SACHI, Wildfire, Ekko & Sidetrack Remix,

Posted by on March 8, 2024

Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack, consisting of siblings Jeff & Jonathan Hansen, have firmly established themselves as luminaries within the drum & bass genre. Hailing from Perth, their career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric, thanks to a combination of their unique sound, energetic performances, and strategic collaborations. With a formidable online presence marked by millions of streams and a solid base of over 250,000 monthly listeners, their influence is undeniable. Their discography boasts a diverse range of tracks, including the standout “Paper Birds” and a lauded remix of What So Not’s “The Change,” highlighting their skill in fusing emotive vocals with robust basslines.

2023 marked a pivotal moment for Ekko & Sidetrack as they released their debut album, “Nostalgic for Reality,” under Viper Recordings, solidifying their status in the music scene. Their ascent is further evidenced by performances alongside drum & bass giants such as Sub Focus, Pendulum, and Andy C, coupled with endorsements from industry heavyweights like Dimension and Friction. Their music’s inclusion in the Counterstrike video game underscores their growing cultural impact.

The single “Wildfire,” originally by SACHI, received a transformative touch from Ekko & Sidetrack, showcasing their mastery in enhancing the track’s already infectious hook with their signature drum and bass flair. This reimagining not only breathes new life into the song but also cements the duo’s reputation for creating exhilarating music that resonates on a global scale. As they gear up for a full European summer festival tour and a highly anticipated US tour in the fall, Ekko & Sidetrack are on an upward climb that seemingly no one can stop.

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