Armin van Buuren Joined on Stage by Dutch King and Queen; Everything Makes Sense Again

Posted by on May 1, 2013

Here is a video of Armin van Buuren being joined on stage by the King and Queen of the Netherlands, who made an impromptu pit stop at this apparent rave while probably en route to a ball and/or palace.

This video is perfect. Several things:

1) There are currently multiple comments on YouTube alleging that Armin is, in fact, the real King in the North King of the Netherlands and the other guy’s an impostor. Interesting theory.

2) I’m assuming that this is the Dutch equivalent of the Obamas getting on stage with Skrillex at Ultra. Awesome; also excellent visual.

3) In that vein, I’d really like to live in a country where Armin van Buuren is backed by a symphony orchestra and kings and queens come out to wave to the adoring populace as the dulcet sounds of trance and violins fill the air. Armin van Buuren: Dutch National Treasure.

4) The Queen is kind of a babe, no?

5) Coolest royal family ever. Sorry England — until Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are photographed waving glow sticks at Ministry of Sound, I don’t want to hear about it.

BREAKING: I’ve just been informed that this is a video of King Willem-Alexander’s inauguration, where Armin was specifically asked to perform. However, what King Willem-Alexander isn’t telling you is that the whole inauguration thing was actually a ploy; he really just wanted to see Armin drop his Dead London edit of “Stresstest.”

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  • Thijs

    Well, this was actually at the inauguration of our King. Armin played at their request! This was one of the stops of their tour to celebrate the crowning of our new King 🙂 Throughout all of the Netherlands were parties. Also known as queensday (now kingsday) .

  • Spice

    Ah, I was trying to figure out what was actually going on but obviously cannot read Dutch! If I were being inaugurated, I’d clearly want Armin to play. Good looks, King Willem-Alexander.

    That said, I’m really into the fictional version of the story where the King and Queen are huge electronic music fans and bail on a state dinner because they have to make sure they see Armin play his latest mashup of “Shivers.”