House | Molly Parton – ‘Redneck’ [Video]

Posted by on May 1, 2020

After releasing a TikTok hit “California,” Molly Parton is back with a brand new “Redneck.” Putting a new twist on the well known term, Molly Parton repurposes the word into a love mark, saying the following:

“I’d been thinking for a while about how the word ‘redneck’ has always been used, and while to some extent it’s been reclaimed, the word itself has never really been repurposed. To me, it sounded like something a girl might call a hickey – and what a cool idea for a girl to want to give their lover a mark so that other girls would know they’re taken.

A radio ready, TikTok hit, “Redneck” is sure to be bumping all summer long!

Molly Parton is Rob “Rez” Resnick of Timeflies.

Albums, Hip-Hop, Pop | Timeflies Just Brought Grubeats Out of Retirement.

Posted by on March 29, 2018

It’s been a cool ~5 years since I published my last blog and faded off into corporate America. I’m dusty, washed up, real-world slummin’, counting one more grey every time I have my hair cut. It’s a different grind than working my shitty hotel job then cranking out 15 blogs at night back in 2010. Do I wish I could go relive the college life once more? You’re damn right I do. Twice even. Since I now have a cubicle to occupy, I’ve come to the realization that this is no longer a reality. “So Grubeats, why are you back,” you say? I’m back because our day 1 guys Cal and Rez dropped a heater and sent me on a trip back to my younger years.

Our good friend’s Timeflies’ new EP, ‘To Dream’, hit digital outlets last Friday, chalk full of all the feels. Like I said, they took me on a journey. Fast forward to the closing track, “Be Easy”, which is backed by a elementary chorus (which is catchy as hell), pumped with that nostalgia I so desperately need. Those who have been following Timeflies’ from the jump know their story. They came up in an era where the blog game was booming. The Stupay brother’s were the blog game Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff – fortunately they did it clean and never ended up under seize by the SEC and FBI. It was a different ballgame back then. Blogging was the meat and cheese sandwiched between Limewire and Spotify. The good ol’ days. Cal and Res capitalized on their unique opportunity and are still here killing it 8+ years later, and for that, I salute them.  Head on over to, cop/stream their new album and catch them on tour now!  …and shout out for the HOF FNT line in verse 2.

[Verse 2]
I remember taking laps through the quad
Natty in the back of the Jeep with the squad
All the girls laying on our lawn while we’re playing our song
Looking at us like ‘oh my God’
Thinking man if we could just do that
If we could we get a song up on fresh new tracks
If Waldo doesn’t call the cops
If 101 had blocks
If hotongue didn’t get so packed
But Jerry and our peep we were hungry
And ever since they heard me free people love me
64 buzz deep on them rizzer beats
In the back seat of the town and country
No time for stress, I’m blessed, I confess
I’m pressed tryna turn all their no’s into yes
I’m obsessed with being the best
Ain’t no time for rest
I’ma turn lights checkmate into cash cheques

Signing off until 2023, Grubeats.

Pop, Videos | Timeflies: Warning Signs Tour

Posted by on August 14, 2013

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”bW7StOMQomM”/]

I’ll start off by saying the song Timeflies teases us with in this tour announcement video sounds like crack on crack on crack.  Recently sharing the news that they will be back on the road (yes, already), Timeflies will be joined by Chiddy Bang along with ________(undisclosed special guests) on a nationwide tour kicking off on Octover 9th in Boston.  With the tour announcement also came the expected announcement that Timeflies sophomore LP, Warning Sings, is also en route for a fall delivery.  Swoon ladies (and gents), swoon.  Jump the break for the full tour schedule and grab your tickets here once they go on sale this Friday (pssst, check their Facebook & Twitter for presale passwords).



Albums, Pop | Timeflies – One Night EP

Posted by on November 27, 2012

When life gives you lemons, squeeze those bastards into lemonade.  When life gives you a microphone, a computer, a room full of instruments, and a godly set of vocals, do what Timeflies has done.  Make music.  We’ve watched them journey from pub performers to international pop stars, and today we’re honored to present their newest, all original EP, One Night. A culmination of their full artillery, this 6 track album surely has something for everyone.  Enough of the chatter, head over to iTunes and expedite this time bomb to #1.

Purchase on iTunes: Timeflies – One Night EP

P.S. While the NYC Terminal 5 show has already sold out, Timeflies has another announcement for you tomorrow…

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Electro, Hip-Hop, Videos | Timeflies – We Found Love [Video + Download]

Posted by on July 10, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”wBYvgpRyFmU”/]

If this doesn’t ignite the apocalypse, I don’t know what will.  While I’ve been sitting here in denial with belief that Timeflies Tuesday was on a short hiatus, this 320 karat diamond pops up on my newsfeed.  BOOM.  While Flo Rida is naming songs after the world’s biggest pop star and drooling over RiRi’s short shorts and various hair colors, jumping on every remix opp that comes his way, Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro are letting their talents do the talking.  It’s not easy to successfully sample the hottest song of the year, but Timeflies did just that, surpassing the feat with flying colors.  I have to hand it to Taylor Cut Films and OB Films for putting together one hell of a live footage video.  #UnderTheInfluence mixtape coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: Timeflies – We Found Love | Alternative DL 

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Review | TimeFlies Take Dallas By Storm At The Palladium Ballroom [Exclusive]

Posted by on March 27, 2012

“Who are you here for?” a Palladium parking attendant asks as I roll my window down slowly.

“Timeflies and Sammy Adams…”

“You’re going to have the park in the lot behind you. This is reserved for the artists.” We pay our obligatory ten dollars to park, and walk to the side of the Palladium where Jared Glick, Timeflies’s manager, asks us to meet him before sound check.

It’s 6:45, and there’s already a line of overzealous fans forming at the door in the hopes to see Timeflies up close and personal.

Five minutes later, Cal Shapiro one-half of Timeflies, appears wearing a black cardigan hoodie and Ray-Ban sunglasses, greeting us as he walks up to the door.


Albums | Timeflies – The Scotch Tape

Posted by on September 18, 2011

As one of the first blogs ever to post Timeflies, we have had the gratifying opportunity to watch and aid in their growth. Over the past year, this duo comprised of producer Rob Resnick and Singer/Rapper Cal, have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of their passion. Their highly anticipated EP titled The Scotch Tape represents the culmination of months and months of hard work, and after your first listen I am convinced you will see why we are so excited about this project. So without further adieu, FNT is proud to introduce, The Scotch Tape.

After releasing The Scotch Tape Timeflies will be touring the country playing shows at colleges and venues from coast to coast. Check out for all tour dates and hit up [email protected] to bring them to your school. You can download the album for free here or support them on iTunes here.

Timeflies will be celebrating the release of The Scotch Tape with a sold out concert at Arlene’s Grocery (FNT’s very own DJ JurisDoc Will be opening) in NYC followed by an after party at Gallery Bar tomorrow night.

Download: Timeflies – The Scotch Tape
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Check out the back cover with the tracklist after the jump READ ON >>