Future Trap | IMLAY Drops Visually Stunning Video For Single “Without U (feat. Danyka Nadeau)”

Posted by on August 29, 2019

Korean electronic artist IMLAY has been in the game for most of this decade, producing a large spectrum of future and trap-influenced singles, many with poppy elements built in. Today, IMLAY brings a new single to the masses, this time paralleling it with a full-fledged 3D animated video that fits right into the theme of the song. Daunting color schemes and curious geometric shapes are what the viewer is guided through, an experimental, yet underrated experience most electronic fans would come away from satisfied.

Multi-talented artist IMLAY seems to be always pulling out surprises, after a nice pop in 2017, IMLAY has experienced a rush of festival and club bookings – a moment that led to plenty of blossoming opportunity come 2019. IMLAY is on a roll in 2019, which continues to incline.

Future Trap | DayFox Impresses With Future-Bass Inspired Single “Lioness”

Posted by on August 2, 2019

“Lioness” delivers an all original feel through empowering lyrics, melodic and provocative future-pop productive value, and a splash of undefinable zest that only comes from an experience artists. This is precisely what DayFox wants served up on his latest single. The German based DJ/producer, who has dozens of works and hundreds of thousands of streams, all under multiple alias’s, adds yet another notch to his discography which continues to solidify his creative prowess. “Lioness” has much to offer, especially for those who are fantasy inclined or have a general passion for popular electronic artists of today.

DayFox, under a different name at the time, succeeded heavily within the Spinnin Talent Pool community, winning many times and impress fans and industry insiders alike. With a strong sound and many story elements at his disposal, DayFox is set to sore in 2019.

Future Trap | BONNIE X CLYDE Deliver On “So High,” Their Latest Instrumental Bass Trap Release

Posted by on June 3, 2019

“So High” embodies the ability to paint a picture without the use of lyrics and voice – the single marks a late-May release for the duo, coming off the rush of closing the Circuit Grounds stage Sunday night at EDCLV 2019 as well as tearing it up in Florida via Sunset Music Festival. To say these LA-based artists are busy is an understatement, their hustle is noted and they reap what they sew. “So High” showcases melodic and colorful synth work, an empowering, relevant beat, all stitched together by a 140BPM bass-influenced thread.

BONNIE X CLYDE are gradually nearing the house-hold name status – at least in the states – with their onslaught of festival and club dates, stacked release schedule, and content that seems to have no end. The ever-busy guy-girl duo exploded onto the scene in 2017 with a razzing amount of singles and EP’s focusing on future, trap, bass, as well as dabs of other genres. The brand is unmistakable and the sound continues to evolve positively, this one act to stay close with for years to come.


Future Trap | Ramzoid delivers a powerful new single “GLOW”

Posted by on May 2, 2019

Ramzoid’s new direction seems to be working and we’re here for it. His new single “GLOW” sees the Canadian producer demonstrate a creativeness rarely seen in music at the moment. He’s willing to take risks by writing his own lyrics and recording his own vocals on his songs. The result has been emotional filled bangers like “BALL & CHAIN” and his “WORLD” EP. Check out his latest effort below to see what I mean.

Future Trap | RUUD And Romy Dya Collaborate on Dance-Pop Infused Bass Track “Fire It Up”

Posted by on February 15, 2019

“Fire It Up,” a dance pop crossover that’s just as strong as the message expressed through the vocal. The song resonates with the themes of re-starting the engine whenever things fail in life, sparking up the motivation and desire to go make a change in your surroundings. The release has heavy moments but is all together a feel-good easy-going experience with anthems built in.Both of the artists featured on this release have their own steam brewing, RUUD launched his career with a popular “Fireflies“ cover, originally done by Owl City, while Romy Dia recently wrapped up a collaboration with the one and only Martin Garrix. Their talents truly unfold well on “Fire It Up,” together.

Future Trap | Justice Skolnik drops an epic remix of LSD’s ‘Audio’

Posted by on January 24, 2019

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Justice Skolnic takes on LSD’s ‘Audio’ for the future bass treatment, as a free download. Blending island pop vibes with epic future bass build up and drops, Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo just got their ready to ply festival version. Grab the free download here, and follow Justice on Spotify for new music, this is a must listen!

Future Trap | Neovaii’s “Horzion” Tackles Multiple Genres in Album That Feels Like A Story

Posted by on October 23, 2018

Horizon is a collection of seven eclectic and infectious tracks. At times the album is emotional with impassioned vocals and melancholic synths and at others, the feel is chill and uplifting. Neovaii displays his diversity within the LP, from start to finish, the release has several intriguing elements with its vast emotional spectrum. Neovaii, known for his melodic sound that blends elements from multiple genres, mostly major chord and positive touches, found his passion for music at a very young age. Previously working in genres spanning from alt-rock and pop, he eventually realized his calling to electronic music and the rest is history. With tens of millions of streams across all platforms, his rapid ascension is certain.