Bass | BTSM & TMRRW Go All Out With “Everything”

Posted by on September 20, 2019

Black Tiger Sex Machine have had an unforgettable year thus far. Specifically in regard to their unrelenting festival season, BTSM continue to up the ante on what a show is to be about. A big part of that is the music and today they dropped their highly anticipated anthem “Everything” on their label Kannibalen Records alongside collaborators TMRRW and the ever so talented vocalist Micah Martin. “Everything” is an instant classic that blends rock and electro together like never before. Prepare yourself, things are about to get epic…

Bass, Chill | Bosa Taps Unique Talents In ‘Eyes Of The Jaguar Remixed’

Posted by on September 14, 2019

It’s no secret that Bosa’s last major release, Eyes Of The Jaguar, went off without a hit digitally and on the dance floor. Given the project has only begun this year, the duo have quickly become known for their tribal house beats and spiritual influences. Boasting 9-tracks and offering an array of diverse sounds, Eyes Of The Jaguar Remixed leaves a bit of something for all house fans, yet each has a certain psychedelic imprint broadly within. The curation here is top notch and surely fans will agree.

Talents such as The Invisible People, Drezza, Tigereyes, Turkish Oud, Japanese Shakuhachi, and Taiko, are a few of the many folks that came together to participate on the album. October 19th and 20th Bosa and friends will take the stage at Santa Cruz Music Festival alongside a host of A-list talent. Don’t miss out on the event if you like what you hear.

Bass | Phocust Impresses With Two-Faced ‘Space Wonk’ EP

Posted by on September 14, 2019

The two-track EP Space Wonk marks the position of Phocust at the moment, the bass-tinged act show the are willing to go bigger and heavier, without comprising quality, to give you the bass-fueled bangers fans love and labels are keen to. Released on MA Music, both “Space Wonk” and “Mind Reader” have stand out qualities within them, yet the vocal work and versatility of “Mind Reader” is something worth highlighting.

After experiencing a Deadmau5 and Skrillex show in his teenage years, Tyler Shiffer aka Phocust was changed forever. Inspired by electronic music, he got his start playing as apart of a weekly local show series.

Today, he’s played many notable LA clubs and festival and continues to be recognized and support by established artists and labels. Phocust is on the rise in 2019.


Bass, Chill | Austin James Drops Creative Bass Original “Take Me Away”

Posted by on August 26, 2019

Vancouver-based artist Austin James, now living in Los Angeles, styles an immersive, introverted, and mysterious theme throughout the bass-ridden single “Take Me Away.”

For a single of what I am sure is many, it leaves a remarkably strong impression on you. The dark, chill, almost quiet-at times approach to the bass genre, just experienced through this single alone, is enough to tell you Austin James is onto something hot here.

Given his spring tour was over 33 dates, it’s clear that audiences are waking up to a new experience Austin James is delivering.

Bass | Shuz Stands Out On Ruchir Remix EP With Twist On “Young N Poppin”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

There’s few artists who can take on the saturated world of trap music and who are today recognized as a fast rising envelope pushers, but this in part is the reputation solo DJ/producer Shuz has developed for himself. “Young N Poppin (Shuz Remix)” gives a glimpse into the dynamism and originality Shuz brings to the table, on both the part of intensity and distinguishable ‘trap’ elements. The remix goes off, slapping with a vengange most won’t soon forget. A deeper diver into Shuz’s roster boasts AIA releases, Joyryde/Skrillex remixes, and an expansion of an explosive, fun experience.

Having his music supported by artists like Ekali, Max Styler, and Fabian Mazur at festivals such as TomorrowLand, EDC, and ADE, Shuz has a story to tell, and fans are tuning in release after release to hear more of it.

Bass | Styles & Complete Team Up With Bunji Garlin On Intense Trap Single “Bring Da Vibes”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Two modern veterans hype in different corners of popular music spectrum, Styles & Complete and Bunji Garlin, come together on “Bring Di Vibes,” a fast-paced, hard-hitting banger with a suiting fiery dub-infused topline. The result is magnetic festival-ready work soon to become the secret weapon for well-curating DJ’s on dancefloors globally.

Released on Jayceeoh’s Super 7 Records, the single is another bump in the massive wave of momentum both artist have built of the last several years. Alongside a coming together of music-talents, the reach of this one across fan-bases is an impressive aspect in itself. Listen to “Bring Di Vibes” in full above.

Bass | FNT Premiere: Barely Great Teases Dark Trap-Infused “QUESTIONS” off of ‘Imperfect’ EP

Posted by on August 15, 2019

Barely Great is creating quite a rumble with his soon-to-be-teased singles. The trail of music is leading to an epic August 23rd release date, where Imperfect EP, a culmination of heavy bass songs each with it’s own stand-alone firepower behind them, will be unveiled.

“Questions” keeps the listener guessing, entrancing-liquid basslines takes center-stage at some moments while trap-induced synths may others. The topline is all carried by the fluid, yet structured nature of the percussion. The combination is particularly heavy, but with an attractive flow to it all around.

Barely Great is building steam proper with these teases. Now “Questions” sets the standard of what to generally expect, making Imperfect EP look better than ever.