Chill | Lilise Dives Brings Forth Meaningful Pop Release In ‘Swimming’ Music Video

Posted by on June 3, 2024

Rising UK pop sensation Lilise has quickly garnered acclaim with her latest single, “Swimming”. The track has been praised for its blend of introspective lyrics and an upbeat pop sound. Lilise’s soulful storytelling has made a substantial impact on the UK pop scene.

Lilise began her musical journey with her debut single “Sweeter than Poison” in 2023. Her self-titled EP followed in January 2024, earning her a dedicated fanbase. Her music has amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify, and her performances at venues like The Camden Club and The Bedford have been met with rave reviews. Her festival debut at Country on the Coast in April 2024 marked a key milestone in her burgeoning career.

“Swimming” explores themes of impostor syndrome and social anxiety, yet carries a hopeful message of resilience. Produced by Howard Johnstone and featuring backing vocals by Lynne Johnstone, the song highlights Lilise’s ability to connect with listeners on a personal level. The accompanying music video, produced by Matchbox Motion, enhances the song’s emotive quality with stunning underwater visuals. With influences like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, Lilise’s unique sound continues to warm hearts and resonate.

Chill | Kai.wav Elevates Matoma’s ‘The Power’ with Highly-Infectious Remix

Posted by on April 5, 2024

Kai.wav’s Matoma remix is a catch – soulful tech house, just the right infections, UK Garage, and anime vocals, all come together to show his technical skill and ability to merge different musical styles into a cohesive and fresh sound. This debut positions Kai.wav on a path for substantial growth and influence in the music industry, good on ’em.

His career took a significant turn after remixing Matoma’s “The Power” and then sharing it via a direct message, leading to his to be officially apart of the EP. A huge accomplishment in itself.

Kai.wav has rapidly moved from a newcomer in the anime house genre and now is on to something epic – he has all the hallmarks of someone who has long term talent. Within a mere three months, he has developed a notable following of 52,000 on Instagram and attracted over 3.6 million listeners, with his video content surpassing 10 million views. Experience what this guy is all about below.

Chill | Johnny Burgos’ ‘Get Back’ Music Video Steals the Spotlight

Posted by on March 30, 2024

Johnny Burgos and Jeremy Page are stirring things up, this time with their latest creation, “Get Back.” This experience is a visual journey through the ebbs and flows of a relationship on the brink. Featured on their upcoming album “All I Ever Wonder,” set for a June 7th release via LRK Records, “Get Back” dives into the heart of a love story that’s lost its spark, offering a glimmer of hope for rekindling what was once there. Directed by Burgos alongside Malik Chatman and starring Feather Monet, the music video takes us to the heart of Brooklyn’s roller skating scene at BKLYN Skates, beautifully syncing with the song’s introspective vibe to paint a picture of romance in its many shades.

What makes “Get Back” really stand out is its ability to blend the lively world of Brooklyn’s roller skating culture with the poignant narrative of the song, delivering a music video that’s as thought-provoking as it is visually engaging. This harmony of sights and sounds not only adds depth to the storytelling but also amps up the excitement for the album.

Burgos, Brooklyn-born and bred, brings a rich musical heritage into his work, influenced by the likes of his uncle, the notable percussionist Andre Martinez, and music legends such as Michael Jackson and OutKast. His journey from being mesmerized by salsa and soul to crafting his own hip-hop music has culminated in a sound that’s a vibrant mix of R&B, hip-hop, funk, pop, salsa, and reggae. “Get Back” hints at the depth and diversity of Burgos’ upcoming album, promising a blend of heartfelt lyrics and stand-out sounds.


Chill | David Starfire And Ram Dass’s ‘Alchemy of the Heart’ Is A Special Project That Goes Beyond A Guided Meditation

Posted by on July 14, 2023

Soul Land Records and David Starfire, the global bass talent, have united to give birth to a unique experience titled “Alchemy of the Heart”. This revolutionary EP is a potent and timely statement against the tedious, mind-numbing homogeneity that relentlessly plagues our music industry.

But it doesn’t stop there. The most strikingly subversive element of this EP is its bold integration of Ram Dass’s profound meditations. Ram Dass, the daring spiritual explorer who eschewed the comfortable life as Dr. Richard Alpert in 1967, and instead embarked on a spiritual odyssey that has since resonated with and enlightened millions across the globe. This EP brilliantly brings his revolutionary teachings to the forefront, immersing the listeners in a deeply affecting sonic landscape that promotes self-exploration and critical introspection.

This musical marvel was unveiled to the world at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, a forum synonymous with groundbreaking thought, radical ideas, and self-discovery. Alchemy of the Heart is more than just music, it is a resounding declaration of spiritual freedom, a beacon of resistance against the oppressive chains of spiritual ignorance.

Chill, Pop | Dive into the Sounds of Summer with Orang Utan and West Rose’s ‘Summer Simmer’

Posted by on June 29, 2023

With the advent of summer comes a fresh, sun-kissed track, “Summer Simmer” – an invigorating collaboration between the dynamic DJ/producer duo, Orang Utan, and the eclectic indie-pop artist, West Rose. Released on June 29th under the Position Music label, the single is a vibrant amalgamation of new-wave pop, dance music, and house influences.

Imbibing the light-hearted spirit of summer, “Summer Simmer” effuses an energy that is carefree yet captivating. It brilliantly blends upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies that evoke nostalgia for dreamy, sun-dappled days. The unique blending of various genres results in a sound that is simultaneously soothing and energizing.

Orang Utan, revered globally within the electronic music scene, brings their rich experience of performing in cities like Berlin and Los Angeles and infuses their music with these life-experiences. Their influence is noticeable in the track’s pulsating rhythms and infectious energy. West Rose, a Montreal-born artist who gained significant recognition after her 2022 EP, adds her distinct indie-pop flavor to the mix. Her previous hit “Next Big Thing” garnered over 100,000 plays in less than a year.

“Summer Simmer,” with its delightful fusion and summer-fun vibe, is set to become the quintessential soundtrack for all the summer pool parties this season. So, let the rhythm of “Summer Simmer” transport you to your most cherished summer memories and create new ones along the way.

Chill | FNT Premiere: Liquid Grove Show Off Chill Vibes In Sophomore Single ‘Grillz’

Posted by on April 18, 2023

Positive vibes hit a graceful peak thanks to the efforts of Liquid Grove. Their single “Grillz,” follows up last year’s “Beach House,” there being certain connecting aspects between the two that illustrate a clearer idea of their sound and direction. Based in south Florida and branded as a collective entity rather than a cemented group of a members, their quality speaks for itself and will absolutely put a listener in a positive place. Between the eased tempo, strummed guitar, and gentle live drum work, all the pieces come together in a cohesive manner to deliver an excellent blend of uniqueness and colorful melody.

The message behind “Grillz,” highlights the sunnier side of life. Showcasing broad themes of optimism and forecasting the great things to come in life.

Their debut release, “Beach House,” snagged a whopping 500K streams across all social and streaming channels, a big bump for an project that is in it’s beginnings. For Liquid Grove, their style commonly encompasses reggae and adult contemporary, but isn’t limited to these categories.

“Come along and vibe with us to our new, summer daydream tune, ‘Grillz’.”
– Liquid Grove

The future looks bright for Liquid Grove, definitively have the talent and capability to put stand out songs in the world for the common man to latch onto. Even better, their sound makes this existence we are all thrown into a more enjoyable place to experience.

Chill | Isaiah Brown Talks ‘Please Be The One’ Video, Career Reflection, & More [Interview]

Posted by on April 17, 2023

Bridging together electronic music, pop, and a variety of other genres and influences, Isaiah Brown has become a staple act in the LA emo-pop community. In addition to working with the likes of ARIUS, Bonnie X Clyde, Pixel Terror, and James Kennedy, he has racked up over 5 million streams on Spotify. Not to mention a ton of performances across the West Coast and Texas at top-tier events like HARD Summer.

Among his extensive library of originals, Isaiah’s newest project is an alluring music video for his single, “Please Be The One”. The music video kicks off with a calming wave that washes over Isaiah’s feet as he crouches on the beach. Then the magnetizing guitar chords and Isaiah’s inspirational vocals are introduced. They are layered with blissful sound effects and heavily percussive trap-centric beats.

Throughout the music video, Isaiah sings, plays his guitar, and dances as the sun sets, sharing an empowering message to open our hearts to the world around us. Promoting positivity with its infectious aura and sound design, “Please Be The One” precedes the next exciting phase in Isaiah’s journey. Be on the lookout for this blossoming artist as he gears up for his GENESIS tour and more hit releases.

Exclusive Interview

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting your musical career?

Acceptance, compassion, indifference, and alertness. The more I can open my arms to the world around me, while also being diligent about those who surround me have my best interests, is a super important factor for me now. I’ve been through plenty of experiences where I was surrounded by individuals that didn’t have my best interests, and now it is almost a gut feeling/intuition if I’m in an environment that isn’t right for me. My goal is for our whole village and family to come up together, but at times when there are snakes in the grass, you have to mow the lawn.

What has been your favorite festival to perform at and why?

Hard Summer was undeniably my favorite performance experience thus far. Although I have yet to be booked for my own show at a festival, performing alongside Arius with our hit record “CRAZY FOR FALLING” was a moment I’ll never forget! I’m excited to bridge the gap between EDM and vocals, as I plan to DJ and SING for my festival performances, alongside a live band (drums, guitar, keys, etc.) I’m super excited to see what the future holds and which productions find me and the show a good fit for their experience.

Which songs from DREAMERBOY typically receive the best crowd reaction during your live performances? Why do you think they have this effect on your audience?

I have yet to unveil the full album live apart from my release party at Madame Siam in Hollywood, but from there I learned each song pulls the crowd in different directions. The goal of DREAMERBOY is to capture as much emotion as possible, and take the listener through a journey about love, growth, and self-acceptance. While I utilize heartbreak songs to show vulnerability, I also add self love songs to show what I’ve learned from those experiences. The entire album start to finish tells a story, and if the listener really delves into the lyrics, they can understand the whole message through & through. It’s a constant push and pull, from light and dark, and heartbroken sadness to uplifting love.

How does the music video for “Please Be The One” embody the song itself? What is your favorite visual element from it?

The whole video is up to the watchers interpretation really. I wanted to bring the dancing element to encapsulate me dancing with who I think might be “the one.” My favorite visual element has to be the ocean striking me as the emotion of life and love seem right there at my feet.

How has LA impacted your taste and passion for music?

LA really just taught me the business side, and how the industry works on the ins and outs. My taste and passion comes deep from where I’m from and my connection to God. LA to me is simply a good place to make my dreams come into fruition. My passion comes from my loved ones, family, friends, musical inspirations, and God. LA has certainly opened my eyes to all aspects of music and that there is so much more to uncover. Each day is a new opportunity to create something incredible.