Techno | BLVCK KARIBOU Delivers Serious Energy In House Single “Poetry”

Posted by on August 30, 2019

BLVCK KARIBOU hits the bulls-eye in his latest single “Poetry,” a tech house inspired tune packed with vivid soundscapes and robust, imaginative themes built in.

The single finds a balance between including a certain swing to the music while maintain a classic house rhythm within. The genres switch up mid-way as breaks and other instruments come into the mix. The end result is a release featuring a bit of something all house fans can love.

BLVCK KARIBOU have been receiving serious attention in 2019. Their heavy twist on house genres has them quickly standing out, alongside their gritty, almost-haunting brand. This is one act to keep an eye on.

Techno | Eric David Releases House-Laced ‘Whip It’ EP

Posted by on July 12, 2017

THNK TNK Records label head Eric David has a lifelong love of music dating back to his childhood. This enduring passion is evident on his latest EP Whip It, a memorable display of his diverse musical knowledge and skills. From the impressive guitar solo and sultry vocals on the Latin-inspired “Sexy Love” to the understated yet powerful bass swells and guitar strums on “Whip It”, David is in a league of his own. Rounding out this this standout effort is “Natural Queen”, a darker and more ominous track than the previous two. The song’s haunting vocal stabs bring the EP to a satisfying climax

Techno | Glenn Morrison Releases Edgy Tech-Influenced Single “Hypnotism”

Posted by on July 12, 2017

A bold, textured, and soulful effort, Glenn Morrison’s latest single “Hypnotism” is the lead off single from his upcoming album Dark Waters. Building on a repeating motif, “Hypnotism” brings you on a journey of carefully constructed melodic sublayers with as many as five different elements blending in perfect harmony. A simplistic yet sophisticated single, Morrison’s work gives a slight nod to both the psychedelic and goa styles, offering a teaser of things to come on Dark Waters. The b-side is a blistering remix from Italian composer Dusty Kid, who flips the original on it’s head with his intelligent, melodic composition.


Techno | Frankie Shakes Drops New Original “Every Time”

Posted by on June 28, 2017

Building on his reputation as an in-demand live performer, DJ and Producer Frankie Shakes’ latest offering “Every Time” sits squarely between the vibes of Studio 54 and Coachella. An expertly crafted deep house anthem that features impressive buildups and breakdowns, filters, and an thumping drum pattern, “Every Time” is a testament to Shakes’ deft compositional hand.

The experience evokes images of all-night dance parties and flashing neon lights. A distinct combination of deep house energy and timeless hooks, “Every Time” promises to make Frankie Shakes an unstoppable force.

House, Techno | Brohug Drops Late Night Alumni Remix Of “Love Song”

Posted by on April 26, 2017

Brohug, known for releases on Dim Mak and Spinnin’ Records, having applied their signature sound to a remix of renowned group Late Night Alumni, releasing a remix of their newest track “Love Song”. The twist they put on the single showcases their tech house side, going deeper into the realm of hypnotic repetition.

Brohug are a duo based out of Sweden, a country known to produce DJ gods such as Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Galantis, and many more, now are a part of the Arkade family, continuing to go on the path to increased notoriety.

Techno | Varien’s Experimental Techno Sound “ghost shell” Will Blow You Away

Posted by on March 21, 2017

Varien is a big name in dance music, he has entered a group of artists that are long standing, house-hold (in dance music house-holds) names that 2010’s dance music fans and new fans easily recognize. Yet, this week – and what is looking to be the rest of the year – Varien made his releases private and is starting fresh. Dropping only one track so far.

His latest is “ghost shell” a single that showcases a more techno-heavy side to what Varien fans are used to. The single still fits in the realm of something Varien puts out, but is certainly a highly experimental release for the solo artist. Stoked to see what 2017 will hold for him.

House, Techno | Will Vance’s “Slow Drive” Goes Deeper Than Imagined, Shares Exclusive Interview

Posted by on March 10, 2017

Portland, Orgeon native Will Vance is on a roll lately with his recent creation of his EP for 2017 entitled Days Go By already making an impact with his first self titled release “Days Go By.” Will has gained the attention of many listeners, incorporating soothing atmospheric sounds with the smooth and creamy synth design that we’ve come to love. Will Vance is here to premiere his third track off of his EP entitled “Slow Drive.” Appropriately labeled, the tracks progression is nothing less than euphoric with his use of airy angelic vocal samples down to his rhythmic hi-hat patterns, this track is a perfect drive along song with it’s chilled out string leads and thumping drums, this producer is on his way to a successful start to 2017. “Slow Drive” is released out on Thnk Tnk Records a relatively diverse record label that pulls in styles from all genres, which gives Will the advantage of truly diving into his craft without having to be isolated to a specific sound.