Alternative, Hip-Hop, Pop | “Faster Please” by seeyousoon is a Summer Anthem

Posted by on June 22, 2021

This group does not stop heating up. Orlando’s own seeyousoon comes back stronger than ever on their latest drop “Faster Please”. With a clear 2000’s era Neptunes influence on the instrumental and the most eclectic combination of flows and vocal sounds I’ve heard out of a collective in years, this single is truly something special. Tap in above now!

Abstract Hip-Hop, Albums, Artists, Chill, Freestyle, Pop | Leah Haxhi Hits Hard with Summer Single- “Fade”

Posted by on June 21, 2015

You’ve seen Leah’s unique covers here on Fresh New Tracks before, but this time NYC singer/songwriter Leah Haxhi drops her first single “Fade,” with music produced in Brooklyn by Mike Irish. The track mixes minimalistic piano with jam-sesh vibes to create a natural, catchy feel that blends pop, R&B, hip-hop, and even subtle jazz elements into a chilled groove, ready for the hot city summer. With a June 21st release date, “Fade” is the perfect summer anthem, setting the tone for “driving down the highway” and blasting music while “everybody sings along.” The single is paired with high quality visuals from the hands of Matt Phipps, filmmaker and creator of

Leah says “I wrote this song last year on my birthday. I was in the studio free-styling and picturing myself flying down the highway with my boyfriend at the time just listening to music on the way to the beach, fading away into that moment of complete contentment and happiness. This song is an expression of that feeling, no matter what you’re doing in life.” Be on the lookout for more tunes from Leah, as she continues the countdown to her debut album release later this year. Be sure to follow her on Soundcloud as well as @LeahHaxhi on social media for info on her latest shows, music, and releases.

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Electro-House | Noize Punk – Make Noize!

Posted by on July 21, 2012

This is exactly what I need to keep my Summer amped up. Noise Punk is calling this a Summer Anthem and there is no doubt that is what he got out of this original. The name of the track says exactly what we should all be doing. It’s Summer and most importantly Saturday, so honor the day and yourself by enjoying the rest of your weekend.