SVDKO & Adrobski Share Immersive Future Pop Anthem “Open Waters”

Posted by on January 25, 2022

Following up his rock-tinged single “Wild,“ which saw him debut his own vocals for the first time, Belgium-based producer and guitarist SVDKO has now returned, teaming up with French up-and-comer Adrobski to share the incredible “Open Waters.” Featuring vocals from singer/songwriter Harvey, “Open Waters” makes up for a nicely-crafted combination of the two artists’ styles, a clash of sounds that results in a larger-than-life auditory journey. 

Smooth guitar melodies and hard-hitting drums contrast as Harvey’s singing conveys a lively story, before the drop explodes into a heavenly sequence of vocal chops and grainy effects that is hard to forget. As SVDKO explained about the story behind “Open Waters”:  

“This song happened while I was experimenting with harmonies on my guitar. I found the main melodies that immediately inspired me to lay down that slowly evolving structure. Harvey completely understood what I was going for and recorded this topline in a few days – “It started with me trying my best to explain to my partner how being in love with them makes me feel”. Adrobski came a few months later to add some more heavy and experimental elements which blended perfectly with the mood of the song.” 

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