Electronic | Mizgin Drops Upbeat Electronic Release Titled ‘Numb’

Posted by on March 14, 2022

“Numb,” by Mizgin is one of those singles which makes you cock the head out of curiosity. Having plenty of production elements that click with the brain as different and original, this aspect plus the voice is at the heart of what is catchy with this release. Minimal at some points and technical at others, the drum work is yet another highlightable aspect which builds upon the infectious nature of what is at hand here. Giving the single a nice centerpiece is the vocal, which shines with a soulful and chipper disposition. “Numb” has many parts that win’s you over from start to finish.

Hailing from Sweden, Mizgin has had a diverse upbringing when it comes to her life story and musicianship. Singing at 8 years old and truly beginning to romanticize music at this age, her path would never be the same from this moment on. After connecting with producers and managers in 2013 plus releasing her debut in 2014, her career began to ramp up at this point. She had a major break with this release “Get You Off,” which the music video reached #4 on the MTV Top 100 charts and spent 12 weeks there.

Mizgin has many other accolades and adventures that go beyond what’s mentioned above, dive into her socials and streaming channels to learn more about this budding solo talent.

Electronic | Kice Unleashes Good Vibin’ House Single ‘Stuck With You’

Posted by on March 4, 2022

“Pusher,” and “How Do You Feel,” producer known as Kice has return yet again with his release “Stuck On You.” The track connects together a spiritual essence that house is all about, with a bit of pop in there as well. The vocal loop included helps showcase more personality within a single that’s already oozing with repeatability. Piano in the rhythm links up with an easy-going percussion side to create the background that this computerized vocal sample plays off of. Upon the first several bars of the release, your mood is enchanted and your mind slips off to a unique, peaceful place.

“This is by far the closest sound reflection of who I am to date. Classic piano and vocals being the main drivers with a bassline to keep the dance floor shaking!
– Kice

Kice has been catching the attention of fans and industry heads alike. Having been supported by prominent outlets such as his Song Is Sick, Dancing Astronaut, DASH Radio, and CULTR, this compounds with his past invitations to play Burning Man, Northern Lights, PRYSM, Sound-bar, which he graciously accepted.

Kice is on a role and is certain to release more musical gems throughout the year.

Electronic | Italian Producer Miro Unveils Monumental “Passion Night” EP With Massimo Urbani

Posted by on February 22, 2022

It is not common for a track that was created more than 30 years ago to be released today, yet celebrated Italian electronic music producer Mario Baldoni, aka Miro, has made just that happen, sharing “Passion Night” via Disco Segreta, a song that was recorded all the way back in 1987. Featuring the undisputed talents of jazz contralto saxophone virtuoso Massimo Urbani, “Passion Night” comes to all platforms alongside a stunning remix from Miro himself, as well as a lighthearted, dance take from guitarist and producer Julyo

Truly encapsulating an authentic combination of late 80s synth-pop, italo-disco, and jazz, “Passion Night” is a true gem, and marks the only strictly non-jazz project in Massimo Urbani’s repertoire. The original track was recorded on a 24-track tape in Pomodoro Studio by legendary South-African sound engineer Allan Goldberg, while co-writer Gregorio Puccio and vocalists Giulia Fasolino and Silver Pozzoli also contributed to the stunning end result. 


Electronic | Medii ‘Binary Blue’ EP A Start To An Epic Journey From The Duo

Posted by on February 18, 2022

Medii’s Binary Blue EP is the start of a journey that plays out like chapters in a book. This EP features a total of 4-tracks, all of which mostly include, synthpop / electro-pop / indie-electronic vibes. Putting that into context, the writing and the small details is what really brings what’s happening on this EP to life.

“Digital Love,” is a fulfilling and sunny start to the EP. The beat itself is easy to click up with. After the vocal comes in, sharing a warm and buttery timbre, you’re now invested for the long run having been won over by many euphoric production aspects all flying through your speakers.

“Walls,” is a sensible next step in the pathology of this EP, made up of many of the cues the first song laid out. The energy and fantasy-oriented components that this adventure is all about becomes more prominent. Seemingly inspired by the genre of new wave, it’s the vocal work that captures the limelight on this one.

“Razors Edge,” adds a level of diversity to the quality of Binary Blue. More real-world instruments take place while the electronic samples take a bit of a back seat. Putting that into context, there’s nothing obtuse or awkward about it’s inclusion. Another smooth step is an exciting series.

“Tell Me Why,” is all instrumental tune, this is something not found on the previous 3 tunes and adds that much more flavor to what is at hand. Light vocal samples pitched up fuel the personality while enlightening synths pick up on the rhythm end. This track is a natural closer and helps wrap up what was just taken in.

Binary Blue EP is just the start of what Medii will be dishing out this year. The plan is to drop 1 more EP and then compile Binary Blue EP and this upcoming EP is one album, featuring the reveals off the earlier drops while also sharing brand new songs on the album itself.

Electronic | Krysta Youngs Releases Moving Music Video For ‘Mental Breakdown’

Posted by on February 18, 2022

Krysta Youngs has unleashed a video that’s captivating for many reasons all in one go. The setting, direction of photography, the focal point of the video (Krysta Youngs herself,) all have been well-nurtured. The tending to each of these areas has now led to a well-interpreted experience from the viewers end.

The story at hand is something that’s real and palatable. Verses share a painful dialog that feels like something which would rattle in the brain. An internal tussle with ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda,’ it being hard to let go and hard not to explore hindsight. Everything points to a relationship that went sour with the lead role, who is now put into a episode that is like a bottomless pit.

Mental Breakdown” is a song about feeling all the emotions that come with loving someone who isn’t right for you. It’s the realization that love has a life of its own, it breaks you down & spits you out … but only if you let it.
– Krysta Youngs

There’s moments of energetic self-reflection along with bed-ridden solitutude, Krysta Youngs going through the phases of denial, anger, depression, bargaining, with acceptance no where in sight.

On the audio end, a quirky and charming deep house/dance pop template plays out like a soundtrack to the video at hand. The message of the lyrics syncing up beautifully to the eye-catching moments going on.

Electronic | Inna And Sean Paul Drop Stunnin Rework Of Inna’s Hit ‘Up’

Posted by on February 4, 2022

Inna has already been making waves via her single “Up,” which was released not too long ago. The track gained a whopping 20 million plus plays and came with it’s own music video. That single embodies everything INNA is known for, an eclectic balance of sounds and sights that fans were eating up.

Now the vision gets taken to the next step alongside Sean Paul including some verses on a reworked instrumental of this same track. To make it even better, an additional video featuring Paul hit video platforms as well. The added talent that now comes with the tune certainly provides a ‘cooler’ feel, as if the INNA single on it’s own wasn’t enough.

INNA is no stranger to success, she has over 7 million monthly listeners and boasts tens of millions of plays to her name. She’s a well recognized talent across the globe and show no sign of slowing the momentum she continues to grow.

Get to know this force force of nature if you haven’t yet and hear the new version of “Up” above.

Electronic | Juuku Starts 2022 Off Strong on “Sunlight”

Posted by on January 16, 2022

Kicking off the new year with an absolute bang, juuku returns with a powerful new single via DIM MAK’s subsidiary label New Noise entitled “sunlight”. Already hinted at in the title, the bright and ferocious track is high energy, feel-good and a real slapper. With a co-sign from Aoki himself on the massive song and a bright horizon ahead with a new NFT project, juuku isn’t messing around this year so I’d keep him on your radar for the foreseeable future!