Johnny Astro – The Skywalkers (ft. Coldplay)

Posted by on May 3, 2012

It’s always a pleasure to stumble upon a fresh mind like Johnny Astro. Depicting samples from both Good Will Hunting and Coldplay, The Skywalker exhibits a smooth flow enveloped with fantastic lyricism. All the right ingredients make up this colorful vibe for the youth, and that would impart Johnny Astro gains the future. Speaking from the heart knows only real. Lyrics after the jump, and be sure to check Johnny Astro’s Soundcloud for his later material.


now what the fuck is goin on
they jammin all our shit
now why the are we not on
is it the politics
now what the hell im doin wrong
do we not fit the script
I guess theres way to many clones
yea dat movin like some drones
I kick dat shit strait from my soul
so if you do not feel it
then im not the one you wont
if that good shits what u needing
then i got just what yo want
that super loose ya self
outta body mind strong
yea my shit gone have you gone
Now get yo hands up in the sky
If u seein what I’m seein you would feel as good as I
My team up on the rise
We about to take it ova
Dat should come to no surprise
We’ve been workin on dis shit
Since our school was just as high
My people told me im cold
My momma said I was grizate
The world ain’t got back to me
It’s cool doe homie ill wizate
Dis stress done got me tired
But its cool ill find my plizace
Cause aslong as ima alive
I’m always gone find my wizay

I toldem we about to make it
you aint gotta worry bout it
my crew about to do it
muthafuck who ever doubt it

who the fuck dat at the door
we got enough of bitches
we dont need dat many more
ok im lien yea im lien
we deserve a couple more
so bring yo sexy ass
up here what the fuck u waiting for
take a hit of dat and pour
loose yo mind
before you find
outside of yo
comfort zone
were in a room
full of niggas
you never
felt so alone
were yo nights
become yo mornings
and all the middles
and you wake up
so confused
like how the fuck
I get home
I dont know but dis shit happens every dizay
life gone always have its problems
so we get high to take its plizace
if you flying were im flying
then come join me in my spizace
I hope you yall enjoy yo trip
im sorry we can not stizay
damn life is such a bitch
why it gotta act that wizay
I hit up my nigga rich
he always know what to sizay
he said we about to be rich
yea homie now any dizay
muthafucka who isnt wit it
let them mutha fuckas hizate

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