Chill, Future Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Throwbacks, Trap | Check Out HiFadility’s New Summer Jam, An Edit of SWV – “Weak”

Posted by on June 30, 2015

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HiFadility released another chill edit from The Queens concept project, an edit of the 1992 SWV classic, “Weak”.  After the Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah tracks, we were interested to hear what this artist has created, so we checked it out.  Everything sounds so out of the box, in a good way.  In the case of this track, the juxtaposition between the synths, which sound so original and blend well with the throwback vocals, and his new electronic flip that takes place a third of the way in, takes the track to another level. This track is definitely worth the play and great for riding in cars with the windows down, another solid summer jam.

Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill, Electro, Electronic, Hip-Hop | HiFadility Calls An Iso With Lauryn Hill On His Edit Of “Ready or Not”

Posted by on June 26, 2015

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HiFadility dropped another exciting edit, an isolation of Lauryn Hill’s vocals from The Fugee’s “Ready or Not” track with a very luxurious hip-hop/world instrument electronic sound.  What really makes this track worth supporting is the thoughtfulness involved in the arrangement of quality sounds, and the attention used in choosing the vocal arrangement.  HiFadility is part of a movement that is bringing consciousness back into popular culture.

HiFadility, whose tagline is “peace, love and prosperity”, seems to ask for intention and awareness out of life that he also likes to deliver within his music, allowing him to create really intricate and interesting pieces. Before releasing this track, he asked himself the question of why he decides to make, release and engage in the music industry.  He replied with the idea of: “What does make creating music worth the while is the mystery.” Later that night, at the release of the Lauryn Hill track, he simply posted an infinity sign, “?”, indicating the infinite nature of our being and sound, the thrilling mystery of music, and how it magically touches our soul.

The ability to make chill bangers, songs that are laid back but still get you pumped up, is pretty unique, so make sure to check out this track, it’s just in time for the summer feels.  HiFadility will be releasing more videos and tracks in relation to this concept project, The Queens EP, over the duration of the summer, so be sure to follow HiFadility on his social media, soundcloud, tumblr, twitter, for more gems.


Videos | Armin van Buuren Joined on Stage by Dutch King and Queen; Everything Makes Sense Again

Posted by on May 1, 2013

Here is a video of Armin van Buuren being joined on stage by the King and Queen of the Netherlands, who made an impromptu pit stop at this apparent rave while probably en route to a ball and/or palace.

This video is perfect. Several things:

1) There are currently multiple comments on YouTube alleging that Armin is, in fact, the real King in the North King of the Netherlands and the other guy’s an impostor. Interesting theory.

2) I’m assuming that this is the Dutch equivalent of the Obamas getting on stage with Skrillex at Ultra. Awesome; also excellent visual.

3) In that vein, I’d really like to live in a country where Armin van Buuren is backed by a symphony orchestra and kings and queens come out to wave to the adoring populace as the dulcet sounds of trance and violins fill the air. Armin van Buuren: Dutch National Treasure.

4) The Queen is kind of a babe, no?

5) Coolest royal family ever. Sorry England — until Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are photographed waving glow sticks at Ministry of Sound, I don’t want to hear about it.

BREAKING: I’ve just been informed that this is a video of King Willem-Alexander’s inauguration, where Armin was specifically asked to perform. However, what King Willem-Alexander isn’t telling you is that the whole inauguration thing was actually a ploy; he really just wanted to see Armin drop his Dead London edit of “Stresstest.”


Indie | Mandy Lee – Vagabond (Scion AV)

Posted by on June 5, 2012

Hailing from Astoria, Queens, Mandy Lee has been making waves as of late, as their new single ‘Vegabond” was hand-picked by Levi Maestro fro his “Maestro Knows America Campaign” with Scion. Rumored to be as good live as they are in recordings, this indie band is obe you should keep an eye on as they continue to progress. Hat tip to my blogstar brother, Sean Bannon, for sharing this.


Hip-Hop | 360 – What Goes Up (Prod. by J. Cole)

Posted by on February 7, 2012

If I knew this track was going to drop today, I would have waited off to introduce 360.  Fortunately for him, I broke the FNT ice with a post of the video of him and J. Cole working on this track in the studio, and now I’m showing him more love again today.  As expected, Cole delivers a key driven beat with some heavy bass as 360 brings some rhymes to blast in your residential streets.  One thing’s for sure, 360 is heading up and his time is now. No love lost, you can thank me later.

DOWNLOAD: 360 – What Goes Up (Prod. by J. Cole)

Hip-Hop | Introducing New Talent: 360

Posted by on February 6, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”Gj0EgmIJBvg”/]

I came across “360” a few days ago on Rap Radar and couldn’t help but wonder, “Who is this guy and how is he in the studio with J. Cole?”  Hailing from Queens, NY, 360 finds much of his inspiration in 90’s hip-hop which acted as the birthplace for his career as an artist.  As far as I know, 360 is still unsigned and has one mixtape to date, Been Official, on his resume.  From the few tracks I’ve heard his sound is very authentic, justifiably so, when you’re frankly unknown and already in the studio with Jermaine.  Below is his most recent (and debut) video for his remix to Common’s “Blue Sky”, titled “Mr. Blue Sky”.  Judging by the sound of the beat with Cole above and the verses I’ve heard 360 put together, that G-Shock may be turning into a Rollie sooner than you think.

“Am I wrong cause I got some dough and copped a couple finer thingsG-Shock to Rolex, my how the times have changed!” – J. Cole

DOWNLOAD: 360 – Mr. Blue Sky (Watch video after the break)

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