Electronic, Nu Disco, Pop | Fare makes an upbeat debut with “Had Enough”

Posted by on July 19, 2018

The artists behind the duo Fare – Ryan Lafferty and Charlie Maynard – have known each other since college, but only have gotten together to make music under their new name recently. Now, they’ve joined Herø Records / Sony Orchard for their debut release, a single entitled “Had Enough.”

Taking into account the guys’ wide ranging influences – New Order, Kraftwerk, Jamie xx, Nick Murphy and Mark Ronson and indie rock classics Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel – “Had Enough” has legs in just about every genre. Featuring an infectious hook for pop fans, groovy production for house fans and instrumentation for the indie fan, it’s an addictive first run for Fare.

Trap | New Slander remix too hot for Soundcloud

Posted by on December 3, 2015

Slander continues their hot streak of Heaven Trap with a remix of Adele’s Hello, which was apparently too fire for Soundcloud. The track amassed a whopping 40,000 plays in just under two hours before Sony yanked the remix down. They’ve been opening almost every show with it for the last few weeks, including at EDC Orlando, LIV, XS, and Beta. Slander has included a message to their fans as well as a link to download the track.

DL: smarturl.it/He11oDL

Mainstream Remix | The Weeknd – Often (Kygo Remix)

Posted by on July 28, 2014

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about Kygo signing to Sony. Some congratulated, some even claimed this was the beginning of the end. It’s incredible to me that fans, or people who claim to be, wouldn’t want to see their favorite artist progress. Fans don’t understand how hard it is to make a living in this music scene. The barriers to entry are higher then they’ve ever been. What Kygo has done is unprecedented, yet fans have this ill-informed notion that Sony is going ruin his brand. Sure, major labels are notorious for messing up an artist’s brand. We’ve seen many artists (sadly) come and go because they signed. Kygo, and his team, are too smart to let that happen. Kygo is going to be just fine.


Dubstep, Progressive House, Trance | Krewella – Live For The Night (Remixes)

Posted by on November 8, 2013

Krewella live for the night remixes

Sony and Interscope are dueling for the best remix package this week. Zedd’s “Stay The Night” vs Sony’s (Columbia), “Live For The Night” makes for some big names and great remixes. W&W don’t get enough credit. The sound they help bring into the mainstream has become a bit overused, but they were the ones who popularized it. There are thousands of imitators, but only one W&W and this remix shows that once again. Dash Berlin molds their anthemic trance sound to the track, keeping it accessible, while still remaining true to their current direction. Deniz Koyu & Danny Avila add a somewhat cheesy progressive remix to the bunch, which is very disappointing for Deniz Koyu and you know Avila’s deal. Krewella also remain in genre by tabbing Pegboard Nerds and Xilent to switch things up on the track.

Beatport | iTunes | Amazon

Electro | Usher – Climax (Diplo & Flosstradamus Remix)

Posted by on May 9, 2012

A few weeks ago, Diplo and Flosstradamus dropped their trap musik-infused remix of Usher and Diplo’s slow jam “Climax.” Today, Diplo announced on Facebook that he would offer it for free DL if he could get 2,000 likes. Ah, the power of social media — it took no more than 10 minutes for his fans to mobilize. Diplo, of course, is a man of his word; you can now download the remix here, and he has promised to keep the link live until, and I quote, “Sony shuts it down.” Atta boy. The remix enhances the smooth vibe of the original with some chill, funky synths that complement Usher’s buttery vocals nicely. Diplo’s an international man of mystery and a proven tastemaker, so his forays into bounce, Baltimore club music and trap are definitely indicative that bigger things lie ahead for these regional niche genres. Get acquainted now.

Pop, Videos | Chris Rene – Young Homie [Music Video]

Posted by on March 21, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”SyBXi9S1CJc”/]

The heartfelt journey of Chris Rene was what initially drew a lot of people’s attention.  That, coupled with his unique and flavorful sound.  It’s no question he magnetized the hearts of millions through his progression on the X-Factor and although it may seem like he has put an unbearing amount of emphasis on this single, it really does tell a lot about Chris as an artist and a person.  For anyone who has followed my posts on the Santa Cruz kid, knows I’ve been sold on him for months.  It will be interesting to see what angle he takes with his next single, whether it will be a more acoustic based song, a highly infused hip-hop/pop track, or something completely different.

Sound off in the comments section if you’re feeling this tune and Chris Rene in general, or conversely if you think he’s no more than a one hit wonder.

Purchase on iTunes: Chris Rene – Young Homie