Tech House Talents No Worries and Smith & Sorren Collaborate on Groovy ‘And You’

Posted by on March 1, 2024

In a epic convergence of talent and creative vision, “And You” marks a significant moment in the careers of No Worries alongside Smith & Sorren. This collaboration, born from a shared passion for house music and a history of compelling live performances, showcases a track that blends anthemic energy with a nuanced musicality. The song’s inception, according to No Worries, took a pivotal turn towards excellence with Smith & Sorren’s contribution, elevating it to one of the most notable entries in his discography.

The path leading to “And You” was paved with mutual experiences and parallel achievements in the music industry. Both acts have dedicated years to honing their skills in production, live performance, and a genuine love for the house genre, culminating in this collaboration that seems almost destined.

No Worries, the stage identity of Erdem Gul, has rapidly ascended within the Miami music scene, carving out a niche with his distinct sound. His tracks, including “Addicted” and “We Speak No Americano,” have not only ruled dance floors but also achieved substantial streaming success, underscoring his innovative approach to Tech House.

Smith & Sorren, originating from New York City, have established themselves as powerhouses – their sound resonating on global platforms and earning nods from industry icons.

The release of “And You,” sign to Top Shelf Disco, is another notch in the belt of achievements and a reflection of their synergistic partnership between these 2 names, promising to be a release that stands the test of time.

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