Albums | Asher Shashaty Unveils Mystifying Future Bass Single, ‘What I Need’

Posted by on January 20, 2023

Starting out with a soothing melody, “What I Need” introduces Misdom’s uplifting vocals. This hypnotic club anthem is the optimal follow-up to Asher’s recent drop, “Urban Forest”. Both tracks foreshadow Asher’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Astral Springs. The production behind “What I Need” is invigorating and infectious, possessing the power to put its listeners under a spell. Its originality and the overall euphoric vibe are great precursors to the next phase of Asher’s musical journey.

Known for his innovative experimentation with bass music, Asher Shashaty has garnered a dedicated following throughout his career. As a gifted producer, Asher combines unique concepts, personal experiences, and cultural influences in his music to share his signature style with the world. Each one of Asher’s songs tells an incredible story beyond just the sound. This is evident in Asher’s newest single, “What I Need”, with Misdom and Strung Along. 

Having accumulated over 8 million streams on Spotify alone, Misdom is a singer, songwriter,  and producer who has worked with top-tier artists like Hekler and Ghastly. Additionally, he has opened for Mike Posner, Kesha, and delivered a memorable set at Summer Jam Myrtle Beach. The remaining part of the trio, Strung Along, is idolized for his ability to fuse components of future bass, dubstep, and trap together. Uniting on “What I Need”, these three artists create a riveting future bass instrumental. 

Albums | Biosyrup Drops Mind-Bending Future Bass Single, ‘Unity’

Posted by on January 19, 2023

Hailing from Seoul in South Korea, artist Biosyrup is opening new doors across electronic music with his unique style of production. Kicking 2023 off with his single, “Unity”, Biosyrup showcases this melting pot of genres that he has cultivated over the years. “Unity” begins with a lighthearted sequence of piano that is layered with euphoric female vocals. As the track continues, melodic progressions of future bass take listeners on a mind-bending auditory journey.

Even with how impressive “Unity” is, it is far from Biosyrup’s only infectious release. Just from two of his singles, “Mist” and “Banshee”, Biosyrup has accumulated over 100K streams. This talented artist’s dedication to his craft goes hand in hand with the belief system that he follows. His overall objective is to use his music as a force to connect on a deeper level with his audience. For example, Biosyrup sees music as a vessel for a group of people to become one as they are fulfilled with the same auditory energy.

Fueled by his vision and expertise in sound design, “Unity” is the first of many projects that Biosyrup will be rolling out this year. Be on the lookout for him to deliver a stream of melodic masterpieces.

Albums | Future bass purveyor Maddy O’Neal recruits vocalist MOONZz for inaugural collaboration “Change Of Pace”

Posted by on August 17, 2022

Evolution is at the core of Maddy O’Neal’s creative process. She’s cultivated a brand of future bass that incorporates intricate synth design, glistening electro-soul melodies and funky, pulsating basslines. And yet the dynamic artist is always looking for new sounds and styles to explore – a sonic curiosity that spotlights her unique innovation within the male-dominated bass scene.

Following a breakneck tour schedule that’s seen O’Neal vaunt her hybrid DJ-drum pad live performance at 90+ shows annually for the last five years, the Denver-based beatsmith will continue to showcase this musical fervor on her sophomore album Ricochet which drops Tuesday, September 20.

Her first full-length LP since 2016 and the follow-up to four celebrated EPs, Ricochet will be an immersive, personal experience, pulling listeners into a buoyant journey through a shifting arsenal of styles and soundscapes. The album’s production process features O’Neal playing drum pads, keyboard, and synthesizers, in addition to collaborating with various vocalists and instrumentalists. The result is a bold body of work that peers into the musical auteur’s internal artistic and personal dichotomies. 

In May, O’Neal dropped the album’s first single “Never Fades,” a sparkling, euphoric future bass banger. Then in July, she released “Follow Me,” a trap and reggae-inspired track featuring producer/trumpeter Balkan Bump.

Now, O’Neal unveils “Change Of Pace,” a bouncy, exuberant song that further expands the artist’s sonic palette while still retaining her typical creative panache. Featuring LA-bred vocalist MOONZz (the singer-songwriter project of Molly Williams who featured on Big Gigantic’s “Future’s All I See,” CloZee’s “Hold On,” DROELOE’s “Statues,” and SLUMBERJACK and Daktyl’s “Crucified”), “Change Of Pace” represents a fluid chemistry between vocals and instrumental, surrounding MOONZz’ melodic, celestial performance with ascendant chord progressions, glitchy synths, and a booming, bass-infused beat.

“Change Of Pace” is the first collaboration between the two artists, and their writing process proved to be a natural creative partnership invigorated by shared taste and history (both are CU Boulder alumni).

The single features a genre-melding, trunk-rattling instrumental, combining trap and bass music elements to create a kaleidoscopic, dance-fueled experience. O’Neal’s production is the perfect foil for MOONZz’ vocals, which glide throughout the track and anchor the electronic core with layers of heavenly, triumphant melodies.

“Change Of Pace” is a resounding single leading into O’Neal’s album release, and anticipates an LP that will bring fans a bevy of colorful, genre-crossing experiments. Hot on the heels of her Lollapalooza debut, the bass maestro will showcase Ricochet across the country this year, performing at festivals such as Hulaween, Secret Dreams, Same Same But Different, and Lost Lands. O’Neal’s live performances consist of original compositions, drum pads and an interwoven storyline, ranging from down low grimey bangers to shimmery mid-tempo vocal bass tracks and head nod disco.


Bass | GunFight Steps Into Melodic Future Bass Territory With New Tune “Acid Rush”

Posted by on October 5, 2021

Throughout his lengthy career, that started back in 2014 with his debut single “Infinite,” which was followed by two albums later in 2017, GunFight has amassed an extraordinary number of accomplishments, among them receiving support from some of the most legendary names in the scene, such as Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies. Following an impressive streak of singles that started more than 1.5 years ago, GunFight has now just shared his brand new tune “Acid Rush.” 

With the 4-minute song, GunFight steps into melodic trap territory, yet manages to keep all the qualities that make his music unique. From its cinematic intros to its heavy bass, “Acid Rush” feels like an undisputed GunFight song with an added melodic flavour and trap rhythms. It’s a refreshing and exciting step for an artist who is known for always striving to one-up himself, and we can’t wait to see where he decides to take things next. 

Future Trap, Trap | PULLER Showcases Future Bass Twist On Cover Of “Silence”

Posted by on March 7, 2021

“Silence,” originally done by Marshmello and Khalid, had it’s moment to shine in 2017 with plenty of remixes to come. When you thought the vibe was overplayed of couldn’t be re-done any more fashionably, Italian-based DJ/producer PULLER provides the game-plan in a differentiated way with his take on “Silence.” Complete with a refreshed atmosphere and the vocal work of theajsound being a connective tissue of sorts, the sophistication built-in and maturity expressed in the bold vocal seemingly articulates something that will tether to your favorite’s playlist. The single starts off slow and steady as the key and lyrics start becoming more connected to your memory of the Marshmello version. The single soon proves it can stand on its too feet – epic future bass with a therapeutic edge slamming in at a moments notice.

Having signed to Ensis Records, CELL Recordings, and even KnightVision, PULLER has been making a name for himself since 2015. A variety of dance sounds, many of them coming equipped with a vocal or a pop-edge built in, have seeped out of the studio and into the collective conscienceness of the masses. With million of plays to his name, PULLER is certainly on to something.

Future Trap, Pop | Mel Ody Drops Explosive Future Bass Gem “Shelter”

Posted by on August 25, 2020

Dropping some of his best music to date, Mel Ody isn’t letting anything stop him this year. Shortly after covering the classic “Feeling Good” with the help of Canadian talent Arielle Minx, the forward-thinking producer is back with an explosive gem, once again crafting epic and cinematic vibes with “Shelter.” 

Out via Future Bass Records, “Shelter” sets the foundation of what’s about to follow very early; energetic vocals and captivating atmospheres are immediately present in the tune, while the energy builds up quickly. The drop ultimately explodes into a cataclasm of epic sound design and playful arpeggios that interact with hard-hitting drums masterfully, as Mel Ody showcases his production skills by giving everything its proper space and time to shine within the chaos. 

Future Trap | Squired and Slowpalace Drops Future Bass Banger “Distance”

Posted by on December 20, 2019

Squired and Slowpalace have met up to make something that formed a cunning and inspiring work, Elysian Records dropping the future bass thriller to great fanfare.

Consolidating passionate harmonies and dynamic vocal hacks, Squired and Slowpalace have collaborated for a fiery future bass single called “Distance.”

Kicking off quickly in 2018, Slowpalace has experienced a strong development and backing inside the electronic music scene. With many hits under his belt, the quality of this doesn’t come as a surprise, but certainly the experience is all it’s own with all releases including this one.

“Distance” is a straightforward, high energy track that draws a lot of inspiration from legendary artists such as Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. When first creating Distance, my goal was to make something that sounded nostalgic but very raw and in your face. Sean (Squired) killed it on this track. We shared the same vision for this song so collaborating with him was very natural.