Ren Zukii Signed-Exclusively To WAKAAN Goes Hard On ’10 Hour Shower’

Posted by on November 17, 2023

“10 Hour Shower,” by Ren Zukii, is a sonic narrative easy to return to again and again. Each moment turns heads and holds one’s attention. Inviting others in and making a pure moment for those who have a taste for bass. It’s a track that pushes the boundaries of the genre, a bold exploration of what’s possible.

From Margaret River in Australia, her life story up to this point has been like a stepping stone that, with a much determination and a little luck, fostered great things for the DJ/producer. She was moved by drum and bass at the age of 12, which cemented her journey into music. By 18, she knew how to DJ which only expanded her since of electronic music culture as well as her love for it. At 21, she attended the famous SAE Institute school and the rest is history.

This single is a rich tapestry of sound, reflecting Zukii’s sense of style and how she contributes to the greater bass scene. The influences of Ivy Lab, Eprom, Alix Perez, and Flying Lotus are evident, yet the track retains a unique identity.

In this latest release, Ren Zukii reaffirms her place in the electronic music landscape. “10 Hour Shower” is a fiery expression of her passion for music and a clear indication of the exciting directions her sound is taking. Zukii is both putting herself out there while influencing the future of experimental bass.

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