Electronic | Swimmers Get Fun and flirtatious on “Blow”

Posted by on April 24, 2021

Swimmers are a rising duo, consisting of Irish singer Rosalee O’Connell and Portuguese producer Luis Correia, and they are successful session artists in their own right, who decided to join forces last year amidst a global lockdown in both of their respective countries. Their recently released single “Blow” is tons of fun thanks to its static synths, delayed organ and dashes of cowbell, the rhythm beams with an effervescent energy that is sultry and striking.
Tune in to “Blow” by Swimmers above now and keep the group on your radar!

Electronic | Judah & The Lion – “Spirit” (Lamorn Remix)

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Bringing his upbeat electro chops and prowess to Judah & The Lion‘s hit single “Spirit” is breakout artist Lamorn. Putting his own exciting spin on the classic track, Lamorn’s official remix of Judah & The Lion’s “Spirit” is out now!

The track transcends the confines of a typical electronic remix and better serves as a complete reimagining of “Spirit’s” powerful messaging as told through the warm rhythms and tones of Lamorn’s creation. Captivating the listener from his soft, contemplative opening to it’s climactic, high-energy conclusion, Lamorn pushes the thematic and emotional boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of electronic remixes. 

Chill, Electronic, Interviews | Vivran Discusses Career Moves, Starting A Label, & More

Posted by on April 2, 2021

A label owner, a DJ/producer, and an all-around devoted musician begins to describe the type of artist Vivran is. Based in Mexico, the diverse and strong network this artist has at his disposal plays to his advantage accordingly. Having started MOTIVANT on his own and momentum being grown both in his own career and his music business ventures, FNT had a chat with him on many subjects including, career stories, advice, and more.

Can you recall key moments that led you on an electronic music career pathway?

Vivran: When I was very little I wanted to be a rockstar. I learned Guitar and Piano which I eventually stopped in my highschool years. By the time I had to go to college I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I decided to learn how to make electronic music and that’s how I ended up in Barcelona, the city that made me who I am today. I think for me, it was always music.

Was there a moment that you remember which triggered you to start pursuing the creation of imprint MOTIVANT?

Vivran: Going back to Mexico after living in Spain came hard on me, that’s when I really became an introvert and began producing for real. It was at that point, when I met a lot of young upcoming producers that I found had amazing sound, the problem was that they didn’t really do much with such awesome songs, even when signing with labels. MOTIVANT for me became a need in order to take my project and the projects of those around me to the next level. In the end, there is not a big focus for this in Mexico, I intent to change this.

What ‘genres’ do you aim to feature on the label itself?

Vivran: Emotive Electronic is a term I use to define any electronic sound that encircles progressive house & Melodic Techno, but more important than this, I seek tracks that actually deliver an emotion. An emotion besides euphoria and wanting to dance. I seek depth in music.

What advice would you give to artists considering a career in dance music?

Vivran: Stay true to your own path, don’t copy others. Hours in the studio. A lot. Keep talented people close to you, always seek to create community and remember hate doesn’t help your project at all. Supporting other artist does a lot more.

Do you plan to release more tracks this year?

Vivran: Be hopeful for summer, thats all I’m going to say.

What are you most excited about in regards to the label in 2021?

Vivran: I think I’m most excited in all the new music we are receiving, there really is a lot of talent and true emotion out there. I am most exciting in continuing to discover amazing sounds both in Mexico and abroad.


Dance, Electronic | Toniia & Geena Fontanella Let You Know What They’re Thinking In Dance-Themed ‘Psychic’

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Sing-along abilities and an overall infectious pop feel that near-involuntarily grab the notice of those is traps are fantastic traits that hundreds of songwriters/producers would be pleased to have built into the music. “Psychic” is undoubtedly infused with this and more thanks to the work of both Toniia & Geena Fontanella, a clear match that was meant to be.

Geena Fontanella has garnered her experience as a musician from a multitude of areas, including continuous releases with artists as she leads here voice and writing skills to this feat, while playing shows globally – including at Cafe (Los Angeles, CA), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), The Crocodile (Seattle, WA), The Vanguard (Tulsa, OK), The Sound Lounge (London, UK), and the International Indie Music Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Toniia has brought about a sound that in 2021 can be distinctly noticed and picked out. His discography gives uniformity to who he is sonically and what directive/theme should be sensed through these channels. Attach this to the millions and millions who have heard his music and that start’s off getting to know Toniia.

Chill, Electronic | juuku Pushes The Boundaries on “Leaving”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Anonymous producer Juuku is back again with another powerful single drop. “Leaving” is out now via indie imprint Moving Castle and is giving listeners another taste of what is to come on the upcoming EP that’s due out this spring. He continues to showcase this innate storytelling ability in the single, giving us an emotionally-charged auditory journey through the theme of letting go and releasing things not meant for us. Check out his latest offering “Leaving” above right now!

Electronic | ‘Dark Master’s’ Smooth And Intoxicating Sensibilities A Righteous Release From Alessandro Costa

Posted by on February 20, 2021

Italian-based multi-talented electronic musician Alessandro Costa has released this single off of Be Free EP. Delving into a bit more of the instrumental and minimal side of what we have seen from the solo artist so far.

“Dark Master” elates the senses from the start, soft samples and vibrant verses lurching forward as the house-based track gives more insight as to what Alessandro Costa is defining and contributing musically.

“I tried to reach an underground club atmosphere. I imagined a very small club, one of those one’s where it is almost impossible to be admitted – smoke, lasers and crowd.”

– Alessandro Costa

One last single set to release which will complete the revealing of Be Free EP, the one and only Alessandro Costa never ceases to be consistent and of quality.

Dance, Pop | dEVOLVE’s Positive Music Influence “Golden (feat. Saint Wade)” Storms On With Turnt Media Release

Posted by on February 13, 2021

“Golden (feat. Saint Wade)” fixates on a tightly-knit spectrum of pop and dance accolades. dEVOLVE’s captivating sound intersects with Florida-based Saint Wade, the connection between the two boasting a balance of pop etching, energetic/club friendly vibes, and a fluid, organic structure those leaning into dance would easily gravitate to.

TURNT Music Media showcases a dynamic range of artists from an international space. Yet, with such a wide net the label signs and showcases a well-defined circle of artists easily intriguing to those who enjoy depth and shine to the tracks they delve into.

dEVOLVE’s been busy in 2021, practicing a feisty schedule that would keep anyone engaged. ‘The Launch’ has been more than successful as it continues on weekly, repeat support from Spotify official playlists is the norm, and plenty of organic support in conjunction from fans, the solo musician is on a righteous path to say the least.