FYI | Eggs, Xanax, and Ecstasy for Justin Beiber

Posted by on January 15, 2014

Justin Beiber’s house was searched by warrant early Tuesday morning by the Calabasas sheriff’s department after an alleged neighbors complaint that their house had been egged the night before. Beiber’s house, who happened to be touching the neighbors, was preoccupied earlier that night with apparent use of what at first was thought to be Coke, but later identified as Ecstasy and Xanax, which was supplied by rapper Lil Za who was arrested after the drugs were confiscated from the house. With all the conspicuous activity that J Beibs has been accused of over the ladder part of 2013, it’s really not surprising that he would justify the idea of getting supper wacked with lines of PK’s and thizzle, then egging the person that literally lives on the other side of his fence. What makes the complaint even more suspicious is that it’s not the first time Beiber has had unpleasant encounters with his neighbors. They have complained about Bieber several times in the past year, including in May when two neighbors called the sheriff to report he was speeding down residential streets, a sheriff’s spokesman said. Deputies visited Bieber’s home in response, but the singer refused to talk to them. A neighbor also accused Bieber of spitting on him and making threats during a heated confrontation outside his home last March. It prompted a sheriff’s probe, but no charges followed. To be honest though, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of J Beibs… I’m sure he’ll be back next time with an even more ridiculously outlandish act of stupidity.

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Electro, Hip-Hop | SIRIUSMO – Nights Off (Djemba Djemba’s J Beibs Flip)

Posted by on January 13, 2014

So I’m sure you’re all familiar with JB’s lullaby “Memphis” that has that longing feel to it, but you’re probably more unfamiliar with the music behind the artist. SIRIUSMO takes the infamous Djemba Djemba’s original flip on the song and created it his own, making it for a inevitable banger. As some seem to think that he stole this beat from Diplo, the real DL is that they both produced the final version on J Beib’s record, so just listen before you go pointing fingers… This song is fresh.

Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | Huey Mack – Come and Get It (Remix)

Posted by on August 6, 2013

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In his latest attempt to lay the mack on 21-year old pop goddess, Huey remix’s Selena Gomez’s radio burner, “Come and Get It”.  Huey seizes the opportunity to take a few stabs at Biebs – “Got Selena whippin’ in my beamer, damn shit changed, f*cked her on spring break and made her a believer, dang, hi Selena, I promise TMZ will never see the footage, but you can hit me cause I’ll always do what Bieber couldn’t.” Go get ’em, Huey.

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Progressive House | Justin Bieber – Boyfriend (Dada Life Remix)

Posted by on May 25, 2012

Two Justin Beiber posts in 24 hours? Oh Hell Yea. However, you really cannot tell that Justin Beiber is the one on the vocals. Maybe if you are a true Belieber you will pick up on the rhythm of his voice, but otherwise Dada Life distorted the voice so much that is could be one of them singing. Dada Life has taken a lot of flack for this, but they asked their fans what was the artist they were least likely to remix and the Biebs was the response and man did they remix the Biebs. The diehard fans will hold their nose at this track, but they are missing out on some stellar music. The new instrumental is not as heavy as we are accustomed to hearing from Dada Life, but it is perfect for the track. The melody provided by Dada Life is top of the line with uplifting synth chords, quick claps and a thumping bass line, taking this track from pop single to a legitimate, peak time club banger.

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Girl Fire, Pop | Mike Posner- Tapada World (Prod by. Diplo & Benny Blanco)

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Just when I thought Mike Posner and his circa 2002 chinstrap beard was down and out, he comes out with a new Diplo produced single. I should have known, as he was responsible for writing and producing Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” which is just a track and a half. Originally leaking in a Reebook commercial, this Diplo and Benny Blanco produced single is off the charts, even though it doesn’t sound completely finished. I suspect G.O.O.D. Music’s “Big Sean” will add a quick sixteen to the song before it’s all said and done. P.S.- Listen, Reebok, I didn’t want to include your album art in, but I did. Free advertisement. You’re welcome.


Posted by on March 26, 2012

To the dismay of many, Canadian sensation Justin Beiber is back to drop his official “Boyfriend” single ahead of it’s Monday morning release schedule. Beliebers will eat this up, as he delivers another hit with a catchy hook and sub-par ying-yang twin like raps that will likely find it’s way to radio by Tuesday. Written by Mat Musto, Mason Levy, and Mike Posner, the song gives us a glimpse of a new “mature” Beiber that seems to be borrowing heavily from Justin Timberlake’s playbook. At least now that the Beibs is legal, he can buy “Plan B” from his local CVS like all boyfriends inevitably have to do. I <3 U JUSTIN!