Bass | Chime And Au5 Deliver Highly Anticipated Color Bass Single, ‘The Other Side’

Posted by on January 23, 2023

British producer Chime, recently making waves with his hit single “Bring Me Back,” has teamed up with Au5 to release a new track, “The Other Side”, on Monstercat. The anticipation for this single has been high as the duo went on the road for a nationwide tour, also titled “The Other Side”, during the Spring of last year. This single showcases Chime and Au5’s unique styles, blending lush melodies and outside-the-box sound design for a cohesive and enjoyable track that is best experienced live. 

Embracing Chime’s signature style of color bass, “The Other Side” is just one of the artist’s many accomplishments. Putting out electrifying anthems on the likes of Subsidia, Ophelia, and Circus, Chime has also founded his own successful label. Known as Rushdown, this imprint has helped artists, such as Sharks, Ace Aura, and Papa Khan, take their careers to the next level. Additionally, Chime has received support from Excision, Virtual Riot, Flux Pavillion, and Doctor P, to name a few.

Chime has an extremely strong following, proven by his millions of streams and past successful tours. This year promises to be even more monumental for Chime, with fans eagerly awaiting announcements and new music.

Bass | O Cinnedi’s Bass Release ‘Gluttony’ One Part Of A Greater ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Art Project

Posted by on July 19, 2022

Preparing to have your lid blown off by the determination and force of what O Cinnedi is all about. Now several songs deep into her ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ journey, it’s starting to become quite clear as to what O Cinnedi is able to bring to the table when she sets herself up for a many-sided release project.

“Gluttony,” is the next step in this fascinating project, following the flow as the next sin as articulated by the ‘Dante Inferno’ book. O Cinnedi brings a bass interpretation to the masses as she showcases how she wants to meld her style with that of the epic poetry writing. Given the weight of the story, it’s fitting that bass music would be mixed in for a modern symbolic telling. “Gluttony,” is easy to return to time after time, being one of the best O Cinnedi releases to date.

As of today, O Cinnedi has over 500,000 streams and has played dozens of shows in her time. She’s shared the stage with such names as Abelation, Stylust, Tynan, Jphelpz and has a strong love for all parts of the electronic music experience. In her youth, being a part of dance competitions and even Walt Disney productions would end up laying the ground work of the artist she is today. The future is looking bright for her, O Cinnedi having a life-long love for the arts – in particular music – a love that is far from fading.

Bass | Dead Weight Set To Ignite Career With Furious Riddim Tune ‘The Swarm’

Posted by on May 26, 2022

There are few tunes that take over your senses and grab the entirety of your attention from the start. Yet, “The Swarm,” is one of those tracks that does exactly this. The very first seconds hint at the insanity that follows momentarily. Listeners are not left disappointed, tension and pressure begins building up and dark melodies are injected into the space. A barbaric nature is one way to describe the lawlessness, all-hands-on-deck theme that Dead Weight channels through the song. The drop comes and an enormous wave of bass-fueled power is at hand, slamming the samples back and forth as filthiness becomes the centerpiece to takeaway from the moment.

“The Swarm,” follows up “The Sore,” and “Nativitas,” the three tracks exposing what Dead Weight is about and the sound he’s going for. Across his catalog so far, there’s a consistency that is felt. His style is eerie, heavy, and could make those unprepared have a feeling of their skin crawling.

Dead Weight isn’t an unplanned, spontaneous type of alias that was half-heartedly put together, quite the opposite actually. Known as Ollie, the solo artist has a plan for what he wants to do with this alias. Physically, he appears on stage with a face-paint look that draws from the death-metal space of the broader rock world. The messaging in the brand seems to pull from this line of art as well. Visually and audibly, the experience is raw, gritty, and not afraid to melt the brains of those who come in contact.

Expect more from Dead Weight as this entity keeps heating up and expanding on the principles that the project has set in place so far.


Bass, Trap | STRX Shares Stunning Pop-Trap Single, “Shadows” Featuring Ava Silver 

Posted by on May 13, 2022

Marking his debut on acclaimed label Frequency Music, STRX has returned to the scene with what might be one of his heaviest releases to date, bringing together atmospheric verses and bass-driven drops on “Shadows.” Incorporating the vocal talents of Ava Silver, “Shadows” is a truly versatile tune that is bound to start lighting up dancefloors in no time, and become a staple in STRX’s energetic sets. 

“In the midst of the pandemic, I found myself feeling hopeless and somewhat depressed sometimes. The negative voices in my head naturally transferred onto the music script, even though I was trying to make uplifting club music. As a result of this crossover between energy & vulnerability, ‘Shadows’ was born. Due to the extent to which this feeling was relatable to Ava Silver, we managed to make a vocal that perfectly connected. All in all, we created a piece with a message that I hope people can relate to and get empowered by,” said the producer. 

An accomplished musician and producer, STRX has been playing the drums for more than 10 years now. With a strong drive and ambition to find his own path within the music world, STRX oftentimes blends multiple genres into one song, while infusing his energetic sets with trap, dubstep and psytrance, aiming to tell a story to the audience. 

Bass | Zack Martino & Jay Mason Release “Don’t Speak”

Posted by on January 30, 2022

Zack Martino and Jay Mason have once again linked up on a new single “Don’t Speak”. If you liked their previous work “Lonely With You”, then you’re in for another treat. Jay’s pop vocals blend magically with Zack’s energizing dance beat. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on in the comments.

Bass | OHMYGi Drop Intense And Daunting Music Video For ‘I’m Danger’

Posted by on January 7, 2022

Solo electronic artist OHMYGi has a ton of momentum going her way, “I’m Danger,” is the next extension of the non-stop energy that she’s able to bring to the attention of the masses. Within the video are plenty of themes that fit well with her established brand. A careless, near-reckless attitude, dystopian settings she places herself in, and rhythmic verses layered upon a bass-heavy instrumental epitomizes what’s going on at the core of this video. Wild and dangerous, the in-depth, hard-hitting aspects going on makes it difficult to peal the eyes off the video. Considering she’s been in the game for years and has her own strong following, it’s safe to assume her fans will be frothing over what’s she’s cooked up in this video.

The single is a tease of her upcoming album Danger in Pink, which is expected to be dark and heavy, but dynamic and unexpected as well. Knowing both Spanish and English, she uses this to her advantage in the music which makes her abilities to reel new fans in that much wider.

A singer, songwriter, and DJ, OHMYGi has laid out quite a roster over the long term, with more releases soon to come this year.

Bass | LICK Releases His Sophomore Album “BEYOND THE VOID”

Posted by on December 16, 2021

After a campaign that started back in April, LICK’s new album has arrived just before everyone heads home for the holidays. With ‘BEYOND THE VOID’ LICK shows off his versatility. He seamlessly navigates between different genres, while still giving his fans some hard hitting bass that they know and love. Check out the 10 track masterpiece below.