Hip-Hop, Pop | Chris Rene – Young Homie [Official Release]

Posted by on March 13, 2012

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The name Melanie Amaro still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  If you aren’t up to date on your competitive singing TV series, Melanie Amaro is the most recent winner of Simon Cowell’s show, The X Factor.  Beating out my boy Chris Rene and singer Josh Krajcik to win a $5 million recording deal with Sony along with a guest spot in a Pepsi commercial (where Flavor Flav took the cake), Melanie surely has a great voice, but Chris Rene is a new flavor of music.

Shortly after his bronze medal finish on the show, Chris signed his own deal with Epic records under Sony.  Now, a few months later, Chris has re-mastered his token track, “Young Homie”, adding a new verse, changing a few lines around, and perfecting his sound.  This record was written, produced, and composed by Chris himself and will be the first single off his debut LP, which does not yet have a release date, but I’d presume sometime this summer.  Renaliens where you at?

Purchase on iTunes: Chris Rene – Young Homie [Crack Track]

Pop, Videos | Cher Lloyd ft. Astro – Want U Back [Video]

Posted by on January 23, 2012

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Every once in a while I’ll come across that pop tart track that I’m too ashamed to admit I’m in love with.  The kind of song that is so catchy you can’t help but hit the repeat-1 button in your iTunes.  Unfortunately for me, it’s my job to supply you with fresh music, so I have no choice other than open my closet and share my latest gem.  The 18 year old smokeshow singer from the UK was a contestant on the British-turned-American TV series, X-Factor, back in 2010.  Although she didn’t win, she was signed by Simon Cowell to a Sony Subsidiary, Syco Music, launching her young pop star career.  I’d classify Cher’s style as a hybrid between Ke$ha, Rihanna, & Jessie J.

Like Cher, Astro made it to the final 7 before he was shipped off by the fans.  He was one of my personal favorites and since signing with L.A. Reid, this 15 year old star is on the path to having one hell of a career.  This is his first major feature and he shows just why he’s been buzzing in the industry.  Hell, this kid’s 15 and rapping about relationships.

DOWNLOAD: Cher Lloyd ft. Astro – Want U Back (Prod. by Shellback)

DOWNLOAD: Cher Lloyd ft. Mike Posner – With Ur Love

Girl Fire, Pop | Cher Lloyd ft Mike Posner – With Ur Love

Posted by on October 3, 2011

Probably the only girl i’ve seen pull off that hipster haircut she’s sporting, I’m sure Biglife will disagree, but I’m into it. Regardless, this girls on the cusp of blowing up. She was on Simon Cowell’s show X-Factor and was the first one with some actual talent. While half of you might think she’s another white girl Kreayshawn relying on her “unique swag” I think she’ll go somewhere. Rumor has it her upcoming album has collabs with The Runners and Will.I.am…keep your eye on this girl, should be interesting.

DOWNLOAD: Cher Lloyd ft Mike Posner – With Ur Love


House, Mainstream Remix, Mashups | Avicii & Leona Lewis Controversy Over “Fade Into Darkness”

Posted by on July 17, 2011

Sounds familiar right? Alright so here’s the situation. Everyone and their mother not only had Avicii’s essential mix on repeat during finals, but also couldn’t get enough of that addictive melody featured in “Penguin”. A leak we posted a few days ago entitled “Fade Into Darkness,” surfaced featuring a vocal piece over Penguin’s infectious melody. However, yesterday, a Leona Lewis single entitled “Collide” leaked featuring pretty much the same exact instrumental found on “Fade Into Darkness.” Let the confusion begin…

The Origin:

To keep things easy, let’s start with the origin of the track. The Penguin Café Orchestra was a group of elite performing musicians originally formed by British guitarist Simon Jeffres. The Penguin Café wrote a song called, “Perpetuum Mobile” (posted below) that Avicii clearly sampled in his latest single.
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile

The Confusion:
Apparently the original sample was offered to both Avicii’s team and Leona’s…however, SyCo (Leona’s label headed by Simon Cowell) was informed the song would be Avicii’s next single and was no longer available. Yet, yesterday, Leona Lewis put out her new summer single, which is pretty much an identical copy of “Fade Into Darkness.” However, the production side for Leona Lewis’s track was provided by Sandy Vee, most famous for production on Rihanna’s Only Girl and David Guetta’s Where Them Girls At. This obviously resulted in a lot of confusion and tension. Avicii’s label, Ministry of Sound is obviously accusing SyCo of plagiarizing their track, yet Simon Cowell is disregarding any claims and still pushing to have the official release asap. I clearly support Avicii as he has been playing this track in all of his sets, including his EDC set, and Radio One has been playing it since back in December. Leona Lewis’s camp had to of known this, yet they still continued production of the track. Whether they had the official rights to it or not (which is still unclear and will probably be settled in court) I think that fact that Avicii has had it previewing on the radio for 6 months now, while Leona first previewed it this week stands above anything.

Here’s what Avicii’s team tweeted

Avicii’s management – “We never got to hear the track before it was promoed on radio, how could we clear anything? We’re not amateurs – we don’t sign papers without knowing what [we’re] getting into.” – Ash Pournouri, Manager and Executive Producer of Avicii

Avicii’s Tweets
“To be clear im not taking credit for the melody (everything was cleared with penguin cafe orchestra and simon jeffes who wrote the song)”

He goes on to explain that he’s just upset someone else took credit for the song before they released it. Especially because of how much time his label and himself put into it.

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FinallyKap Slap went ahead and mashed the vocals of the two tracks together which turned out pretty cool and shows how similar these two songs really are. Sorry Leona, I’m on Avicii’s side.

DOWNLOAD: Kap Slap – Penguins Collide Into Darkness (Avicii vs. Leona Lewis)