Chill | Apashe Announces New LP With Lead Single

Posted by on December 5, 2019

Apashe is easily one of the most underrated producers you are going to find. Since his beginnings he has pushed bass music to new heights and brought a level of musicality most producers could only dream to reach. They are lofty words, but Apashe’s iconic catalog backs it all up. He’s further added to it with one of his best records yet in “Distance” featuring the talented vocalist Geoffroy. This feels like it could pop in a big way and it sets up the future of Apashe which will see the release of his second album early next year!

Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill, Hip-Hop | Drex Carter and Kkami Connect on THAW

Posted by on November 15, 2019

With stellar beats from Kkami and dope flows from Drex Carter, THAW is well worth listening to. The EP is a great introduction to both artists if you are unfamiliar with their prior music, while also showing a different side of each artist’s normal style. Drex’ approach is more laid back and less lyrical than his older music and Kkami’s hybrid instrumentals on this one lean a bit more in the indie scene compared to his older drops. Tune in above now. Also, be sure to check out a new video off the EP by clicking here.

Chill | JOY Showcase Unique Vibe In “Closer To Divine” From ‘Soft Whisper’ Album

Posted by on October 17, 2019

Throwing the vibe back with an IDM and chillout sound of the mid 1990s, JOY’s single “Closer to Divine” conveys a true to life, supernatural, and advanced sort of experience.

The subsequent single highlighted on JOY’s pending and exceptionally presented album Soft Whisper, “Closer to Divine,” is fresh blend of computerized sounds and frantically hyper-musical.

With influences from acts like Autechre and Aphex Twin clearly built in, the instrumental strings and a melodic vibe, “Closer to Divine” is a simple substantial amalgam of nocturnally splattered synth-based tones that reverberate profoundly with significant feeling.


Chill, Pop | Corporate Slackrs Make Their Mark In 2019 With ‘Highs & Lows’ EP

Posted by on October 16, 2019

High And Lows EP pulls together two past-prodded singles and uncovers a few more fresh ones, officially putting the duo’s style and mark in 2019 on full display.

A wide blend of influences all aligned through personable stories follow a broader dance-pop road-map, Highs & Lows’ over-arching flow song-to-song and lyric/vocal work being one of many highlights.

With “S.M.S.,” focusing on a situation around a circuitous relationship, then “Faith,” displaying a lighter juxtaposition, the remaining singles fill the gaps with pleasure and ease, the ending leaving you far better off than the start.

Chill, Electronic | Juuku Gets “Gone” with Natalie on New Track

Posted by on October 5, 2019

“Gone” by juuku dropped on Mr.suicidsheep’s record label found / red, and it has been in heavy rotation since I clicked play. The single was dedicated to a late friend who unforuntly passed in a car accident, but something beautiful came from it on this song. Emotional and captivating music is the style of electronic production this producer focuses on and he is one of the best doing it at the moment who isn’t headlining major festival. Not yet at least. Listen now above and keep an eye out for new music out by juuku soon enough (Hopefully.. who knows with this mystery act..)

Chill | Harry Nathan and Odeya Rush Team Up on Quirky New Video For “Alright”

Posted by on September 30, 2019

Actress Odeya Rush (Ladybird, Goosebumps, Dumplin’) and Harry Nathan are coming off 24 independent short film awards for their past work together on. Fool For Your Love. On Friday the pair debuted a new short video with Odeya directing again and Harry laying down some nice lo-fi dreamy pop music for their new project for “Alright”. The video is the result of a DIY, super low budget love story between a sandwich and a croissant. 

Harry Nathan’s “Alright EP”, and the B-Side to his last release “To the Limit,” is out now to accompany the extra eye-catching piece of work. It’s not your everyday video, and based on their past work, we wouldn’t think otherwise, cheers to Harry & Odeya for keeping their creativity and ingenuity alive with “Alright”.

Chill | J2 Drops Impactful 17-Track Work ‘Synth Wave Pt. 1’

Posted by on September 24, 2019

Using his experience as a composer in TV and film to his advantage, J2 has released the first part of what is an eclectic 17-track bundle that fully explores the J2 universe. Titled Synth Wave Part 1, the odyssey inspired work with a well-ranging spectrum of themes is filled with vibrant sonic sounds and cinematic inspirations, the end result is a chronicle well worth the listen.

Influenced by the likes of Daft Punk, Chromeo, early M83, and The Weeknd and other acts who touch on new wave and synth genres, J2 brings a unique blend of sounds together which reinforces his envelope pushing style.