Chill | KRONO ft. VanJess – Redlight

Posted by on December 11, 2013


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Krono always delivers with the music, and this time they linked up with the duo VanJess to layer vocals on an original production of theirs “Redlight.” Different from their regular upbeat sound, they went the chill rout with this one, and it works perfectly. Other then the fact that I’m ready to sleep from a long day at work, this track is perfect to relax to, and zone out. This is my first time hearing VanJess and man these girls can sing. Check out their YouTube channel for more tracks from the Nigerian sisters! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: KRONO ft. VanJess – Redlight

Progressive House, Videos | Redlight – Lost In Your Love

Posted by on August 8, 2012

I waited a few days before posting this tremendous piece of work to see if it would get officially released in the US. Alas it has not, so do what you would have almost surely done anyway, download it. Redlight first premiered this song on Annie Mac’s show on BBC Radio One back in June and it started to get some buzz then, both only until Arty play it on the first episode of his new radio show “Together We Are” did the song really start to pick up steam and become recognized for how good it really is. With infectious vocals, a varying snare and thumping bass line, and a prominent, sublime piano melody carrying the track from one peak to the next, this is track that is a must have as we settle into the dog days of August before the fall shakes us back to reality.

iTunes: Redlight – Lost In Your Love (UK for now)

Albums, Dubstep | BetatraXx – The X EP | Dubstep

Posted by on February 24, 2011

BetatraXx has some sick dub flow even though he is mainly known for his Cali style electro, but that was back in his Redlight days. I would have to say “Relic” is the best one of the 6, but thats just my opinion. Technically BetatraXx is calling this Classical Sleeze which is just a sub-genre of Dubstep. People have been saying I say stuff like “BANGER” and “SICK” too much. I’ll finish by saying these tracks are ASDF. If you haven’t heard of the guy before click HERE to see his stuff on Soundcloud.

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Relic

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Listen To The Rhythm Flow Pt. 1

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Listen To The Rhythm Flow Pt. 2

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Shuffling and Looking Dumb (Feat. Krystal)

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Panzer

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Dinosaurs