Bearkat’s ‘Music Move You’: A Tech House Triumph Signed by S&S House Sound

Posted by on March 1, 2024

Bearkat has launched “Music Move You,” a new track that pulls its audience into a deep house groove from the very first moment. The song, characterized by its classic-house vocals, robust basslines, and smooth percussion, is the latest from Bearkat and is now part of the S&S House Sound catalog, a label founded by the dynamic duo Smith & Sorren. This release finds a perfect home, having all the hallmarks of a heater from start to finish.

Since stepping onto the scene in 2020, Bearkat has made a name for himself in electronic music as both a DJ and a producer. He has honed his skills in music production through diligent self-study in FL Studio 20, mastering sound design, song structure, music theory, and the finer points of mixing and mastering. These skills have allowed him to excel in creating house music and its derivatives, including Bass House and Tech House.

Bearkat shows how hard work can deliver an evolving musical style and deep comprehension of electronic music. His live performances have captivated audiences, reinforcing his standing in the music world. His connection with S&S House Sound marks a important moment in his career, showcasing his talent and hinting at a promising future.

His path in music reflects both his artistic contributions and his personal growth and the relationships he has built. Bearkat’s dedication to learning and appreciation for his journey and those he meets along the way demonstrate his importance as an artist in the electronic music scene, earning him recognition from fans and critics.

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