Hip-Hop, Videos | YONAS – Don’t Give A Damn [Music Video]

Posted by on October 2, 2012

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YONAS Nation, open your eyes and ears to the newest set of visual art for the Bronx bomber’s lead single off his most recent mixtape, The Transition.  The most significant news of late is of course YONAS’ newly inked record deal with 1st Round Records, which may be just the platform he needs to catapult into the realm of hip-hops heavyweights.  With a, “Don’t Give A Damn” attitude, YONAS once again linked up with his crew at Betterdays Media for a boisterous poolside shoot, solidifying this record as “the party hit” aiming to keep summer alive.  Transparent to any negativity, YONAS continues to push for positivity, showing his fans just how to incorporate a lyrical message into an upbeat, fun track.  With production by Sean Ross, this has been my go to playlist record off the mixtape since it dropped back in June.

“Just for the record I don’t smoke, but I might light it up if I was down at Michael Phelps’ house, hah”

Phelps is the best swimmer and arguably the best Olympian of all time, but have you ever seen him eat pizza under water?   Riddle me that.  It has been confirmed YONAS is working on his new EP, which can be expected on ??/??/????.  Stay tuned!  #YONASNation

Purchase on iTunes: YONAS – Don’t Give A Damn

DOWNLOAD: YONAS – The Transition [Mixtape]

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Electro, Videos | Na Palm – Electronic Chronic #002 [Promo Video]

Posted by on September 18, 2012

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With less than one week left leading up to the release of Na Palm’s second Electronic Chronic podcast, the Windy City warrior takes to the streets with Milk & Cookies to save the world from reported unearthly sounds and creatures.  Showcasing his sense of humor and passion for EDM, Nay shares some of the most interesting promo content I’ve ever seen, but sadly I know some of you can relate all too well.  Stay tuned for the official release of EC2 next Monday, 9/24 and be sure to report any sounds by unidentified beach whales and tree huggers to your local radio stations.

On another note, Nay will be performing at College Fest in Boston this weekend with the likes of Wale, The Cataracs, Kap Slap, 3LAU, & many more.  You can purchase tickets and use coupon code “CRAY” to get tix for only $10 while supplies last!

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Hip-Hop | Johnny Astro – The Skywalkers (ft. Coldplay)

Posted by on May 3, 2012

It’s always a pleasure to stumble upon a fresh mind like Johnny Astro. Depicting samples from both Good Will Hunting and Coldplay, The Skywalker exhibits a smooth flow enveloped with fantastic lyricism. All the right ingredients make up this colorful vibe for the youth, and that would impart Johnny Astro gains the future. Speaking from the heart knows only real. Lyrics after the jump, and be sure to check Johnny Astro’s Soundcloud for his later material.




Videos | Nardwuar vs. A$AP Rocky (Interview)

Posted by on March 20, 2012

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is back with another classic interview, and this time, he’s taken on pretty flacko, the three million dollar record deal man himself, A$AP Rocky. As usual, Nardwuar blows A$AP Rocky’s weed carriers crew away with his extensive knowledge about A$AP’s father working at Bad Boy, The Diplomats, and McGruff. Nardwuar is hands down the best interviewer in the blogosphere. How long will Narwuar hold his pose this time? Watch and find out! Doot doola doot doo…

Electro, Girl Fire | R.I.O. feat. U-Jean – Animal (PH Electro Radio Edit)

Posted by on December 24, 2011

I’ve been lurking in the shadows of FNT lately, but that doesn’t mean I cant jump back into the limelight for a second to throw down some Girl Fire. It didn’t occur to me that this sought after genre was being neglected by our crew until a close friend of mine pointed it out. Well girlfriends, here’s your chance to get that GF fill you’ve been craving. And if you’re looking for a little extra spice check out the video above. [Note: guys, the video above is a required viewing assignment from prof Biglife]

DOWNLOAD: R.I.O. feat. U-Jean – Animal (PH Electro Radio Edit)

Videos | PropaneLV – Lights On (Music Video)

Posted by on December 4, 2011

And so the story goes.. one afternoon a few weeks ago, the guys at Nasty, LLC gave PropaneLV and crew a call and said something to the tune of “we’ve got a dope house in the west hills for an evening, wanna shoot a music video?”. PropaneLV, not known for ever saying no, of course agreed. DJ Frank-DuX laced PropaneLV a beat, he laid down a party record, invited all ten of his friends for a party and the rest is history.

Download: PropaneLV – Lights On (Prod. DJ Frank-DuX)

Electro, House | The Vanish – Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)

Posted by on September 16, 2011

Russ Chimes

Up and comer Russ Chimes held it down tonight in a big way at DC’s U Street Music Hall — even brought us behind the DJ booth for a straight dance battle royale with his crew. Show this kid some love and hit up his remix of this progressive house banger. I’ll be honest — the vocals on this track are a bit weirdly reminiscent of Jim Morrison (of The Doors). But in a good way.

DOWNLOAD: The Vanish – Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)