Bass | Ren Zukii Signed-Exclusively To WAKAAN Goes Hard On ’10 Hour Shower’

Posted by on November 17, 2023

“10 Hour Shower,” by Ren Zukii, is a sonic narrative easy to return to again and again. Each moment turns heads and holds one’s attention. Inviting others in and making a pure moment for those who have a taste for bass. It’s a track that pushes the boundaries of the genre, a bold exploration of what’s possible.

From Margaret River in Australia, her life story up to this point has been like a stepping stone that, with a much determination and a little luck, fostered great things for the DJ/producer. She was moved by drum and bass at the age of 12, which cemented her journey into music. By 18, she knew how to DJ which only expanded her since of electronic music culture as well as her love for it. At 21, she attended the famous SAE Institute school and the rest is history.

This single is a rich tapestry of sound, reflecting Zukii’s sense of style and how she contributes to the greater bass scene. The influences of Ivy Lab, Eprom, Alix Perez, and Flying Lotus are evident, yet the track retains a unique identity.

In this latest release, Ren Zukii reaffirms her place in the electronic music landscape. “10 Hour Shower” is a fiery expression of her passion for music and a clear indication of the exciting directions her sound is taking. Zukii is both putting herself out there while influencing the future of experimental bass.

Bass | Egzod Continues Massive Success With Epic Flip of Layto’s ‘Five4three2one’

Posted by on September 14, 2023

The art of remixing demands more than mere tweaks—it asks for a rebirth. Layto’s magnetic “Five4three2one” was already a musical pulse of its own. Yet, in the hands of the prodigious Egzod, it’s been transformed, echoing a new heartbeat, a new life.

Now, let’s frame this: Egzod, hailing from Portugal, nurtured in France, and blossoming in the US, isn’t just any remixer. His astounding achievement, gathering over 600 million streams since 2017, isn’t just an accolade; it’s a roaring testament to his electrifying touch.

Diving into the name—Egzod, a twist on the French “Exodus”, indicates more than just a departure; it signifies a pilgrimage. His remix of “Five4three2one” offers that deep bass punch, a future bass texture that’s both edgy and enveloping. It’s a merger, a dance, between Layto’s genius and Egzod’s distinct soundscape, echoing narratives from diverse global corners.

This isn’t mere music—it’s a statement, a revolution. Egzod crafts experiences, compelling listeners to not just hear, but to feel, think, and most importantly, journey.

Bass | Ezediel’s Story Behind Haunting Music Is One That Impresses

Posted by on August 17, 2023

From the bustling streets of New York emerges a figure, D. Robert Wayne, now reigning the alternative electronic and metal universe as Ezediel. At a time when the pandemic’s eerie stillness blanketed the world, Ezediel crafted soundscapes that felt like sonic explorations into the post-apocalyptic urban. It’s no mere chance; this artist debuted in the COVID Era, seemingly catching the undertones of a world paused in uncertainty.

His blend of electronic with nuances of metal and a voice that drones deep and haunting captures a soundscape that’s reminiscent of Detroit’s early techno scene with a darker twist. And like the pioneers of techno, Ezediel too holds an entrepreneurial spirit, strategically curating his catalog with precision and impact. The whopping 10+ million streams stand testament to his “sniper over machine gun” philosophy.

The much-anticipated single “Mata Leão”, dropping on September 8th, 2023, uniquely mirrors his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu passion. Marrying Brazilian Phonk with Techno and Nu-Metal, the track, named after the ‘Rear Naked Choke’ technique, narrates a gripping tale of conquering life’s devils, echoing themes of resilience.

But Ezediel’s accolades don’t end at the music. As founder and CEO of WayneMPR and NotoriousX, a neuroscience student, model, and philanthropist, his ambitions seem boundless. Through every beat and business venture, the techno futurist’s trajectory only amplifies the question: What’s the next track in Ezediel’s setlist for life?


Bass | Automhate’s Signature Bass Style Strikes Again In ‘Robotico’ EP

Posted by on July 30, 2023

Automate’s Robotico EP is not just music. It’s an assertion, a statement of intent. In a genre where intensity often blurs into monotony, Automhate stands distinct, presenting a version of dubstep that’s both bone-shaking and intellectually stimulating.

This EP doesn’t rest on the laurels of Automhate’s previous successes, as monumental as they are. Instead, it furthers the narrative. A narrative of an artist undeterred by the boundaries of the genre, always seeking the deeper, darker abyss of sound. And this is evident not just in the solo tracks, but even more so when he merges his vision with artists like Mad Dubz and Hukae.

The allure of the Robotico EP isn’t just the music; it’s the journey it encapsulates. From the meteoric rise marked by tracks like ‘Poppe’ and ‘Robot Dick’ to global acclaim with plays at venues like Red Rocks, this is the chronicle of an artist unyielding in his pursuit of sonic perfection.

Bass | AVANCE Unleashes Riddim/Dubstep Fueled EP in ‘Graves Full’ EP’ [Exclusive Interview]

Posted by on July 25, 2023

In the space of bass music, where soundscapes morph and evolve, AVANCE yet again stakes his claim with Graves Full EP. This release isn’t just music; it’s a profound journey into the heart of darkness, the emotions, and the sonic tales that await therein.

Teaming up with talents like SISTO, Claymore, and others, AVANCE presents a mosaic of hard-hitting tunes that are also hard to beat. The EP isn’t just an auditory treat; it’s an exploration into the depths of human emotion, passion, and the ever-present shadows of our psyche. A true connoisseur’s delight, it beckons to be explored, cherished, and experienced in its entirety.

Our beloved Sydney-based maestro, AVANCE, offers more than just tracks. Each note, each pause, each crescendo is a testament to his passion for the genre and dedication to make something that will stand out. His meticulous approach to sound design whispers tales of devotion, precision, and an unparalleled love for the craft. Who could ask for more?

AVANCE took the time out for an interview as well, all of which can be seen below!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your ‘Graves Full EP’ and how it differs from your previous releases?

This is a Horror story I am telling, about an entity that has been following me for years and now finally getting what it wants, now it’s time that I drag others into this nightmare to create an entirely collaborative project instead of majority solo.

What was your creative process like while working on this EP, particularly in terms of sound design?

This EP features an array of Horror scoring tones and fx, I studied many soundtracks and techniques to give this project a real eerie feel.

How did the collaborations with SISTO, Claymore, Sam Lamar, and Nosphere come about, and what unique elements did each artist bring to the tracks?

This will be the first of many collaborative projects, I knew I had to involve artists that have a darkness in them and their music. Each artist also have a unique sound that defines them, which I made sure was introduced to each track.

Do you have a favorite song off the EP in particular?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite honestly, each track is special to me in its own way.

Could you elaborate on how you came up with the theme of the EP overall?

I knew I wanted to give the feel that I am dragging other artists into the nightmare I have created, the grave is full, no more can enter…for now.

Bass | LIGHTYEAR Unleashes Mesmerizing Trap Single, ‘Busy’

Posted by on March 1, 2023

Following up his electrifying 2022 EP, Resonance, LIGHTYEAR returns with his jaw-dropping single, “Busy”. This track is just as reality-distorting as its cover art, overflowing with psychoactive sound effects and entrancing vocal chops. “Busy” gets right into the nitty gritty, opening with a trap-heavy bassline that’s complemented by thrilling buildups and drops throughout.

An auditory roller coaster ride, “Busy” suddenly speeds up in tempo in the second half, boasting high-energy percussive elements and a hypnotic rhythm. Sharing his thoughts on the song, LIGHTYEAR says, “’Busy’ is such a fun record, it’s so catchy and I love the groove.”

Already gaining a ton of momentum in 2023 with this new anthem, LIGHTYEAR has huge plans for 2023. It is clear to see that he has put a lot of emphasis on cultivating his identity as an artist and signature sound. He has a variety of forthcoming projects on the way with Noobody, Cab, and Tearsofmine, which are guaranteed to bring a fresh style of production to the trap scene.

Bass | Feint And Josh Rubin Join Forces On Electrifying Single, ‘Let Me Go’

Posted by on February 24, 2023

When it comes to high-quality and prestigious labels, Monstercat is at the top of the game. Two of the imprint’s regulars are producer-DJ hybrid Feint and singer Josh Rubin. Raised in the UK, Feint is a veteran in the world of electronic music, having performed at well-known DnB festivals like Liquicity and Rampage. Additionally, he has more than 800k monthly listeners on Spotify and is a crucial member of Monstercat. Based in Austin, Texas, along with his Monstercat releases Josh has been featured on Dim Mak, Seeking Blue, Lowly, and Proximity.

Taking their projects to the next level, Feint and Josh have returned to Monstercat with their new single, “Let Me Go”. Discussing the story behind the track, Josh says, “most of us can relate to a time when we held on too long to someone we knew deep down wasn’t right for us. It’s easy to get so comfortable with someone that you start to lose parts of yourself and it makes it that much harder to leave a bad situation. This song is about feeling like you want to walk away but can’t. Hoping that other person will give you a sign to help you make the hard choice of leaving.”

The powerful message in “Let Me Go” is accompanied by breathtaking sound design via Feint and passionate vocals from Josh. Blending together DnB and a variety of other genres, this dance anthem foreshadows a big year for this talented pair of artists.