Cover, Pop | PropaneLv – Stay With You (Avicii & Mike Posner Cover)

Posted by on September 25, 2012

Portland’s PropaneLv dives into the electro pop world with the latest installment in his ongoing series of covers/remixes. Assisted by an instrumental rework from Chi Duly, Lv puts his own spin on the upcoming Avicii x Mike Posner single with desirable results. This cover is a welcome departure from his more frequent Hip Hop & RnB covers, which recently hit 1 million views on his YouTube channel.


DOWNLOAD: PropaneLv – Stay With You (Avicii & Mike Posner Cover)

Electro-House | Clinton Sparks ft. Mike Posner- IDKurName

Posted by on September 5, 2012

After the success Clinton Spark’s “Ambiguous” featuring Mike Posner and Big Sean, the dynamic duo team up once again to release, “IDKUR Name,” an anthem all too familiar after a long night of raging. Posner’s silky-smooth, “I don’t know your name, you don’t remember mine do you?” combined with Clinton’s powerful production details the inevitable amalgam of awkwardness that often unfolds the next morning when waking up from last night’s party. Stock up on Vitamin Water and Plan B, the video is coming soon.

Featured, Mixtapes | Clinton Sparks- My Awesome Mixtape 3

Posted by on July 10, 2012

Featuring original production and verses from Rick Ross, Mike Posner, Fabolous, and more, “My Awesome Mixtape 3” is essential for taking any party to the next level. This is a must download.




Hip-Hop | Mike Posner ft. Huey Mack – Looks Like Sex (Remix)

Posted by on May 14, 2012

Huey Mack adds a verse to Mike Posner’s popular song “Looks Like Sex” off his upcoming album Sky High, making it a remix. I’m definitely feeling Huey’s addition to the song, it’s short but on point. Huey has been dropping music on the regular lately and I respect when artists do that. It always leaves the iPod with something fresh on the playlist. If you missed Huey’s recent mixtape release A Boy Named Hue, grab there here.

Girl Fire, Pop | Mike Posner- Tapada World (Prod by. Diplo & Benny Blanco)

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Just when I thought Mike Posner and his circa 2002 chinstrap beard was down and out, he comes out with a new Diplo produced single. I should have known, as he was responsible for writing and producing Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” which is just a track and a half. Originally leaking in a Reebook commercial, this Diplo and Benny Blanco produced single is off the charts, even though it doesn’t sound completely finished. I suspect G.O.O.D. Music’s “Big Sean” will add a quick sixteen to the song before it’s all said and done. P.S.- Listen, Reebok, I didn’t want to include your album art in, but I did. Free advertisement. You’re welcome.

Dubstep, Pop | Quincy Kwalae – Boyfriend (Remix)

Posted by on April 19, 2012

For all you Bieber junkies swaying your head back and forth alone in your bedroom to “Boyfriend”, hearing an echo within whisper “swag, swag, swag”, here is a refurnished version brought to you by the very versatile singer/rapper/producer Quincy Kwalae. Switching up the hook to sing “I won’t tell your boyfriend” rather than Bieber’s “if I was your boyfriend” Quincy adds his own verses and intricate production.

A fan of Mike Posner’s production on this track as well as other credited works in the past, Quincy adds his own dub sounds to the beat, creating a very catchy tune that may be more tasteful than Bieb’s version to the FNT Faithful. Hopefully this holds you over until Kwalae’s EP drops in due time.

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Posted by on March 26, 2012

To the dismay of many, Canadian sensation Justin Beiber is back to drop his official “Boyfriend” single ahead of it’s Monday morning release schedule. Beliebers will eat this up, as he delivers another hit with a catchy hook and sub-par ying-yang twin like raps that will likely find it’s way to radio by Tuesday. Written by Mat Musto, Mason Levy, and Mike Posner, the song gives us a glimpse of a new “mature” Beiber that seems to be borrowing heavily from Justin Timberlake’s playbook. At least now that the Beibs is legal, he can buy “Plan B” from his local CVS like all boyfriends inevitably have to do. I <3 U JUSTIN!