Biosyrup Drops Mind-Bending Future Bass Single, ‘Unity’

Posted by on January 19, 2023

Hailing from Seoul in South Korea, artist Biosyrup is opening new doors across electronic music with his unique style of production. Kicking 2023 off with his single, “Unity”, Biosyrup showcases this melting pot of genres that he has cultivated over the years. “Unity” begins with a lighthearted sequence of piano that is layered with euphoric female vocals. As the track continues, melodic progressions of future bass take listeners on a mind-bending auditory journey.

Even with how impressive “Unity” is, it is far from Biosyrup’s only infectious release. Just from two of his singles, “Mist” and “Banshee”, Biosyrup has accumulated over 100K streams. This talented artist’s dedication to his craft goes hand in hand with the belief system that he follows. His overall objective is to use his music as a force to connect on a deeper level with his audience. For example, Biosyrup sees music as a vessel for a group of people to become one as they are fulfilled with the same auditory energy.

Fueled by his vision and expertise in sound design, “Unity” is the first of many projects that Biosyrup will be rolling out this year. Be on the lookout for him to deliver a stream of melodic masterpieces.

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