BetatraXx – The X EP | Dubstep

Posted by on February 24, 2011

BetatraXx has some sick dub flow even though he is mainly known for his Cali style electro, but that was back in his Redlight days. I would have to say “Relic” is the best one of the 6, but thats just my opinion. Technically BetatraXx is calling this Classical Sleeze which is just a sub-genre of Dubstep. People have been saying I say stuff like “BANGER” and “SICK” too much. I’ll finish by saying these tracks are ASDF. If you haven’t heard of the guy before click HERE to see his stuff on Soundcloud.

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Relic

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Listen To The Rhythm Flow Pt. 1

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Listen To The Rhythm Flow Pt. 2

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Shuffling and Looking Dumb (Feat. Krystal)

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Panzer

DOWNLOAD: BetatraXx – Dinosaurs

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  • Betatraxxx is not dubstep u dumb fuck

  • I take it you can’t read

  • B

    Damn everyone needs to chill on this site… for real its getting out of control. I understand music is some peoples thing but there are billions of people in this world with billions of different tastes in music. If you don’t like it then shut the fnck up. If he Mach thinks its SICK or a BANGER then it is, to him. Also “Name (required)” be a man, sack up, and learn to read

  • yeah, that moron over at can only describe songs as sick, bangers, or sick electro banger dubstep. I’m glad we’re on the same page.