Albums, Hip-Hop, Pop | Shaeden Madi Shares Stunning New Single “Ima Get Mine”

Posted by on February 25, 2022

Spreading the sound of arabic pop, Shaeden Madi is undoubtedly here to stay, and 2022 couldn’t have started in a better way for her. With already two singles out this year, Shaeden Madi is letting no time go to waste by dropping yet another heater with “Ima Get Mine.” A laid-back and meaningful pop-rap song, “Ima Get Mine” continues to showcase Shaeden Madi’s impressive ethnic sensibilities, as well as her versatility as an artist. 

Filled with middle-eastern melodies, stunning singing choruses and infectious rapping vocals, ”Ima Get Mine” might arguably be one of Shaeden Madi’s best singles to date. With her music the emerging artist aims to inspire and empower by being her most authentic self, and judging by the musical quality we’re seeing so far from her, we can’t wait to experience where she takes things next. 

Hip-Hop | Derrius Logan Drops “FuckBoy Free”

Posted by on February 8, 2022

L.A. based up-and-coming rapper Derrius Logan has been forging his own path and a journey of self discovery with his music. His hybrid approach of music blends r&b and hip-hop on his latest offering “FuckBoy Free” and it’s a real heater. Check out the new single above now! Read a quote from Derrius Logan below now.

“FuckBoy Free is a love song to women that know their worth. So many FuckBoy’s in the world posing men women should be interested in, all to fuck, and disappear. This song is about me loving a woman who knows the difference.”

Hip-Hop | merry choppins and Tim Gent connect on “ib2up”

Posted by on January 27, 2022

“ib2up” is one of the more catchy songs I’ve heard this week. The track is by Nashville based producer/songwriter Tony Esterly aka merry choppins and features a guest verse from local rapper Tim Gent. The high energy electronic and hip-hop hybird release is high energy and as smooth as ever. Check out a quote from MC on the release below and stream their new collaboration above now!

“ib2up started as a hook idea from Tim. I just kept coming back to it after the initial session and tried producing different versions behind it. It went from a hype anthem, to a chill trap beat, and many versions in between. I finally landed on this production on the 6th version of the song when I threw Tim’s acapella over a rap beat I was making, and it finally felt like the song had a home.” – merry choppins


Hip-Hop | SUBSTANTIAL and KD FOXX team up for “Your Greatest Weapon”

Posted by on January 23, 2022

Maryland-born emcee, producer, and artist Substantial joins forces with KDFoxx for dope new collaboration called “Your Great Weapon.” If Legendary rapper/activist, Chuck D of Public Enemy refers to Substantial as “One of the great MCs of our time.” it’s clearly time for him to be on your radar as well if you’re not yet familiar with his music. Check out a quote from Substantial on the release below and stream his new single Your Great Weapon featuring KDFoxx avove!

Your Greatest Weapon is about self-empowerment and realizing that the most powerful weapon that we have is our voice.” Adding to Substantial’s quote, KDFoxx shares, “Music is the entity that forged angels. Sing a song only few will understand, and it shall be your greatest weapon.”

RnB | Ohso Davis Drops Soulful single, “You Who”

Posted by on January 20, 2022

Ohso Davis is a man with a new found sound and love for music. The rising 28 year old artist blends R&b, Pop and soul music into a feel-good sound. His first ever release “You Who” is a great introduction to this project. The track is filled with a full brass section, groove laden and funky bass alongside a modern and stylish production. Stream the song above now and read a quote from Davis below!

“You Who is about recognizing that not everyone will resonate with your creative expression, but there will always be people who do. As my first project, this is a call to all those who will become part of my community in an effort to support each other.” – Ohso Davis

Hip-Hop | Australia based rapper W7lF drops “The Time”

Posted by on January 17, 2022

Mohammed ‘W7lf’ Zidan is a multifaceted rapper and songwriter on the come up. Born and raised in Sirte, Libya and currently residing in Perth, Australia. With a multicultural approach to his craft from the beginning, W7lf wanted to channel the energy from his home country, as well as the different environments surrounding him growing up. The result is something hugely potent and also profound, blending styles of traditional hip-hop aligned with jazz, funk and neo-soul music, forming a sound that transcends beyond the norm. His new single “The Time”, it’s just the uplifting track to kick off your week with. Tap in above now!

Hip-Hop | WONDR captivates all with his unique dose of playful hip-hop in viral sensation ‘F WITH U’

Posted by on January 10, 2022

Multifaceted rising producer, artist and songwriter WONDR released his latest single ‘F With U’ back in November, and has already amassed over 500 thousand streams across Spotify and other streaming platforms. The feel good track shows off his skills as a up-coming act to keep an eye on for 2022. Reggae infused guitars alongside a trap infused beat results in a highly addictive song that has truly captivated listeners and fans all over the world, and for good reason. This one is catchy as hell, so dive in above now and read a quote from WONDR below now.

“’F With U’ is a song that gives the bullies, haters, and bad ex’s a simple taste of their own medicine. Although I wrote the song about the girls who broke my heart and begged to come back when they saw that I was doing better, I believe the chorus can resonate in several other lanes. I produced, wrote, and recorded ‘F With U’ in my bedroom.”