Drum & Bass | Lux Mundi Drops Epic Drum And Bass Tune With ‘Holding On’

Posted by on April 26, 2022

Lux Mundi are clearly a force to be reckoned with. “Holding On,” is the latest example as to why with Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen being in the driver seat of this project. It’s easy to get the feeling that “Holding On,” was bought through a variety of genre-influences being taken into consideration. For example, the vocal angle seems as if it could be something heard within a Above & Beyond set, juxtaposing this is a drop that is intense and full of rhythm. Even though all of this is going on, “Holding On,” feels complete and well put together. It’s not easy to unite diverse concepts all into one track, but that the impression that Lux Mundi gives in terms of what they are able to achieve. Lux Mundi are fairly new since their Spotify profile shows they kicked things off in 2021. But, the two members are seasoned and have worked in music personally and professionally for many years.

A cascade of events is what led the Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen committing to the idea that would give way to Lux Mundi being a thing. Years ago the two were having a go at the LA local band scene. Doug Grean is the guy to credit introducing the two heads to each other. Doug Grean is a well-known songwriter who often partnered with Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots to capture time-testing jams. Going through the various hoops and hurdles of life, the two gravitated toward each other more and more, eventually making the arrangements to bring the Lux Mundi idea to life.

The future is looking awesome for Lux Mundi, “Holding On,” is a long-standing gift from these guys easy to enjoy again and again.

Drum & Bass | Sekai & Miyoki’s DNB Release Scores Big With Fast-Moving “Vengeance”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Look no further if montage making dnb is something that you’re in for. “Vengeance,” has feisty energy that snaps the mind into a different mode. The upbeat and driving nature going full force catapults the elated vocal spirit that Miyoki lays down. The two parts are certainly meant to be as well as make up a great whole exponentially.

The good natured and uplifting escapade comes to a close as what has just been dawned upon you sinks in.

Both Sekai & Miyoki have worked with plenty of other artists in a variety of different popular music spaces as well as released on several labels over the years. Having brought that common ground together here, something special was born in “Vengeance.”

Drum & Bass | GunFight Returns With Explosive Single “Digital Chords”

Posted by on November 27, 2020

Undoubtedly wrapping up the most successful year in his career so far, GunFight has dropped yet another explosive drum & bass banger, unleashing energetic single “Digital Chords.” With support from established artists in the industry, among them Cedric Gervais, Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies, GunFight has released more than 10 singles in 2020, always making sure to accompany his work with engaging visuals that showcase the futuristic aesthetic of his project.

GunFight’s “Digital Chords” is yet another testament to the US-based producer’s artistic progression, filled with interesting sonics and rumbling low end. A captivating atmosphere kicks off the single with the help of psychedelic vocals and deep bass, while the drop explodes out of the blue with the help of expert sound design and hard-hitting drum work.


Drum & Bass, Electronic | WE R OK Enlist CHYLD for Official Remix

Posted by on July 14, 2020

Since making their debut in June, New York based dysfunctional duo WE R OK have vowed to keep the heat coming. With their debut single, “Ghosts” racking up over 20k streams in its first month, they have recently sweetened the pot with an official remix from Boston based mad man CHYLD.

With their debut setting the tone for what’s to come, WE R OK deliver a pumping Alt-Rock jam that is as chill as it is haunting. While both parties battle their own demons, the new project is serving as an outlet to get some things off their chest while also exercising their undeniable creative sides.

With the official remix, CHYLD flips the chilled out tune into an energetic, electronic, Drum n Bass inspired jam the speeds up the tempo and helps to kick things up a notch while exposing the brand new group to a much wider audience. Holding onto what made the original so catchy, CHYLD brings in his signature sound design and impressive synth work to warp the tune into something entirely different and fresh.

With another remix and their second single on the horizon, make sure you keep an eye on WE R OK through the rest of the year.

Drum & Bass | Feint Releases Heavy DnB Remix On Korsakov Music “Empathy Box”

Posted by on October 4, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Feint has crossed one’s radar at one time or another. He’s been an active DJ/producer for years, with releases on labels like Monstercat, NCS, and many others. The soloist is known to produce a wide-range of genres, but nothing like drum n’ bass taps into a nostalgic element that, at a minimum, his long term fans will appreciate and embrace.

Right in line with the title “Empathy Box,” the single certainly resides on the softer side of the genre. Lighter synth work, dramatic chord progressions, and an all around anthem-feel gives the single an emotional tinge instead of a dirty one. Feint’s flex of production skills here showcases his consistency in quality hasn’t dropped off in the least.

Drum & Bass | G-Wizard’s new Drum & Bass tune is more than Good Enough

Posted by on November 3, 2016

For some unknown reason, Drum & Bass never really crossed over to the mainstream in North America, but all that might be about to change. The aptly titled Good Enough, from Australia’s G-Wizard, combines all the energy of traditional D&B, but adds enough pop sensibility to arouse the curiosity of those not well versed in the genre.

Although this is our first time hearing of G-Wizard, he’s been making noise in his homeland for a while now.

Drum & Bass | Fient’s DnB EP “Fall Away” Packs A Punch

Posted by on November 23, 2015

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Fient has been on my radar for sometime now. Each release contains intensity and an instrumental story thats easy to get into. Fall Away EP contains these elements and then some.

The EP is a total of 4 tracks, the first three being drum and bass, and the last one; a surprise progressive house tune that very much fits the overall feeling of the EP. The mixing and mastering on this EP is particularly impressive as well. The DnB is a powerful and full sound, yet it doesn’t sound cluttered at all.

It’s certain Fient wont stop here, check out his new EP and connect with him above.