Girl Fire, Pop | Lyric Lincoln — Bodies

Posted by on November 9, 2014

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It is really hard to make smart pop music. The charts will always be predominantly filled by recent successors within familiar tropes: body braggadocio (“All About That Bass”, “Anaconda”); hater-denouncement (“Shake It Off”); dehumanization of women (“Animals”); relationship turbulence (“Stay With Me”) — I could go on; but when I hear a song that is smart, that contains a semblance of wisdom — I know that it’s something special.

“Bodies”, the first single from Lyric’s upcoming project, Garden of Even, was produced by Jonathan Buscema and is every bit as memorable and upbeat as those aforementioned. It feels and sounds like a traditional pop song, and yet it reads like the work of an established, eloquent songwriting talent, leaving the listener (as I believe all great art does) mentally engaged and aware throughout the existential track.

This is only our first taste of Lyric Lincoln — a budding NYC singer, songwriter, and model — but with a first release like this, she’s definitely got my attention.

Girl Fire, Pop, Videos | Melanie Martinez — Carousel [Music Video]

Posted by on October 15, 2014

After ending her run on The Voice in the show’s third season, semi-finalist and now 19-year-old singer/songwriter Melanie Martinez said that her primary objective was to express who she was and touch people’s hearts. Just a year later, she’s set to reach many more; her Dollhouse EP from earlier this year was critically-acclaimed, its lead single garnered over eight million views, and now her second single, “Carousel”, has both been listed as one of Spotify’s most viral tracks and was recently featured in the promos for American Horror Story: Freak Show. As of this afternoon, “Carousel” has gotten a visual treatment as well, and for an artist who cares as deeply about her aesthetic and brand as Melanie does, you know this is a must watch. The song was written and produced with the help of the NYC-based duo Kinetics & One Love—who have been her closest collaborators while recording her new album—and features the same kind of stirring, hip-hop-inspired production and breathy, commanding vocals that we’ve come to expect from Melanie of late. Do yourself a favor and check this video out now, and keep yourself updated with the links below.

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Girl Fire, Pop | King Deco — Ocean [Lyric Video]

Posted by on October 15, 2014

I’ve said this before, but King Deco is an incredibly special talent. Too rarely do I come across a pop songstress who has all the vocal power and polish of a radio heavyweight, yet with a thoughtful aesthetic and resonant lyrics. Building off the success of her last EP, Tigris, Deco released a lyric video for “Ocean”, my favorite song from the project. It’s a heartfelt and thoughtful song that addresses her choice to leave her family in Jordan, where she was raised: “Am I really wrong now?/My family condemns me/But it’s empty in that city of sand.” As a writer, aided by the assistance of NYC writing/production team Kinetics & One Love, she has that essential skill of turning her personal stories into something accessible for others, and extremely poignant. The song was produced by Cobra Starship guitarist Ryland Blackinton and One Love, and is equally mesmeric and cinematically produced as anything we’ve seen come from her camp thus far. Take the time today to watch this compelling new visual from one of pop music’s brightest newcomers.

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Girl Fire | Oliver Heldens f. KStewart- Last All Night (Koala)

Posted by on October 9, 2014

Oliver Heldens Koala Last All Night 2014 1200x1200 500x500 Oliver Heldens f. KStewart  Last All Night (Koala)
We’ve made our feelings pretty well known to the blogosphere about Oliver Helden’s original “Koala” track that dropped a few months ago. To say we didn’t like it would be putting it nicely. Premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show last night, Oliver offers up the vocal version titled “Last All Night” with KStewart via FFRR. KStewart’s vocal contribution is notable, adding some much needed depth and variation to the track. I still think the drop is suspiciously similar to “Gecko” and I’m not going to back down from that criticism. Many of our counterparts in the blog world agree. Oliver may sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, but he makes damn good tunes and you have to respect him for the shift in the “EDM” space he’s creating. Here’s to hoping Oliver finds a new synth to incorporate into his future house sound. If you’re into this, be sure to pick up the pre-order available below.

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Girl Fire | Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Posted by on October 1, 2014

Screen Shot 2014 10 02 at 11.10.12 AM Galantis   Runaway (U & I)
With an “EDM” landscape full of similar sound acts, Galantis is a welcome breathe of fresh air. Despite their branded over-night success, they’re anything but, crafting hits well before “EDM” was a thing and you were still in high school dating cheerleaders. Last night, Galantis premiered their “Runaway (U & I) single on #BetaBPM (to much fanfare) set to release October 5th. The offering serves as the first single to their forthcoming album with no release date at the moment. Release date or not, Galantis is the next big thing in the electronic dance music space. Grab Galantis’s self-titled EP here. Seafox out.

Girl Fire | LARCY – Locked Up

Posted by on February 15, 2014

When super manager Stefan Jobe sends me new music, I know it’s going to be something serious. Dubbed “the next face of vocal EDM”, Larcy continue to impress with her second Prince Fox produced release. If this is any indicator of Larcy’s trajectory, I’d say she’s an artist to keep an eye on. Watch the video above and grab the free download below. “Locked Up” will sweep you off your feet.

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Posted by on August 29, 2012

So I’ve got this friend in Israel. His name is Shlomo Jamil. Even though we’ve never met, we talk like every single day. We have a hard time understanding each other sometimes, but we communicate via sharing links to music back and forth. He has a passion for music just like I do. He’s basically the Israeli version of me. I’ve always thought “music is a universal language” is such a cliche catch-phrase, but in this case it actually applies. He hits me up tonight, tells me to listen to this. I don’t even understand the lyrics but this is the epitome of girl fire.

So, here’s the deal with TripL & Eliad’s breakout third “Bailando single. The Tel-Aviv production team “TripL” produced it and it interpolates elements from the famed 1997 “Bailando” by “Paradisio”, featuring vocals from Lila. I can already see myself crushing the dance floor in all my white awkwardness. Power pointing towards all the baddest b*tches in the room. Bailando. Caliente. Dale.