Events, Featured | Countdown to ADE Spotlight: Kastle

Posted by on October 1, 2013

Today is October 1st, which means in 16 short days Fresh New Tracks will be jetting off to the Netherlands for ADE: Amsterdam Dance Event, a five-day electronic music festival, conference, and playground taking over the city. Leading up to ADE, we’ll be filling you in on just who and what we’re looking forward to seeing most. And if any of you out there have any insider tips on the best acts to catch, drop either VMan or myself a line and we’ll be sure to add it to our list. 

After browsing through the hundreds of artists set to play at ADE, Kastle’s name was the one that lingered with me the most. The producer//philosopher has beautifully maintained a characteristic, innovative sound over the period of his career thus far. If there’s any slight possibility you’ve found yourself unacquainted with Kastle and his work (which really shouldn’t be the case), then let us give you a little background. Kastle’s music tests the limits of art and expression, ranging all the way across the spectrum from electronic dub, garage, and house to R&B and hip-hop.  Kastle himself, also known as Barrett Richards, is in an artistic sense a renaissance man by constantly exploring the virtues of all forms of art and philosophy. Browsing his Facebook, you might stumble upon an assortment of great music along and thought-provoking quotations with corresponding photos. I’m particularly fond of his Tumblr, which is almost like a window into Kastle’s seemingly infinite pool of inspiration.

Kastle will be headlining the Plafonddienst showcase at The Sugar Factory Thursday, October 17th. Joining him will be Liar, one of the newest additions to Kastle’s very own label, Symbols Recordings, and Tourist of the UK. I’ve heard rumors of these artists putting on live sets that are high energy and perhaps different than their typical sound, so I’m pretty anxious to see what these guys throw down. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Ellie Goulding remix Kastle dropped just a few days ago… (which is available for free download!)

Whether or not you make it out to Amsterdam for the weekend, be sure to indulge in Kastle’s vast selection of free downloads and his full length, self-titled album. While you’re at it, check out this interview with MTVHive where Kastle pairs cocktails with tracks from his album. Cheers! 


Electro-House | Snoop Dogg – Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack Dub Remix)

Posted by on May 23, 2011

I usually do not listen to dutch, dutch-house, David Guetta, or even Afrojack haha. This remix is sick and is probably the best thing Guetta has ever worked on, yet he still gets no real respect from me for his constant recycling of his own beats. This remix is probably going to end up being the crack that got me into dutch.

Beatport: Snoop Dogg – “Sweat” (David Guetta & Afrojack Dub Remix)

Electro, House | Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (REMIXES) | ELECTRO/HOUSE

Posted by on February 21, 2011

We already posted two of these tracks but here is the entire collection of the current remixes out there…

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (Dirty Durvall Remix)

Heavy electro…my personal favorite of these
DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (Jacob Plant Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (Jacob Plant Dub)

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – Wonderman (Bare Noize Remix)


Electro, Girl Fire, House | Avicii – Sweet Dreams | BANGER

Posted by on January 31, 2011

I have been waiting for the HQ version of this track for FOREVER. This song is an absolute must have people, stop reading this and start downloading it. (note: the second two are both the same I think Avicii’s promo team messed up…)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dub Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix)