House | Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno Drop Heavy House Single For Summer ‘SYNTHETIC SANDS’

Posted by on June 16, 2023

Experience the explosive collaboration of Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno as they unleash their addictive new tune, “SYNTHETIC SANDS,” just in time for the peak festival season. Released under the esteemed SEARCHPRTY RECORDS label, this electrifying house anthem is set to dominate cross culturally and multi-nationally.

Vulture Theory, the enigmatic persona of Dustin DePalama-Shields, is a Los Angeles-based underground house artist known for fearlessly blending tech house and experimental elements. His style has earned him a devoted following in the city’s vibrant music scene.

HAWD HITTA infuses “SYNTHETIC SANDS” with his signature vigor, listening back to his other releases, you can sense the commonalities. Having shared stages with industry giants and opened for A-List music acts, HAWD HITTA is set to unleash irresistible beats that will ignite festival crowds.

NoBueno, a versatile artist who began as a local DJ in Boston, has evolved into a sought-after producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. His eclectic style adds depth to “SYNTHETIC SANDS,” one part of bigger picture that made this track a sucess.

With the release of “SYNTHETIC SANDS,” they solidify their reputation as influential tastemakers in the industry. Happening June 17th, Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno will be performing at Academy LA together, a meaningful moment all around and a neck-breaking experience for those who attend. Get your tickets here for this event.

House | Jakk’d, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, And $ON-$HINE Drop Thrilling House Heater, ‘CHECK THIS OUT’ [Interview]

Posted by on May 10, 2023

Showing out for the underground LA house circuit, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, Jakk’d, and $ON-$HINE are shaking things up with their new joint single, “CHECK THIS OUT”. The song is a rollercoaster ride of energetic sound design, from crisp snare rolls to trumpeting horns. Complementing the instrumental, an invigorating vocal sample is layered throughout to keep listeners fully engaged. Ushering in a new age of unique house, “CHECK THIS OUT” will make you want to rage until the sun rises.

One of the special things about this release is that the collective who made it has become a tight-knit squad over the years. Meeting each other while on their musical journeys, they all share a deep passion for making house music and shredding it on the decks. Their individual styles are what have led to “CHECK THIS OUT” being a genre-blending anthem.

Marking the first release for HAWD HITTA since September, this techy banger is sure to be followed by many more. The DJ-producer is gearing up for his US cross-country tour, which is sure to feature the likes of Jakk’d, NoBueno, and $ON-$HINE. Be on the lookout for these artists as they climb their way to the top of the electronic scene.

Check out the exclusive interview with those who were involved on the track below.

Exclusive Interview

What is the most important thing each of you has learned over the course of your music career?

NoBueno: “Family is everything, consistency and working on your craft everyday. Being a student of the work.”

HAWD HITTA: “Putting Jesus first was the best thing I’ve done for my music career”

Jakk’d: To stay ahead of the curve of the evolving music business side of your music career. We started Jakk’d before streaming music was as big as it is. When Soundcloud, iTunes, and Beatport charts were the powerhouses of getting your music. Now it’s important more than ever to know the marketing side, social media, etc. etc.

$on-$hine: 10,000 hours of work, and a lot of discipline is what I’ve found to apply not just in music but in other aspects of life

Why do you guys think the trumpets and drums layer together so seamlessly in “CHECK THIS OUT”?

$on-$hine: “With the original version of the song, the trumpet sound was more of a vocal chop. It wasn’t matching up to the rhythm of the kick and the bass, like most tech house tracks and for more at least, it wasn’t translating well. The transitions were funky, the overall sound a little muddy, and I wasn’t feeling the original. I wanted to bring an element that was different, but also hit me in my roots, so I figured I would bring a splash of the funk house vibe to the table. Vjay from Jakk’d pulled up the trumpet layer, and it became game over once we had it click within the first few minutes of arranging it during one of those early sessions, the rest of the pieces of the puzzle came together nicely after that.

What production techniques were used to construct the second buildup?

HAWD HITTA: “We had the vocal going crazy, created some tension with it, and Max and Vjay really got it sounding nice with the vocal effects”

NoBueno: “It sounds good with the vocal chops, and having done the live drum fill by myself was something I feel is not often done”

Why is it common for the second buildup, specifically in a house track, to deliver even more anticipation and energy in the first? As a group, what was your intended effect on the listeners?

Jakk’d: “Our idea behind the second drop having more energy comes from thinking like a DJ at that point, with no limitations, post EQing etc will take care of the rest. The anticipation and energy allows the listener to experience a new feeling compared to the first drop’s expectations”

What are you guys most looking forward to in regard to your “CHECK THIS OUT” release party?

HAWD HITTA: “We were very excited to get our friends together to celebrate the release and our accomplishments together. It was great seeing old and new faces there and we had a blast being able to DJ together as well. Twin Diplomacy was our secret headliner tonight and we can’t thank them enough. Beyond Relations

House | DOMO (ES) Releases Sedating ‘Juca’ EP On Label Where The Heart Is [Interview]

Posted by on May 3, 2023

If you haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to DOMO (ES) vibes, consider yourself lucky that this is officially changing. The solo DJ/producer has a clear knack for house music and isn’t afraid to put a spiritual/ worldly edge to it. The two-track experience via his Where The Heart Is label release, Juca, eases the listener into a journey that’s gracefully rudimental and on-point on all the right parameters. The percussion and toplines are enchanting highlights well worth the mention, truly pulling you into a world of his design and allowing the worries of the world melt away (even if it is just for a moment.)

The two singles “Juca” and “Erhu,” have connective tissue between them – they simply sound like they should go together and showcase a certain fluidity. This aspect brings the old saying “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts,” to mind. DOMO hits a sweet spot with this release – all signs pointing toward more music coming from him in 2023.

DOMO (ES) took the time out to talk to FreshNewTracks about AI, his background, and more. See the full interview below.


How did your background in classical and modern dance influence your music production style?

I believe that my musical background makes a significant difference in terms of understanding the harmonics between the tracks of a production (how they fit together). At the same time, it helps me to find their right volumes when played together.This is very useful while mastering a track.

Having danced and studied classical music at a very early age (I did my first ballet performance with 5 years old), gave me the unique opportunity of learning the origins and history of THE mother of all music.

I have also earned a big understanding of its structure and rhythms.

Can you share a specific moment when you realized electronic music was the direction you wanted to take?

I bought my first electronic music CD’s when I was around twelve years old, and I remember twitching the equalizers of my father’s soundsystem for hours while on headphones until late at night. I specifically remember the summer of ’99, when I entered for the first time OHM Dance Club in Madrid (it’s sadly closed now); seeing everyone dancing carelessly and with a big smile on their faces to that loud and powerful house music gave me goosebumps. When I found the person who created this ecsthasic moment, I knew that I wanted to become a DJ and make electronic music.

What are your thoughts on the use of AI in music production, and have you experimented with it yourself?

As technology advances with giant steps, I see a constant evolution in music production, and AI is a part of it. This opens new ideas, but also conflicts regarding copyright issues as lately seen on digital platforms.

In my opinion, this technology has a great potential, but music producers should be aware of the outcome and act responsibly in commercial use.

I have lately released on Bandcamp using a variant of AI technology and I will keep on exploring in the future.

How has your Spanish heritage influenced your music and style?

I constantly find inspiration through other cultures and that reflects in my productions, as you will find on “Juca” EP, with brazilian and chinese backgrounds. I also strongly believe, that when a spanish person works on something, it is always with a lot of passion and hard work. We have seen examples of this in domains such as sports and arts… we give always 200 % from ourselves!!!

What drew you to release your music on David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records?

I have released on David’s label my track “Wrongs” back in 2021. I feel that David and Will’s goal is not to just sign tracks and sell them; they constantly work with the artists they sign and follow up with the evolution of their works. Not many labels do that.


House | BLUUR Unveils Electrifying Bass House Single, ‘No Warning’

Posted by on April 17, 2023

Making his highly anticipated debut release in 2023, BLUUR is back with his brand-new single, “No Warning”. After switching over from the world of melodic future bass to bass house, he has racked up a ton of streams while performing at EDM hotspots, such as the Hollywood Palladium, Groove Cruise Cabo, and Academy LA. Growing his impact in the EDM space, “No Warning” proceeds BLUUR’s recent hits of “Swalla”, “The Rhythm”, and his remix of Reaper’s “IMY”.

Instantly reigning in a substantial amount of sonic energy, “No Warning” begins with a fusion of alarms and a thumping bassline. Thicc drums and reality-bending synths carry through the buildup, leading into a massive drop that is guaranteed to ignite a crowd of any size. Rounding out “No Warning” is a riveting series of lyrics that bring everything together.

Summing up his thoughts on “No Warning”, BLUUR states, “this is by far the strongest and most intense track I’ve ever released under my brand. I want this track to be the staple of my project.” Clearly, this intense banger will be proceeded by many more from BLUUR this year.

House | Rich Furniss, LEFTI, And Amazonian Rockstar Collab On Electrifying House Heater, ‘You Made It’

Posted by on February 17, 2023

Throughout his career as an artist, LEFTI has been at the top of NYC’s house scene. The brainchild of producer Alex Suarez, LEFTI has garnered support from industry heavyweights like Claptone, Mark Knight, CID, and Dombresky, and has toured with the prime acts of Lee foss, Low Steppa, and MK. With a product portfolio that includes tracks for esteemed labels, such as There Was Jack, Toolroom, House U, and Box of Cats, LEFTI is a rising star to watch.

Another talented artist and prominent figure in NYC’s music community, Rich Furniss has directly supported notable figures in the EDM industry such as Diplo and Chromeo.
A seasoned producer and DJ, he has also played sets at SXSW, Odd Ball, Governors Ball, and other acclaimed festivals. With these accomplishments stemming from his alter ego MopTop, Rich is ready for the next phase in his journey via his current house project.

Now, these two masterminds have teamed up with influential vocalist Amazonian Rockstar on their collaborative single, “You Made It”. This funky anthem is sure to get any dance floor moving with its bassline and tantalizing lyrics. The combination of tech house and disco elements in “You Made It” demonstrates the impressive talent and mastery of both Rich and LEFTI in the world of house music. There are more big things to come for these innovative artists.

House | Ilyana Drops Touching Piano House Release In ‘Love Me Right’

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Ilyana lets it all out with “Love Me Right,” a true-to-life concept put into an electronic structure that’s catchy and timeless. Romance is not always what it seems, but we all deserve to find the person who will “Love Me Right.” That is one interpretation that can be pulled from this well-crafted production. All the elements fall together harmoniously here, top to bottom. The vocals act as one of the most attention grabbing factors going on. Colorful and melodic basslines plus piano chords flow neatly in the mix as Ilyana shares her perspective on an easy-to-connect with subject. It’s almost involuntary for one’s emotions to get swept up in the moment. As soon as “Love Me Right,” began, things fade to a close and you are left wanting more of what was had.

Ilyana has virtually had a life long entanglement with music, it eventually taking more and more of her time until it’s now become her priority passion and focus in life. Ilyana comes off as the type that leaves no stone unturned. From the branding to sound, message, and more, there is a sense of cohesiveness that inescapable with what she has put out here.

She’s worked with great artists over the years and clearly uses what’s she’s learned to grab more attention around her story and vision for this project. Ilyana shows all the hallmarks of being one to watch – and for all the right reasons too.

“I’ve fallen in love so many times, and yet the feeling of being in love always inspires me to write, and with “Love Me Right” it wasn’t any different. I wanted to create a song that  recreates that moment of falling for someone, that makes you feel good, makes you want to dance and feel yourself!”

House | Logan Garrett x Gorilla Zoe – “Kelly Rollin”

Posted by on July 1, 2022

“Kelly Rollin” by Logan Garrett, Sunrinse and Gorilla Zoe is a feel good house banger. There was a certain wave of G-house that took over Soundcloud for a year or two a while back and this song reminds me of a song that could have come out in that time frame. The bass house fueled track has Summer vibes written all over it, just in time for the long weekend. The only issue I have with this song is that it’s not longer, luckily I can always run it back from the top. Tune in above now and keep a tab on Logan Garrett.