. They’ve battled through tough curveballs that have been thrown there way and are now having the most fun they’ve had their entire career. Their new EP highlights this sentiment perfectly. It starts with a slow somber track “Test The Waters” ft. WYNNE. The EP progressively gets more clubbier and dancable as you move through it. Give it a spin and see why these guys are legends

House, Remix | Eddie Martinez Drops Remix Pack for ‘Something About You’

Posted by on May 31, 2019

Born in Brooklyn and based in LA, DJ/Producer Eddie Martinez has been a staple in the House scene for quite some time now. Beginning his journey at age 15, Martinez first took NYC by storm with his electric sets and remixes. Continuing to wow audiences and crank out quality tunes throughout the years, Eddie Martinez has landed major gigs around the world while steadily building his catalog.

Looking to heat things up into the summer, Eddie Martinez is ready to release the official remix pack for last years single, “Something About You” (feat. Kaci), which hit the charts in Australia and Japan and continues to be a staple in his sets. For the remix package, he has enlisted a handful of remixers from around the world including Marcos Carnaval & Donny Marano, Elad Navon & Niv Aroya, Erick Ibiza, and D3Z & RILL0 – while also creating a VIP remix himself.

With each remixer bringing their touch to the record, the already stand out release just got a whole lot more exciting. This pack is built for the clubs, make sure you add it to your bins.

Chill, House | TRXD Release Fresh & Empowering Single “Someone Else”

Posted by on May 24, 2019

What’s not to love about “Someone Else?” The single takes full advantage of how house can not only give you an empowering energetic feeling, but shows how it can simultaneously deliver a semi nostalgic or a bittersweet aura as well. Explosive piano and smooth percussion forms the 128 tempo as the soulful vocal gives the single that classic feel. The single closes with you feeling better than you started off.

TRXD are no stranger to hit tracks, hundreds of thousands of plays are under their belt with plenty of writing credits between them. These two talents will surely be gracing us with new music soon as they always seem busy releasing content or making new music.

House | tyDi goes deep with ‘Kind Of Love’

Posted by on May 22, 2019

tyDi from down under brings the club vibes to Rat City’s ‘Kind Of Love,’ and we got it covered for you on Hump day. Going piano house, tyDi isolates Isak Heim’s vocals for a moody and authentic delivery on the hook “can’t take that kind of love….” and I love it. Memorial day weekend is just 2 days away, make sure you throw this one on your playlist, it’s poolside and BBQ ready, let’s go, this is a must listen!