Events, Videos | Watch: Above & Beyond’s Incredible Wynn Promo Video

Posted by on May 18, 2013

Above & Beyond WynnNormally I don’t even bother to watch these videos or even given them the slightest thought because they are all the same. It is some DJ saying just “how excited” he is to be playing at X club in Vegas, as they pay him some exhorbinant amount of money to schmooze with VIPs wasting thousands on bottle service. Deadmau5 will be making 850,000 dollars per show at Hakkasan over the next 2 years if you want an idea of the money being thrown around. However, Above & Beyond, never one to follow the trend, come up with an innovative and incredible video, taking James Bond influences and apply it to their promo video for their short residency at the Wynn and their various clubs. Watch it all the way through, it is great to see their personalities and decent acting abilities shine through. Dates for their shows are below and you can get more info on the Wynn website here.

May 17 XS Nightclub
May 18 Encore Beach Club
May 26 Surrender Nightclub
June 21 XS Nightclub
June 23 Encore Beach Club
June 26 Surrender Nightclub
July 5 XS Nightclub
July 7 Encore Beach Club

Hip-Hop, Videos | D-WHY – Flattery [Music Video]

Posted by on March 31, 2013

After the success of his road-tripping music video for “2,000 Miles,” D-WHY is back with another cinematic piece for “Flattery” off of his debut project, Don’t Flatter Yourself. In the video, he chose a less joyous way to tell the story. This time, David “D-WHY” Morris takes on a James Bond-like character whose female companion gets into the wrong hands but little did they know, Morris is the one not to be messed with. Fitted with an ensemble from one of the finest suitmakers in the world, Brioni, along with other pieces from his own wardrobe, the self-dressed man and unsigned music artist is continuing with the monochrome, action-packed series he began with his “New York Times” video last summer. Check out the video and be sure to download his debut project below.

Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Videos | Timeflies Tuesday – Skyfall

Posted by on February 27, 2013

Another Wednesday morning, another Timeflies Tuesday. No knock to the boys, they’ve been hella busy these last couple of months. But of course, they still have time to drop an awesome video every Tuesday. When I saw the first Timeflies Tuesday two summers ago, I immediately knew that it would quickly become a YouTube staple. This weeks video is one of the classics of Cal freestyling. Rez whips up a quick Skyfall beat, and puts a little pitch bend on Adele’s beautiful James Bond theme. I will never not be impressed by Cal’s ability to think on his feet and come up with sick rhymes while pulling them out of some sort of container. When I first saw the “Carry on my Wayward Son” video, I was in awe. Nothing has changed.


Alternative, Videos | Adele – Skyfall

Posted by on October 4, 2012

Adele was chosen by MGM Studios to give the new James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” some true English style. Co-written with Paul Epworth, Adele pushes her voice to another extreme. This extreme is not high notes but the deep classicalism she portrays with her voice, taking you back to the original days of James Bond and the class and suave that is he. The video above disappointingly does not depict much James Bond, but after taking a few full listens it just doesn’t even matter. Adele is one of the greatest singers in the world, not just because she can sing well but she can sing differently when it calls and continue to bring tears to the eyes of those who listen. “Skyfall” is now available for purchase on iTunes.


Pop | Spree Wilson- Sharpshooter

Posted by on February 14, 2012
What genre is this? With 2012 the lines of hip hop, funk, pop and, well, everything have become a blurred vision of hella dope groundbreakers. Spree Wilson’s video and song are like if 1967 Funkadelic had a baby with 2008 pop who then met and fell in love with the opening visuals of a James Bond movie.

Download: Spree Wilson-Sharpshooter 
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Electro | WhiteNoise – Thunderball

Posted by on October 14, 2011

You may be wondering why James Bond (Sean Connery specifically, best bond in my opinion) is in this post. Well for starters this has to be the coolest track with James Bond samples. Not only is it cool with these samples, but WhiteNoise has created one sick electro track. If MGM can stop being broke they need this as the next theme for a movie. Happy Friday everyone.

DOWNLOAD: WhiteNoise – Thunderball