Future Trap, Pop | SVDKO & Adrobski Share Immersive Future Pop Anthem “Open Waters”

Posted by on January 25, 2022

Following up his rock-tinged single “Wild,“ which saw him debut his own vocals for the first time, Belgium-based producer and guitarist SVDKO has now returned, teaming up with French up-and-comer Adrobski to share the incredible “Open Waters.” Featuring vocals from singer/songwriter Harvey, “Open Waters” makes up for a nicely-crafted combination of the two artists’ styles, a clash of sounds that results in a larger-than-life auditory journey. 

Smooth guitar melodies and hard-hitting drums contrast as Harvey’s singing conveys a lively story, before the drop explodes into a heavenly sequence of vocal chops and grainy effects that is hard to forget. As SVDKO explained about the story behind “Open Waters”:  

“This song happened while I was experimenting with harmonies on my guitar. I found the main melodies that immediately inspired me to lay down that slowly evolving structure. Harvey completely understood what I was going for and recorded this topline in a few days – “It started with me trying my best to explain to my partner how being in love with them makes me feel”. Adrobski came a few months later to add some more heavy and experimental elements which blended perfectly with the mood of the song.” 

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Future Trap, Pop | UNIKID Shares Playful Debut EP “In Times Past” Via Frequency Music

Posted by on November 5, 2021

Based in Amsterdam, UNIKID has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years with his vibrant productions and unique sonic aesthetic. Trying to convey his energetic and happy charisma through his music, UNIKID landed a massive streaming hit with his 2020 single “Choose Me“ via Frequency Music, and has now returned to the Dutch label to share his debut EP ‘In Times Past.’ 

Spanning over 7 tracks, ‘In Times Past’ includes some of UNIKID’s most recently-released singles, such as the radio-ready “Out of Love” and the uplifting “Kids for Life,” as well as a handful of soothing instrumental pieces that perfectly accompany its focus tracks. 

“The EP is intended as a kind of digital diary for myself, to close an important period for myself,” explained UNIKID in a press statement. “All the songs of the EP contain stories from the past period and that way I was able to close those stories and save them to maybe look back on later. It is also not only a digital diary for myself, but also for others. In this way I want to close this period, to make room for a new period. The EP is a way for me to process my memories and events.”

Future Trap, Trap | St. Mary Unveils Stunning Music Video For Reo Cragun Collaboration “FIRE TO THE BLOCK”

Posted by on October 1, 2021

Hailing from Cyprus and based in LA, St. Mary hit it big last year with her impressive single “Blind” alongside Misdom, which has amassed over 500k streams just on Spotify since its release, showcasing an emotive and over the top melodic trap sound. Now, she has finally made her comeback with “FIRE TO THE BLOCK” featuring talented rapper and vocalist Reo Cragun, who is widely known for his collaborations with the likes of Flume and Ekali

Juxtaposing rattling hi-hats and deep bass with heavenly vocals and melodies, “FIRE TO THE BLOCK“ is without a doubt a stunner. With her vibrant production, St. Mary is always able to effortlessly complement her featured guests, an ability that shines bright on this new single. The rising producer has also just unveiled her brand new video for the song, directed, produced, filmed and edited by Savvas Christou, while starring herself and numerous actors in an immersive and chaotic story. 

As St. Mary explains about the song and the music video: 

“‘FIRE TO THE BLOCK’ is all about that abrupt moment of emotional outburst – a time when all the disappointment you felt and overlook you got from people has climaxed and then finally set free, hence the bittersweet undertone throughout the song. Producing this track felt like that outburst to me and I really wanted to convey that feeling to my listeners which is how the ‘bigger-than-life’ instrumental breaks came in.” 

“We filmed the music video for it while I was still working on the song which ended up playing a huge role in how they both developed. I approached them as one major project and so every creative decision I took on the video would then affect my production on the song and vice versa. The first and last scene of the music video shows a time bomb tied onto me which turns the feeling like you are about to explode into something literal and represents that emotional state. The video ends with a scene showing the bomb having one second to explode letting the viewer decide whether it goes off or not – sometimes we decide at the last minute to hold everything in instead. The blow-up only exists in our imagination and then the story just repeats itself.”


Bass, Future Trap | MICA Unleashes Emotional 5-Track EP ‘The Night You Left’ Via Suit Of Bullets

Posted by on August 28, 2021

Over the past years, MICA has without a doubt established himself as a force to be reckoned with, consistently sharing boundary-pushing tunes that blend future bass, ambient and experimental sonics into a distinct auditory result. He has received support from visionary artists such as Alison Wonderland, Steve Aoki, Autograf, and QUIX, while his music has been trusted by labels such as UZ’s Quality Goods Records and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak

Now, MICA is back with his most ambitious project to date, an immersive EP titled ‘The Night You Left,’ that makes up for an impressive journey through his turbulent mind. Heavenly vocals, soothing ambiances and over-the-top drops juxtapose each other throughout the EP’s 5 tracks, as MICA truly showcases his unmatched production style and vision. When it comes to the inspiration and meaning behind the project, MICA explains: 

“This project for me is all about self-growth, it was written from a really dark and lonely place in my life. I was lost, scared, confused, and angry – This EP is me growing from those emotions and accepting my flaws. This EP encapsulates my new sound as MICA, it’s very different from any of my older music, yet still feels connected. I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into this project – This project is essentially my musical therapy session. Each song is a stage of my depression and how I dealt with it.”

Albums, Future Trap, Pop | Rubayne Finally Unleashes Infectious Debut EP ‘Get Together’

Posted by on July 23, 2021

Still buzzing off the success of his infectious, R&B-infused bass single “Trail Of Broken Hearts” featuring vocalist B Sims, Dutch talent Rubayne is gearing up for the release of his most ambitious project to date, his debut EP Get Together. The versatile producer has been consistently putting out single after single over the past years, and is finally ready to take things to the next level with this exciting EP, which marks the epitomy of Rubayne’s “Positive, Encouraging, Energetic and Cool” sound, while bringing together various influences from Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and electronic music. 

Featuring a huge roster of talented vocalists, the project’s tracklist brings infectious and summery vibes to the table. Songs like “Get Together” featuring Cam James and “Sober” alongside JDOVE and Tien perfectly showcase Rubayne’s knack for crafting radio-ready hits, while cuts like “Up Already” with Tun and “This Time” with SOME combine explosive future bass aesthetics with unmatched pop sensibilities, proving just how truly promising Rubayne’s career is.

Future Trap, Pop, R&B | Rubayne Unleashes Infectious Gem “Trail Of Broken Hearts” Feat. B Sims

Posted by on July 3, 2021

Gearing up for the release of his massively anticipated debut EP Get Together, Dutch producer Rubayne has just unveiled his brand new single “Trail Of Broken Hearts” alongside singer B Sims, arguably one of his most exciting tunes to date. “Trail Of Broken Hearts” encompasses everything that makes Rubayne’s music unique, creating a “Positive, Encouraging, Energetic and Cool” atmosphere, just like the artist has envisioned. Sonically, it’s a mixture of high energy, future bass-inspired drops and R&B-flavoured verses, and we can’t get enough of it.

So far, Rubayne’s music has amassed millions of digital streams worldwide, while being included in playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday (NO) and Top 50 (NZ). His songs and personality have gained interest from massive artists including Alan Walker, Hardwell, KSHMR, NGHTMRE and Ookay. With his all-rounded performances, Rubayne has been able to travel the world, having opened for Dutch superstars Yellow Claw, as well as shared stages with Carnage, Laidback Luke, Brooks and many more.

Future Trap | JWILLI Drops Fascinating Punk-Infused Dance Single ‘Recover’

Posted by on May 4, 2021

JWILLI is a rising DJ/producer with lots of ambition and plenty of audio energy to share with the world. “Recover,” is the next step in the pathology he’s committed himself to, hammering in melodic parts, hard-hitting moments, and blending in plenty of small details all around which breathe technically-incorporated aspects into the track. Honing in a 150BPM feel into this one, “Recover,” has a giddy and quick pace feel to it that makes it easy to label as a track that’s a win. This is far from JWILLI’s first track and a listen to his streaming channels showcases healthy development and a zeroing-in of his sound that’s very much his own. This single shares a slight punk distinguishing factor in the guitar work, channels charming melody in the synth work, and scores a heavy-nature through the bass design and drum angle.

Real name John Williams, the Chicago-rising artist clearly cares about what he does. Having a certain perseverance that can be felt through the music and brand, longevity is something innately attractive in the fan-to-artist experience. John Williams, aka, JWILLI, definitely embodies this and it plays to his advantage.

Check out “Recover,” from this up and comer and give him a follow, more goodies of this caliber and more are certainly set to come from this guy.